Supplements: Which Ones are Truly Worth the Regimen?

With every label claiming that they’re the next miracle supplement, it can be difficult to know which ones are truly worth the regimen. Where should you begin separating the phonies from the flawless? Here are four supplements that really work.


1: Commando 2000 Antioxidant Protection

Not sure which antioxidants your body actually needs? Take these tablets and enjoy the benefits of all of them. From beta carotene to vitamin C, Commando has you covered in the autoimmune department.

2: Mega Lignan Omega Flax

Known among nutritional circles as a “superfood,” flax can burn fat, add shine to your hair and even reduce your risk of cancer. Every company has jumped on it as a supplement, but only Mega Lignan has taken it to the next level with a concentrated dose.

3: Nature’s Plus Detoxygen

Combining the detoxifying properties of hibiscus with the oxygenating benefits of echinacea and milk thistle, Detoxygen is a great all-in-one product for removing impurities from the body and leaving your system better, cleaner and healthier than before.

4: Nature’s Plus T Male Testosterone Supplement

If your testosterone levels aren’t where they need to be, Nature’s Plus T is an organic, gluten-free way to stimulate production. Containing everything from fruit polyphenols to zinc aspartate, it packs a powerful punch without resorting to additives or unhealthy chemicals.

Start your collection with these four supplements designed to boost your immune system and improve your overall health. There may be thousands on the market, but you have to begin somewhere!

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Health Benefits of Jogging

If there is one popular form of physical activity, it is jogging. Jogging is done by a lot of people who wants to maintain healthy and active lifestyle. The good thing is it can be done anywhere, even in your own yard, at any time. And most importantly, it is free. No need to buy any equipment or gadget to do it except for a good pair of shoes that will provide support. Though you might need to wear jacket on cold seasons to sweat, an old one that is enough to keep you warm will do.

Increasing the metabolism, toning the muscles, improving the blood circulation, and strengthening the bones, lungs and heart are some of the health benefits of jogging. 

Increases the Metabolism

Metabolism is what responsible in converting the food and drinks to energy. According to health experts, our basal metabolism decreases every ten years that we get older. Physical activities such as jogging can boost the metabolism even several hours after the jog. This increases the number of calories burn that will lead to weight loss over time.

Tones the Muscles

Jogging won’t give six pack but regular jogging tones range of muscles most especially on the lower body. The hamstrings, calves, quadriceps, hip flexors and gluteal muscles (butt muscles) and biceps are all working while jogging. Not to mention the heart which is also a muscle that works harder during jogging.

Strengthens the Bones

According to some experts the best exercise for the bones is the weight bearing kind like running and jogging. It keeps bone healthy by increasing the bone mass density. People who jog has higher bone mass density compared to non-joggers.

Strengthens the Lungs

Just like any other exercises, jogging improves your respiratory muscles. It improves the lungs capacity by increasing their abilities to transport oxygen throughout the body. If coupled with breathing techniques it will help those with breathing problems to breathe easier.

Improves Blood Circulation and Strengthens the Heart

One reason why fat builds up in the arteries is the lack of exercise. Excessive build up of plaque in the arteries and veins leads to poor blood circulation putting the heart at risk. Jogging improves blood circulation by stimulating the heart to pump harder. This increases the blood flow to other parts of the body and organs most especially the heart. It also helps to shed fat throughout the body.

Now that you know the health benefits of jogging, there’s no room for excuses. Look for your running shoes and start to jog. Besides it’s great to be outdoors and inhale some fresh air.

Make Your Stockings Last Longer

Stockings are one of those things that are not  meant to last. Either elastic fiber will gradually break down with wear, or worse, it will rip or run easily. However, you can prolong its life a few more days for a few more wears. I used stockings for years so below are proven tips to make your stockings last a little longer.

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  • Wet your new stockings. Place it inside a zip lock or a freezer bag then freeze it. Freezing strenghtens the fibers. But of course you need to thaw it naturally before using it.
  •  Do not bleach your stockings as it might be damaged by the bleach’s chemicals. Wash it by hand gently with warm water and soap. Lay it flat on a towel or hang it and let it air dry.
  •  Store your stockings away from buttons, hooks and wires. These may rip your stockings.
  •  If you have long fingernails, be extra careful when wearing your stockings.
  • Keep your toe nails short.
  •  Pat a colorless nail polish on an existing run then let it dry to keep the run from getting worse.

Save Money on Your Prescription Drugs With These Easy Tips

Prescription medication is expensive, especially if you live in the USA. Luckily, there are plenty of ways that you can save money on your meds, even if it’s just a few bucks. While you do have to be careful, ask your doctor for recommendations, and never take anything without a prescription, you can actually save a lot of money by watching your prescription purchases. Here are a couple of easy tips to help you save money.

save money on prescription

Check for Generic Alternatives

Did you know that there are generic alternatives to most name brand medications? While you should ask your doctor and you should make sure that you compare the list of ingredients in advance, you can most likely find a generic option for much cheaper than the original prescription. Generic brands are available in many drugstores and pharmacies but are most common in online pharmacies. Many drugstores also offer generic options to basic medication like Ibuprofen and the theory is the same. The medicine is produced more cheaply and without the well-known name and then sold for a great deal less money. Some generic medicines aren’t quite as powerful as the brand name, but you can readjust the dosing to cover the smaller dose of medicine in each pill. The best thing to do is to directly compare the labels of active ingredients and choose accordingly.

