How To Handle Hair Loss Emotionally

hair loss
Hair loss is not life threatening. It’s simply something you have to deal with in whatever way you can.

Hair loss doesn’t just affect our natural instinctual vanity, it also changes the way we view ourselves as a person. Alopecia (hair loss) creates a sense of loss, and also attracts the social stigmata of baldness. A lot of people have certain preconceived perceptions about hair loss, and instantly attribute it towards some type of disease.

Hair loss is caused by a variety of things, such as genetics, an under active thyroid, and types of medications, cancer, and other health conditions. Alopecia can result in low self-esteem, stress, and even depression. If you look online, companies like have created a list of the many ways to help bring back your positive self-esteem and confidence.

Remind yourself that hair loss is not life threatening

Hair loss isn’t pleasant. Itcan often be uncomfortable, however thinning hair or bald spots are completely normal, and don’t have to be as challenging as you think it will be. Remind yourself that hair loss is not life threatening, and that it’s simply something you have to deal with in whatever way you can.

Remember that your bald spot is only one part of your physical appearance

Sure, nobody wants hair loss, let alone a bald spot. However it is important to remember that your bald spot is only one part of your physical appearance, and you have many other attributes to make up for it.

Work with professionals

Beauty professionals are experts at covering up and/or complimenting an unwanted physical feature of your body, and are only too happy to work with you at finding a look that makes you feel good about yourself. Try not to hide bald spots with obvious comb overs, but get your hair cut short in a way that compliments your face, and takes the attraction off your hair loss.

Think about talk therapy

Sometimes the emotional impact of hair loss can interfere with your life. In these cases, it is important to consider talking to someone, such as a mental health professional, to look into coping techniques. Antidepressants can be helpful, but should only be used in moderation as a treatment method, and especially as a last resort.

Handle your diet and start exercising

One of the more common reasons why people with hair loss problems lose the amount of hair that they do is because they don’t maintain a proper ratio of diet and exercise. Before wasting hundreds of dollars on treatments that don’t always work, or going to outpatient clinics, you should consider making changes to your diet and exercise regime.

Hair loss is a serious problem, and affects many people physically as well as emotionally. Both men and women suffer from hair loss around the world every single year, and dealing with the problem is not always easy, as people have an attachment to their hair. It is important to deal with it in a way that benefits your self-esteem and reinforces the positive images surrounding hair loss.

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