Traveling With Children Who Have Food Allergies

Just because children have food allergies doesn’t mean that they should be sheltered at home and away from all of the fun activities that take place in other areas. Even if it’s just a day trip to an amusement park or a lake for a picnic, you can still show children a fun and exciting time so that they feel as though they are included. There are a few things that you should do in order to be prepared in the event of an emergency.

boy eating
Keep a small bag in the car with medications that the child takes as well as an antihistamine for kids. This will help if there are foods that are consumed that the child is allergic to that you are unaware of, such as peanuts that are mixed in with other products or foods that might be prepared in peanut oil. Always read the labels on foods as most of them will give details about some of the common food allergies and whether the foods are made with items that could trigger an allergic reaction.

If you are planning a trip that takes you to another state or out of the country and you are flying, then consider packing your own foods to take on the plane. Keep in mind that you can’t have liquids or gels that are over 3 ounces. Some airlines offer snacks and meals that are allergy-friendly. This idea also works if you are planning a picnic or if you want to go to an attraction where a variety of food will be served, such as an amusement park. Keep the food in a clear container, and find out if you can eat the food inside the venue or if there are picnic areas where you can sit to enjoy the food.

Find out what restaurants are in the area before traveling. This will help you make decisions about the foods that you want to eat and what children should avoid as there are some restaurants that only use certain products when cooking and won’t deviate from those ingredients. If you are staying in a hotel, consider finding one with a refrigerator in the room so that you can prepare your own snacks and small meals with foods you know are safe for your children.

Image source: Pixabay