A Well Balanced Diet for a Healthier You

A bag of chips and a pound of burger slathered with cheese may have little effect on your waistband when you were a kid. But in your 30’s this diet can get you moving from size small to large sized clothing within a couple of months. Metabolism usually slows down when one hits the big three-oh and those who stick with fast or indulgent food choices may find their waistlines growing steadily. These choices also put you at risk for diabetes, obesity, and cancer. A healthy change like switching to a well balanced diet will help you look and feel better as you age. Here are some steps that can help you dump your poor eating habits and move towards enjoying healthy and fulfilling meals.

balanced diet

The first step to a healthy change is to assess your current situation. Check your BMI and Waist to Hip Ratio to determine your body’s fitness state. The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measurement of the amount of body fat in relation to a person’s height and weight. This tool estimates your body fat by using your height and weight measurements as reference in the computation of your BMI Score. This score will be the basis for assessment if one is underweight, normal, overweight, or obese. Body fat measurement and risk for obesity can be further assessed by getting the individual’s waist to hip ratio. These measurements will let you know if you need to add, maintain, or reduce your weight. A well balanced diet is always an ideal choice but there may be diet modifications for those who need to gain or reduce body fat.

Those who have normal body fat estimates can simply maintain a well balanced diet and complement it with regular exercise. Choose MyPlate (http://www.choosemyplate.gov/), a USDA nutrition guide website, is a good tool for planning your well balanced meals. There are also weight gain diets for underweight individuals. As for the overweight and obese, there are loads of weight loss diets and supplements out there that can help them. However, one must keep in mind that it is always best to consult with your doctor or nutritionist before jumping into a diet fad. In any case, a well balanced diet is a key to becoming a healthier you.

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Living with Lymphedema: Alternatives to Bandages

If you suffer from lymphedema, you do not have to wear bandages. Instead, you can take advantage of compression garments. These are not the same type of garments that you purchase in the mall to enhance your shape. Instead, they are meant to improve your health. Some of the most common garments include sleeves, gauntlets, and gloves. Learn more about them and how to find the right fit.



A sleeve is designed to promote the flow of lymph in your arm. When you are looking for this type of product, make sure that it reaches from your wrist to your armpit. It should not have any bindings on it. The sleeve should fit snuggly on your arm so that it does not fall off. However, if it is too tight, it will not work properly. It might actually cause more swelling in your arm. The best well to tell if a garment is too tight is if it wrinkles or your skin bulges at the end. Finally, when you purchase a sleeve, make sure that it does not cause you pain. It also should not create severe indentations on your arm.

Gauntlets and Gloves


A gauntlet is a compression garment that fits around the wrist and thumb. It stops at the knuckles. A glove covers the fingers. Both products are meant to combat the problems with lymphedema. They should fit comfortably around the wrists, and they should never bulge. It is particularly important that they cover the sleeve. If there is a gap, then they do not work as effectively.

Finding the Right Size

Since the fit is so important, you need to purchase the right size of compression garment. They can be made custom or you can purchase them “off-the-shelf.”  When you purchase them “off-the-shelf,” this means they are already made. Most of the time, they have a variety of sizes to meet the needs of different hand and arm sizes. It is completely possible to get a good fit with pre-made compression garments.


Generally, pre-made compression garments are constructed out of a circular knit material. This results in no seams, and gives them a cylindrical shape. They tend to be lightweight and not too obvious when worn. Many people have an easy time adjusting to them, and experience great results with them.

If you are tired of bandages, then it might be a good idea to look into compression garments. Sleeves, gauntlets, and gloves are just a few examples of the effective options available to help people who are struggle with lymphedema.

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Achieve Fair Complexion: Top 5 Skin Lightening Products for Filipinas

One of the things that make a woman beautiful is smooth and healthy skin, but a lot of Filipina women think that having a fair complexion is an added criterion for a perfect skin. That is why skin lightening treatments and products are very popular. Proof of that are the billboards and magazine covers that promote fair skin as a sign of beauty. Here are the top 5 skin lightening  products for Filipinas that can help achieve fair complexion.

Whitening soap

Whitening soap is the first step to skin lightening. However, you might get confused with the widely available whitening soaps in the market today. Glutathione soap is the most effective and can lighten skin the fastest (based on own experience). It can be used on both face and body. Kojic soap is also effective. My personal favorite is Dream White because it has collagen and elastin that lessen the appearance of wrinkles.

Whitening lotion

Whitening lotion or cream is a must for those who use whitening soap. Some whitening soap have the tendency to dry the skin as part  of the exfoliating process. You can use any lotion or cream but whitening lotion will help to lighten the skin faster. I use Nivea Body Lotion Extra Whitening Cell Repair aqnd UV Protect SPF 15.

Facial Lightening Moisturizer

Just like the skin on your body, you need to moisturize the skin on your face. As I have mentioned, some skin lightening products induce mild skin peeling and believe me, you don’t want to walk around with flaky face. Look for facial moisturizer with vitamin B3, pro-B5 and vitamin E like Olay Natural White Day Cream. This will nourish the skin while reducing the appearance of dark spots and darkness. Must be SPF24 or higher.

Priva Intimate Wash

There are skin lightening products even on the delicate part down there and here is my new favorite. Priva is a new pH-balanced intimate wash from Unilab. The good thing about Priva is it does not only cleanses and protect against itching and bad odors. It also lightens dark skin areas because it it formulated with glutathione and natural strawberry extract. It also has RevitaCool, a cooling ingredient, that gives cool and refreshing feeling after every wash.

skin lightening products


Obviously, this is not a skin lightening product but this is a must most especially if you are using lightening products. It helps prevent redness, blotchy appearance and premature aging caused by the sun’s ultra violet (UV) radiation. I recommend Sutla Flawless Sun Block Cream. It’s SPF50 and can be used as make up base.

There are plenty of ways to have fair and fab looking skin. I suggest to read review first and do your research on the safety of the products or treatments before trying them. Read the labels and watch out for toxic chemical ingredients. Also look for products with natural plant extracts. For the the skin lightening option that best fits you, you may consult your dermatologist.

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Tips for Having Healthy Teeth For Life

There are a million and one reasons to keep your teeth healthy: maintaing a gorgeous smile, being able to chew your food thoroughly and avoiding pain are just a few of them. Here are a few easy-to-follow tips for maintaining healthy teeth throughout your life.

healthy teeth

Start Early

The best treatment is prevention. Make sure to take your kids to their dentist in Scarborough regularly and get them in the habit of caring for their teeth. Need to find a dentist in your area? Visit neilsondentalcentre.com to begin the search.

Use Fluoride

Fluoride strengthens enamel and keeps tooth decay at bay. Consider drinking water that’s been fluoridated or ask your dentist about a fluoride application.

Brush and Floss

Probably the simplest way to keep your teeth healthy is to brush twice a day and to floss once a day. These simple acts will help you to avoid gum disease, tooth decay and halitosis. You don’t have to brush after every meal, which can be a bit harsh on your gums – instead, rinse or chew sugar-free gum after meals.

Get a New Toothbrush!

Have you been brushing with your toothbrush for way too long? You should swap out your toothbrush for a new one four times a year. Make it a point to buy a new toothbrush at the start of each season for an easy way to remember.

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