What Is COPD and What Should Be Done About It?

COPD stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease covering a wide range of ailments related to lung conditions and is primarily manifested in a shortness of breath. The patient easily gets tired even during minimal movement and constantly gasps for air. Ailments related to the lungs may include either emphysema, chronic bronchitis or both, but in either case, they fall under the COPD umbrella.


As we inhale, the air we breathe travels through our windpipe through the bronchial tubes that branch out into smaller tubes termed as bronchioles which eventually end up in the air sacs called the alveoli. An important biological process called gas exchange takes place in the air sacs. Oxygen is delivered into the blood through the capillaries and carbon dioxide is removed. Because of damage wrought upon the air sacs by the disease, breathing becomes difficult and eventually leads to other complications.

What Causes COPD?

Studies indicate that the main cause of COPD is smoking. Nevertheless, further research showed that occupational exposures can lead to the disease as well. What does that mean? It’s either you work in a place where the chances of contracting COPD is very high or you’re exposed to substances that can cause symptoms of COPD.

HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) deduced that people working in the mining industry have increased chances of contracting COPD. Exposure to a wide variety of dust and fumes prevalent in mining sites could trigger the disease:

  • Cadmium dust
  • Cadmium fumes
  • Coal dust
  • Grain and flour dust
  • Mineral dust
  • Organic dusts
  • Silica dust
  • Welding fumes

That is why many websites dedicated to the mining industry have compiled various mining safety topics to help people become more aware of the risks related to mining.

Signs and Symptoms

Aside from shortness of breath, the leading signs and symptoms of the disease include too much sputum, chest tightness and intense coughing. Being a smoker in previous years makes the patient even more vulnerable. These symptoms are wrought by airway obstruction because of certain factors such as decreased elasticity of the air sacs, thickened airway walls and destruction of walls surrounding air sacs. Pulmonary specialists subject patients to a diagnostic procedure called “spirometry” to test for the presence or extent of airway obstruction. The patients’ honesty concerning their smoking habits is also an important factor in determining the disease.

Managing the Disease

 Despite the state of the art medical technologies and advances that we enjoy today, there is still no specific known cure that has been developed to address this disease. However, lifestyle changes like quitting smoking or avoiding secondhand smoke as well as refraining from exposure to industrial or environmental pollutants may help prevent the onset of this disease. In order to manage the disease, healthcare professionals may also prescribe bronchodilators, drugs intended to broaden the breathing tubes to make you breathe more easily. To minimize inflammation of the breathing tubes or address the growing infection, drugs with strong anti-inflammatory action or antibiotics may also be prescribed. As a management tool, patients with COPD may have to learn to live with these medicines on hand for the rest of their lives. More radical methods of treatment include surgery, which involves removal of parts of the lungs with great damage or those areas affected by emphysema, but this approach is still limited to countries with advanced medical facilities and technologies.

Aside from medication and surgery, patients suffering from COPD should be vigilant to know about their medical condition as best as they could. To increase their level of empowerment, rehabilitation programs in pulmonary management or similar classes may greatly help. This will not only teach patients to be more knowledgeable of their ailment but will also empower them how to be in better control of their breathing.

The fact that Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is one among the top 10 leading causes of death in the global scene should prompt us to take a more active stance in preventing this disease. Being vigilant about what is COPD as well as choosing healthy lifestyle practices may save one from contracting this debilitating disease and improve quality of life.

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Re-Interpreting the Statement Piece

Statement pieces serve an important role in the fashion world. They complete an ensemble in such a way that other people can’t help but take notice. However, there are several alternative ways to employ a statement piece as well. In this article, we’re going to take a survey of traditional statement pieces before going on to explore a few less-typical ways to reinterpret the concept.

statement piece

Traditional Statement Pieces

A traditional statement piece is a fashion accessory (usually a piece of jewellery) that stands out from an ensemble and grabs others’ attention. This could be anything form a flashy necklace to a stand-out watch. As long as it demands attention and completes the ensemble, then it is a true statement piece.

When it comes to traditional statement pieces, the following criteria typically apply:

  • A statement piece is usually going to be big.

This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but a statement piece is usually large. This makes it more eye catching and helps it to stand out from the ensemble. The whole point of the piece is to draw attention to itself, which is why it needs to be large in the first place. Just bear in mind that a person with a particularly petite frame is going to look unusual if their statement piece is so large that it eclipses them.

  • A statement piece needs to match the ensemble.

