When to Throw Your Makeup Away


It’s always sad to say goodbye but you should learn to let go when it is time. The same rule apply to skin care products and makeup as they aren’t meant to grow old with you. If the skin care product or makeup has no expiration date, you can use the the table below as your guide…

mascara and liquid eyeliner 3 months if used daily; 6 months if not
powder and eye shadow 12 to 18 months
liquid foundation and concealers 6 to 12 months
blusher and bronzer 12 to 18 months
eye pencil 18 to 24 months
lip pencil 12 to 18 months
cream blush 18 months
nail polish 12 months
sponges change every month

Not all skin care products and makeup have expiration dates. Sometimes you will need to use common sense. Changes in the product’s original color, odor and texture are indications that the product needs to be tossed and replaced. However, there are things you can do to increase the shelf-life of your cosmetics.

  • Sharpening eye and lip liners a bit  after each use will keep them fresh and clean.
  • Don’t use fingers in mascara to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Keep your fingers away from the bottle when applying liquid foundation. Use sponge instead.
  • Lip brush should be used when applying lipstick instead of rubbing it directly to your lips.
  • Wash sponges and lip brush after each use to avoid contamination and bacterial growth.
  • Never share makeup with anyone…yes, even with your BFF.


Image Credit:
Stuart Miles – Free Digital Photos.Net

Turquoise, Peridot and Topaz Sterling Silver Ring and Earrings Set

I got these ring and earrings set as a birthday gift from my Aunt. Oh yes, she loves me that much!

ring and earrings set
It’s a 925 Sterling Silver. I’m not much into Sterling Silver but when I saw this ring and earrings set, I fell in love with it. The style is simple yet elegant and the 3 gems combined made it even lovelier.

silver ring with gems

The ring is approximately 360gms. with Turquoise, Peridot and Topaz gems.

turquoise ring

The earrings are with Turquoise and Peridot.

silver earrings

In Ancient Cultures, Turquoise is an important gemstone because it is considered as protection against the evil eye and also believed to promote prosperity. If given by someone, that means the wearer will be protected from negative energy and will receive good fortune. Hmmm…let us see. 🙂 Turquoise can be with spider web pattern or vein free but I prefer the vein free just like these beautiful pieces. And I so love the color (bluish with greenish shade of cyan) that is so distinct.

Peridot, on the other hand, is known as a stone of lightness and beauty. It is believed to be a powerful protector against harm and negative emotions and is perfect to be worn by those who don’t have too many problems. Perfect for me, huh?

Topaz, which is also known as the “gem of the sun”, is one of the most important gemstones historically. It is available in many colors but the topaz used on this set I guess is the golden-yellow variety which is relatively scarce.

peridot and topaz

These lovely ring and earrings set matches most of my tops! Thank you so much Tita Melba.