Shaping Your Eyebrows

If  the eyes are the windows of your soul, then your eyebrows are the window frames because that is exactly what the eyebrows do…they create an aesthetic framing effect and balance your features. In cartoons for example, expressions and great deal of emotions are conveyed through eyebrows. If you want to intensify your astonished and angered expressions, draw a  thick sharp arch on your brows. If you want an angelic look, do not give your eyebrows an extreme arch.

How to shape your eyebrows?

The basic rule is, do not reshape your eyebrows. Just work with what you have. Pluck your eyebrows while following your natural brow line. Forcing a different shape onto your eyebrows will make them look out of place.

How to determine your eyebrow shape?

1. Use a thin stick to get the inside edge of your eyebrows. Line the stick on the inner edge of your eyebrow to the outer edge of your nose. Using your pencil, mark the highest inner corner of your eyebrow.
2.  Get the outer edge. Line the stick from the outer edge of the eyebrows to the edge of your lips. Mark the outer corner of your eyebrows.
3.  Get the arch. Line the stick on the edge of the iris to the outer corner of your lips. Hold the stick perpendicular to your eyebrow then mark the highest spot.

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Shape Your Eyebrows

Following the marks, fill in your eyebrows with eyebrow pencil from inner part outward. Brush your eyebrows upward then trim or pluck the excess hair. Check your eyebrows then fill in again the bold spots. Apply clear mascara. Voila! Beautiful eyebrows that perfectly match your face.

Invest in Good Tools

Some tools you will need are pointed or angled tweezers, eyebrow comb or brush, eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder (can be applied using a hard angled brush), clear mascara.

Avoid plucking your eyebrows too much as it will be harder for you to maintain them.

Ladies First! Buddha-Bar Opens Doors for a Special Ladies Night

This is not just for single ladies but to all ladies out there who are jovial and lovely!

To all the jovial, lovely ladies of the cosmopolitan Metro, brace yourself to celebrate this August 31, 2012, as Buddha-Bar Manila stirs up an enthralling revelry that will surely enliven Manila’s party scene. Buddha-Bar Manila is opening its doors for Ladies First!—a night for all women who know how to party in style. Manila’s hottest DJ trio of Ornusa Cadness, Mia Ayesa, and Sanya Smith—collectively known as The Zombettes, will provide the unique world-famous Buddha-Bar music, soothing yet sensual that will transport you to a place away from the clatter and clutter of everyday life.  The affair will be hosted by iconic radio DJ Sam YG, plus prizes like an e-gadget and a French designer bag will be raffled to all the lady attendees.   Ladies First! is truly set to fuel the fabulous crowd all night.

But what makes it even more exciting is that the place is not just a typical setting with an open dance floor and couches on the sides. As a franchise of the world renowned bar-lounge-restaurant chain conceived by the late Raymond Visan in Paris, France in 1996, Buddha-Bar Manila carries the Buddha-Bar signature sophistication that has awed even the crowds of Monte Carlo, Kiev, Prague, Budapest, Mexico, Dubai, Beirut, Cairo and Tblisi. Buddha-Bar Manila has the same grandeur and opulence, with mystical interiors coupled with a glorious expanse filled with ornate fixtures, subdued amber lightning, and eclectic Asian décor.

And of course, what’s a party without delicacies and thirst-quenchers? Palates are guaranteed to feast with Buddha-Bar’s wide array of drinks and dishes that are all conjured with first-class ingredients and gustative concepts. With cuisine that perfectly fuse the strong Asian flavors with delicate French influences, dishes like Seared Sesame Tuna with Shiitake Vinaigrette, Fillet Mignon cooked “Teppan Yaki” Style, and a full selection of sushi palates will truly lift any party up a few notches.

A Classy Destination in the Metro 

With or without themed events, Buddha-Bar Manila is always poised to satisfy its guests.  In addition to its luscious treats and drinks, the mix of original Buddha-Bar music— ambient tracks and chill-out grooves— complement its overall ambiance. And since Buddha-Bar is known for its world-class DJs, it also offers compilations of musical collections that are exclusively selected by these DJs and stamped uniquely Buddha-Bar.

The newest lifestyle destination that is nestled in Makati at Picar Place has now become the haven for people who want to escape the frenzy of urban life and bask in Buddha-Bar Manila’s fantastic backdrop. Formally launched in January, Buddha-Bar Manila’s opening was graced by the presence of top fashion models Tweety de Leon-Gonzales, Mariana Benipayo, Bianca Valerio, fashion designers JC Buendia and Randy Ortiz, TV personality Rovilson Fernandez, and other prominent and discerning individuals who all have a penchant for classy party spots.