Usually, a person only has one or two statement pieces, which means that they end up buying clothes and other accessories to match their favourite pieces. Given the fact that it is supposed to stand out, completing and total matching is not necessary. Indeed, a bit of incongruity can actually make the piece more eye catching. That said, it does need to look more or less homogenous with the rest of the outfit.

  • A statement piece can’t tolerate company.

Remember: your statement piece is intended to stand out from the rest of the outfit, but it’s going to have trouble doing this if another aspect of your ensemble is attempting to do the same. Limit yourself to one statement piece at a time for a classier, more conservative look.

Pieces that Actually Make a Statement

There are alternative ways to interpret the statement piece as well. While the traditional variety is typically an accessory or a piece of jewellery, you can also invest in statement pieces that actually issue a statement of some sort. These can run the gamut from printed tee-shirts to novelty-style gifts. In fact, if you are buying for friends or family, these types of statement pieces can make for great birthday or Christmas gifts – so long as you know the person well enough to know what kind of statement they would like to make about themselves.

In terms of novelty jewellery, one of the most popular statement piece is probably the silicone wristband, which a person wears to show support for a particular cause or charity. The Livestrong wristbands were among the first available, and countless others have appeared on the market since then.

If you are shopping for novelty-style gifts, you may also end up finding statement pieces for your house. Custom BBQ branding irons (that allow you to sear your own name into your steaks) will make quite a prominent addition to your culinary arsenal. It also allows you to issue a bold statement every time you cook for guests. Something along the lines of, ‘This is my sirloin steak, but you can eat it’.

Likewise, a humorous book set on the coffee table, printed coffee mugs and other household odds and ends can easily jump out and grab a person’s attention. In such a way, a well-placed decoration can function as a statement piece for a particular room in the house. The possibilities are endless.

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The Surprising Cause of Headaches and Migraines

Chronic headaches can be extremely debilitating and affect your ability to function normally. If you find yourself suffering from frequent or bad headaches, there may be a bigger issue going on with your body to blame.

If you’re just trying to push through relying on over the counter pain medication, you may be treating the symptom and not the cause of your distress. Read on to find out some of the lesser known headache causes.

Neck Problems

Whiplash and other trauma like a fall or sporting accident can all cause long term damage to your nerves, muscles, ligaments and even vertebrae. This is why it is essential that you seek medical attention after any kind of incident. Even if you feel fine afterwards, you may have done some long term damage and need years of allied healthcare services like physiotherapy or chiropractic care. You may be able to claim compensation to cover things like lost wages and the cost of ongoing treatments by contacting a personal injury law firm like Sinnamon Lawyers .

Bad Posture

Poor posture can have a long term detrimental effect on your musculoskeletal system and could actually be the root cause of your headaches and migraines. Posture doesn’t just include making sure you don’t slouch – things like the way you sleep, how you sit at a desk and clenching the jaw all come under this category and might be causing you some pain. Sometimes things you would never suspect like a heavy oversized handbag or the wrong pillow on your bed can cause just as much damage as something like non ergonomic office furniture.

Poor Eating Routines

Most people know that a bad lifestyle that includes not getting enough sleep may be causing headaches, but did you know that your food could also be to blame. Skipping meals, too much (or too little) caffeine, and not enough water can all trigger bad headaches so you need to make sure you’re looking after yourself. If you regularly skip breakfast or lunch, or the only water you drink each day is in your morning coffee, you may find that a few tweaks to your nutrition intake will reduce the amount of headaches you’re experiencing.

Stress and Rage

Is something making you angry? It might also be making you sick. When you’re under stress, your muscles tend to tense which will often lead to a tension headache. If you are going through a stressful time, even if you can’t fix the stress causer immediately you need to find a way to get some relief – maybe through breathing exercises and meditation, or going for a head clearing walk.

Headaches may seem like a relatively minor ailment but they can have a big impact on your ability to live your life. Don’t just accept them as a part of life. Take a paracetamol, seek medical attention and see if you can work out why you’re getting them. After all, prevention is better than a cure.

What’s your go to headache cure?

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Fashionable Homes for the Top Fashionable People

Inside the Homes of Top Designers

Talk about fashionable real estate. Famous fashion designers don’t just excel in the clothing department. Their interior design skills are just as haute couture as they are!

Leading property portal Lamudi released an article that gives us a special pass on these stylish and enviable homes:


Versace Mansion© dailymail.co.uk

Located in Miami, Florida, the late Gianni Versace’s mansion was sold at an auction last year for $41.5 million USD. I wonder how many Idol Shoulder Bags (worth $2.550USD each) can be bought with that… Versace bought Casa Casuarina in 1992 and spent millions on renovations. Tragically, he was shot dead on the mansion’s front steps in 1997.