Ask for Medicine With Higher Dosing

Most pharmaceutical companies charge about the same amount per pill no matter how much medicine is in it. For example, 40 mg and 80 mg pills are almost the same price for most types of medication. While this doesn’t apply to every option, you can often ask for medicine with a higher dose of active ingredients and then split the pills. This allows you to pay less money for the same dosing. Once again, you do want to consult with your doctor and check the ingredients before trying the tip. In this case, you would simply cut each pill in half to get the same dosing.

Buy Online

Did you know that shopping online, especially at Canadian pharmacies, is likely to save you anywhere from 20-80%? There are two main problems with buying online: A. Shipping can take a while and B. you do have to shop more carefully in order to avoid fraudulent websites.

To solve the first issue, simply check for expedited shipping options if you need the medicine more quickly. To solve the second issue, ensure that you’re either shopping from a well-known website like or shopping only at websites with VIPPS or Canadian International Pharmacy Association approval. You can also look at online reviews and hype to see which websites are more trustworthy. For example, if you were to look up reviews, you would see that they have a good reputation. Make sure any website you purchase from has a great reputation. Most importantly, if you are shopping for prescription medicine then any genuine website will ask you for your prescription before selling you the medication.

A quick Google search should tell you a lot about an established online pharmacy. If you don’t come up with reviews, forums, and questions, then it may not be a legitimate site. Most importantly, if you come up with bad hype, then you know to avoid it.

Compare Prices As Much As Possible

You’ll also want to take the time to compare prices as much as possible whenever you shop for prescription medicine. You can consider comparing generic medicine or brand names, but in either case, keep in mind that prices are often rolling. What one shop or pharmacy charges may be completely different from what another charges. What you do want to watch out for is prices that are ridiculously low, as this likely indicates that the product is false. If just the one product is on sale or discounted then it is probably fine, but may be nearing its expiration date. Many pharmacies offer competitive pricing, mainly because physical pharmacies often charge as much as 80% more than what the medicine costs them. For that reason, many people do prefer to shop online on Canadian websites, which do not usually have this surcharge.

There are plenty of ways that you can save money on your prescription medicine, just remember to be careful. Always ask your doctor about switching to a new medicine, and always exercise caution when buying online. You can also look into patient assistance programs in your area if you are struggling to afford your current medication. is a great resource for finding assistance, as well as a drug card intended to save members money.

 About the author

Jason Simmons is a medical expert who used to work in a pharmacy. Now he spends most of his time online telling people how to avoid being ripped off.

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Five Useful Accessories For Your Bike

As the riding enthusiast will know – whether your daily commute relies on your wheels, or your free time is devoted to the next downhill trail – it’s not always what bike you’re on, but how you use it. It’s not enough to put your two wheels to pavement or dirt; getting the most out of your ride often relies on the accessories your bike has. Fear not, we – alongside the guys at 99 Bikes – have narrowed it down to the tip five accessories that are most useful for your next ride.

Getting the most out of your ride often relies
on the accessories your bike has.


This is a given for most, yet should not be overlooked as one of the most vital pieces of biking equipment you’ll own. Not just any lock will do for your pride and joy; will you be using the Titan, the Spartacus or the Goliath to secure your wheels?

Passenger seat

So when we said “pride and joy” we meant second to your own child who loves to come riding with you on the weekends. For those without children, feel free to skip on to further reading. For those who this applies to, it really does apply to you, so pay attention. You can acquire the front carrier to give your bundle a front house view, a post seat to not break your focus, or a trailer so they can snooze as you cruise.


Once you’ve got your gear secured, you need to know where you’re going. Garmin have a range of premium satellite navigation systems for bikes on the harshest of terrains, as well as a series of fixtures to attach it to the most convenient place on your bike. You can charge it on the go, give it a raincoat or even wear it as a watch. Technology, hey.


Remember, even the most fitted-out of double-wheelers cannot withstand the humble insult of a flat. 99 Bikes has a signature mini pump small enough to carry around in your pocket or mount di-rectly to the frame, which is ideal for road-dwelling cyclers. There are various pumps available throughout the store to match your bike’s needs.

Wheels for your wheels

Once the riding is done, you need a way to get bike home, or to your next adventure before the riding even begins. There is a car rack for every make and model of bike and car; you can affix yours and a friend’s to the roof or back of your car with ease and security, while showing off your beauty of a bicycle to passers by.

Don’t forget, once you’ve got the basics of accessories nailed, you can move on to greater technologies, prettier bags and nerdier helmets and lycra to keep you motivated while on the ride.

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