So ladies, mark your calendars and experience the exceptional delight first-hand this August 31. Feel free to bring your gentlemen friends along and be dazzled as you revel in the spotlight on a stylish night of music and culinary delight—only at Buddha-Bar Manila.

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Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking

It’s well known that smoking is pretty easy to take up and that giving up is incredibly difficult to do. However, if you’re a smoker who wants to give up, maybe you should know that abstaining from this unhealthy habit could benefit your health in the long run.

With the help of ecigarette, you could quit, but it’s worth using the following benefits of quitting as an incentive to stop smoking for good:

Improving your breathing

One of the biggest health problems associated with smoking is breathing problems. Diseases such as asthma can occur as the result of a build-up of tar in your lungs which can be hard to get rid of. However, stopping smoking can limit any further damage, and it could even be reversed with medical treatment such as inhalers.

Improvements to your appearance

Another affect smoking can have on your health is premature aging – smokers are known to age more quickly than non-smokers. You can stop more wrinkles from appearing on your face if you quit, and your teeth are less likely to get stained. Also, you won’t have that bad breath that makes smokers repellent to some people

Longer life span

Smokers are less likely to live as long as non-smokers. By quitting now, you’ll add years to your life before the health damage caused by smoking become irreversible.

Saving money

As well as being costly to your health, smoking can be pretty expensive to take up, especially in some countries where they charge more tax on cigarettes as a means of making more money and deterring people from doing it. Quitting could save you hundreds or even thousands every year, and if that’s not an incentive to give up, then what is?

Heal Your Sunburn

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Everyone wants to have perfect skin on summer as they go bare under the sun. But as the summer bids goodbye, your skin is getting red and painful. It is the sunburn caused by too much sun exposure. Here is how to treat it.

The sun fried your top layer of skin sucking out the moisture. Your skin is red, tender, itchy and warm to touch. To hydrate, apply a thick fragrance- free cream that contains oatmeal three times a day to soothe the pain. Placing a towel soaked in a bowl of water and ice on top of the burned skin is a big help too to get rid of the uncomfortable pain. It is important to keep the burn hydrated, yet avoid applying pressure. Use light cotton materials like soft towel or sterilized pad to avoid infections.

When your top and second layers of skin were burned, it caused blood vessels between them to expand and produce blisters hours or days later. Your skin is itchy, tender and really sore. Do not puncture or scratch the blisters. Use spray or hydrocortisone cream on the affected area twice a day. You may also drink over-the-counter pain killers to alleviate the pain while the blisters are healing.

Your skin is tight, dry and extremely painful when all three layers of your skin are scorched dead. This is due to severe sunburn. It is sometimes accompanied by blisters, fever, nausea, dizziness and headaches. You may apply topical creams but it is best to seek the help of a medical professional if you have the mentioned symptoms.

As they say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Avoid sun exposure during hours of peak sun rays as much as possible. If going out can’t be prevented, apply generous amount of sunscreen of least SPF30 most especially on your face then re-apply after swimming or every 2 hours while you are outdoors. You may also wear hats to protect your face and hair, and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes as well from sun damage.

Cake Beauty – Delicious Treats Without the Calories

Bath time has become my ”me time”. It is my way to recharge and pamper after a day’s work and scrubbing my entire body with luxurious body scrub is my favorite thing to do during bath time most especially when I discovered the sugar body scrub. So when I saw Cake brown sugar body scrub, I want to try it. Yes, not all cakes are rich in calories. There are delicious treats without the calories but still offers the same luscious, moist and rich delight. Now, you can indulge your sweet senses with Cake Beauty. Cake Beauty is a line of beauty products from lip gloss, to bath and shower, to body scrub.

The divine-smelling smoothing brown sugar body scrub in orange aroma from Cake is something that the skin will smile about. It’s a luscious skin treat that hydrates the skin while exfoliating dead skin cells…particularly effective on trouble areas such as elbows, feet, knees, and legs. Unlike cheap spa salts and other exfoliants, it is not abrasive and it doesn’t tear the skin. It is gentle enough to use every day and when used with Milk Made nourishing body butter, the skin will be very soft. I can’t wait to try it and so is the Milk made nourishing body butter from Cake.

The Cake is just one of the beauty lines from If you want to relax and rejuvenate just like me, you can save 20% by placing your order now. Just use the code PLAY20.

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