The property is now set to attract plenty of highflyers through its doors, with the mansion recently reopening as a luxury hotel. Guests can stay in the master designer’s former bedroom, and swim in his 24-carat gold swimming pool.

Versace Mansion2© dailymail.co.uk


Valentino Chateau© vanityfair.com

Located just half an hour away from Paris, France, the Château de Wideville was built by Louis XIII’s finance minister, Claude de Bullion. It was home to one of Louis XIV’s mistresses, Madame Louise de la Vallire, and was purchased by Valentino Garavani in 1998. The 120-acre property boasts of eight bedrooms, and was restored by the famed Henri Samuel, master of French interior design.  This is exactly the kind of glamour you would expect from the 82-year old fashion icon.

Valentino Chateau2© joellemagazine.com


Karl Lagerfeld Apartment© elitechoice.org

Born in Hamburg, Germany, Chanel’s head designer and creative director now calls “la ville des lumières” home. Don’t expect anything extravagant from his minimalist apartment, located on the Quai Voltaire. According to Lagerfeld, “There is no color here, because I am constantly surrounded by color. I prefer to live in a neutral environment.“ No word yet on how Choupette, Lagerfeld’s beloved cat, feels about the minimalist approach with no interesting furniture to climb on.

Karl Lagerfeld Apartment2© karl.com


Diane Von Furstenburg Penthouse© selectism.com

You have top designers living in Paris; you have top designers living in iconic Manhattan. The famous Belgian born designer happens to be one of them. Located at the very center of the Meatpacking District (No, she doesn’t live on the Upper East Side, Gossip Girl style) Diane Von Furstenberg‘s Penthouse features glass walls and quirky furniture. If in the fashion industry, she is known for the wraparound dress, then in interior design circles, her not-so-humble abode is famed for the 3,000 Swarovski crystal staircase. For convenience’s sake, the Diane Von Furstenberg flagship store is located just at the bottom of her uniquely decorated Penthouse, so if you happen to pass by, don’t forget to look up!

Diane Von Furstenburg Penthouse2© buro247.hr


6 Clothing Items Every Woman Needs

Every woman deserves to look irresistible on a regular basis, and a carefully-chosen wardrobe can help any woman accomplish this goal. Regardless of your height, shape, or weight, the right outfit can make you look and feel attractive, confident, and unforgettable. Here are 6 clothing items that every woman needs to have in her wardrobe. If you don’t currently have all of them, then it is time to go shopping!


1. Flattering Jeans

Jeans can be painfully expensive, especially the quality kind that slim down your thighs and make your butt look incredible. While you may not be able to afford an entire closet full of expensive, flattering jeans, you deserve to have at least one pair that makes you look and feel amazing. To make your favorite pair of jeans last as long as possible, try not to wash them too frequently, and be sure you hang them up to dry instead of throwing them in the dryer with your other clothes.

2. Flirty Undergarments

 Even if you are the only one who sees your bra and panties on a regular basis, that doesn’t give you an excuse to wear mismatched or boring intimates. You might be surprised at how much more attractive and flirtatious you feel when you are wearing a cute bra with matching panties. Even a lacey undergarment that provides extra support like a shapewear slip, padded boyshorts, or corset can feel feminine and flirty.

3. A Little Black Dress

Have you been feeling a little bit less than desirable lately? Then it is time to go out and purchase a little black dress that will bring your sassy side out in a big way. Whether it is cute and frilly or tight and form-fitting, every woman needs to have a little black dress in her closet for those days when she wants to feel more attractive and flirtatious.

4. A Pair of Stilettos

No matter how clumsy or how tall you are, you need to have at least one pair of sexy stilettos in your closet. Whether you are dressing up for a fancy reception or you are getting ready to go out on a hot date, a pair of stilettos can complete your outfit and help you make a bold fashion statement.

5. A Business Suit

Even if you prefer to walk around in jeans and a t-shirt all day, you should make sure you have at least one classy business suit hanging up in your closet. A business suit can not only make you look confident and powerful, but it can also make an unforgettable impression on a potential employer during a job interview.

6. A Pair of Comfy Sweats

To some men, nothing is sexier than a woman who is confident enough to curl up on the couch in a pair of comfy sweats and a baggy t-shirt. Every woman should have at least one pair of sweats that she can wear when she wants to lounge around the house and forget about all of her daytime worries.

If your closet is currently lacking any or all of these clothing necessities, it is time to schedule a shopping date and restock your closet with clothing that makes you feel good about yourself.

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