Japanese Straight vs. Hair Rebond

Japanese straight is different from hair rebond (according to the staff of Tomi No Haru, a known Japanese straight salon). But basically, the procedure in Japanese straight and hair rebond are the same. They have the same principle…breaking the chemical bonds in the hair, then rearranged and bonded back using a solution, neutralizer and straightening iron.  But which is better?

hair rebond
hair rebond with cellophane
Japanese straight
Japanese straight with coloring and keratin treatment

The first “before and after” image was taken using Sony digital camera, while the second one using an android phone. The first image is a lot better but you can see that Japanese straightened hair looks softer and more natural than the rebonded hair.

Below are the comparisons based on my experiences. I had my hair rebonded three times and tried the Japanese straight recently.

Strength of Solutions Used
In Japanese straight, the solution used to break the chemical bonds in the hair is not too strong (I can’t say it is safe either as I don’t know its chemical composition) but there’s no need to apply vaseline or protective cream directly on the scalp, forehead, neck and ears. The solution has no burning sensation on skin. It can even be applied without using gloves. While on hair rebonding, gloves must be used and protective cream must be applied on the skin. The solution can burn the skin and scalp.

Application of Hair Coloring or Other Chemicals After the Procedure
Japanese straight is the only treatment that allows permanent hair coloring on a same-day procedure. This means you can cover grey hair, lift your hair color from black to light brown permanently without causing any damage. Rebonding only allows cellophane or semi-permanent washable hair coloring procedure on the same day.

Styling the Hair After the Procedure
Japanese straight allows styling versatility even after the treatment. Hair can still be braided, curled temporarily without chemicals, or set hair up without leaving any permanent marks. Styling newly rebonded hair leaves marks that would last for days.

Hair Fall
Hair rebonding weakens the hair thus hair strands break and fall easily. Expect hair strands in almost every room in your house. In Japanese straight, almost no hair fall.

Which is More Affordable
Hair rebonding is more affordable, Php750 to Php1,200 (depends on the length of hair and on the brand of solution to be used), treatment included. Japanese straight’s regular price is P1,500, treatment is also included. If you’re lucky enough, you can get both in a lower price and/or with additional services from online deals.

Keep in mind that both procedure can’t hide the new growth in your hair. A touch up is needed every 6 months or after each year. Extra hair pampering must be observed too to keep your hair shiny and healthy.

The Benefits of Investing in a Quality Mattress

bad back
Investing in a quality mattress
up front will mean that you
don’t need to go to all that
trouble of fixing something
like a bad back.

The benefits of investing in a quality mattress are many and this is one investment that you will be able to congratulate yourself for buying – every day. Having a good mattress is paramount to having a good sleep, and is well worth taking the time to research which mattress is best for you, and investing the money to get it back to your house.


The health benefits of investing in a quality mattress are many and having a good nights sleep is such an important part of your overall health and wellness. Not only will you feel physically better for having slept on a mattress that is of a good quality, but you will be mentally a lot clearer and ready for anything that life throws at you through your day!

Better Nights Sleep

Have you ever suffered with sleeping night after night on a crappy mattress? Its not fun, and pretty soon you start to feel the effects of it on your muscles. Having a good nights sleep is not something that you want to take for granted. It can mean the difference between enjoying life, and feel very, very miserable. A better night’s sleep will benefit your body, by providing a gentle cushion to rest your weary bones on each night, and is worth its weight in gold for the joy it can bring.

Less Back Problems

The cost of getting medical treatment for back problems can end up adding up to be a lot of money, but investing in a good mattress up front will mean that you don’t need to go to all that trouble of fixing something like a bad back, because it won’t be causing you any trouble. Initially it will cost you a little bit more to buy a good mattress, but the long term benefits of the initial outlay will ensure that the mattress will pay for itself in a very short amount of time.

You’ll Want to go to Bed

If you are a night owl, or suffer from any form of insomnia then you might find that when it comes to night time, you lack the motivation to actually go to bed and close off for the night. With a new, good quality mattress you will be wanting to go to bed, and it will likely become one of the things that you look forward to in your day.

Long Lasting

For sure a foam mattress is definitely cheaper, and when you lay on it in the shop it might seem like its going to be a good one that will last you, but in the long term, a foam mattress will go bad very quickly. Spending the money and investing in a good quality mattress will ensure that you can be guaranteed of it lasting a lot longer than any foam mattress would. A quality mattress, such as a latex one will still be as good in years to come as it was when you bought it, and the same just cannot be said for the lesser quality ones. Check out some of the latex mattresses at http://www.latexmattress.com.au .

Image Credit:
Stockimages – FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

Experts Raise Eyebrows on Juice Cleanses and Fasting Diets

Every woman, and man, wants to be healthy and beautiful. Sometimes, they are even willing to go to such lengths to achieve their body image goals. Much weight (pardon the pun) is put on how the person looks. The measure of health and beauty, unfortunately, is often based on the physical. This is the reason why trends in beauty, health, and fitness solutions like juice cleanses and fasting diets are always on the spotlight. These solutions are all designed to result in weight loss and detoxification. Experts, however, have raised concerns about how healthy these solutions really are. Dropping several dress sizes down into a svelte figure might not result in a healthier body. On the contrary, a person in these regimens might be exposing themselves to health hazards.

juice cleanses and fasting diets
Juice cleanses and fasting diets are
considered to be healthy because
they involve only natural ingredients.

According to experts, these juice cleanses and fasting diets could eventually develop into eating disorders. People who experience weight loss benefits because of these regimens are easily tempted to stick to the recommended juice intake when they see positive results. Even those who have formulated cleanse juices admit that these are not meant to be adopted as a permanent diet. In fact, they have specific dietary guidelines that should be followed by anyone drinking their products or following their diet plans.

Juice cleanses and fasting diets are considered to be healthy because they involve only natural ingredients. The most popular cleanse solutions make use of a combination of cayenne pepper, lemon juice, maple syrup and water. Other common detox and juicing ingredients include spinach, kale, and other leafy greens. These ingredients are proven to have natural cleansing properties that are effective yet safe and free of side effects. The adverse reactions are actually a result of improper use. Pre-existing eating disorders or the predisposition to these conditions result in what has been labelled as a binge-and-purge behavior.

People thinking about juicing as a way to lose weight and flush the toxins from their bodies should do so with the full understanding of how it should be done. It is important to remember that the body needs a balance of nutrients to function properly. While juicing is healthy, dieters have to revert to a regular balanced diet after completing the cleanse period. Consulting with a dietitian or a nutritionist is recommended for guidance about the safe duration and frequency of juicing and fasting diets.

Image Credit:
KEKO64 – FreeDigitalPhotos.Net