How Quitting Smoking Can Make You More Beautiful

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Every person who is addicted to smoking knows about the health risks involved with this particular recreational activity. However, what a lot of people don’t know is that smoking not only poses health risks but also has a strong impact on how you look.

If you are considering giving up smoking, whatever method you intend to use to do it, these are some of the beauty benefits that you can look forward to as you begin to recover from being a smoker.

Cleaner, Fresher Smelling Hair

People who smoke tend not to notice the tobacco smell on their hair and clothes. However, it is something that non-smokers find very off-putting. You only have to ask someone who does not smoke what they dislike most about smoking and they will usually say that they hate the way it smells. When you quit smoking, you will find that your hair smells fresh and retains the smell of the products you use on it for longer.

This is not the only hair benefit, however. Because of the way that smoke clings to hair, you end up with discoloration, and this is especially noticeable on hair that has been lightened or bleached. Bleached hair can even turn green when exposed to cigarette smoke, or you can end up with brassy nicotine stains in your hair. Whether you have bleached hair or not, your color will last longer and look better if you are not in smoky environments. You may even find that you do not have to wash your hair as often, and regular washing is actually bad for the hair. If you can get away with only washing your hair a couple of times a week then this is actually better for it. Of course, if you have to worry about cigarette smell and residue from smoke, you probably wash your hair more than that, and so this could be a benefit of giving up.

Smoking Ages Skin

Another very serious effect on beauty from smoking is that it causes aging of the skin. This may be something that you are not concerned about yet if you are young, however, skin tends to look duller, thinner, and it loses its elasticity faster when you are a smoker. While giving up smoking will not reverse any aging that has already taken place, it will prevent further premature aging, and will be something that will keep you looking youthful for longer.

A Whiter Smile

Teeth are something else that are affected by smoking. As you might expect, one aspect of this is nicotine stains on the teeth. Having your teeth professionally whitened or using whitening products at home can improve the color of your teeth temporarily. However, you have to repeat these processes often if you continue to smoke. Smoking also causes the gums to recede, which is bad for oral health and may lead to gum disease.

In addition to these benefits to your teeth, you will also naturally experience fresher breath if you stop smoking.

More Attractive Hands

Yet another aspect of your appearance that is affected when you smoke is how your hands look. Your fingers and nails will become discolored when you smoke, and this is even worse if you smoke roll-up cigarettes instead of filtered ones. Whatever you smoke, you will have to deal with stains on the nails and fingers that can be very hard to remove.

There are various methods to remove the stains, including a scrubbing with lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda. However, wouldn’t it be better to just enjoy having cleaner skin on your hands and better-looking natural nails by giving up smoking altogether?

Different Methods of Quitting Smoking

If this is enough to convince you that it is a good time to make the jump from smoking to becoming a non-smoker, then there are lots of methods that you could try. One thing that is popular is to switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping instead. Vaping allows you to continue to take in nicotine and to have a habit similar to smoking a cigarette in terms of what you do with your hands and mouth, but the water vapor that comes out instead of smoke is generally less harmful and doesn’t smell like cigarette smoke. It also causes less staining.

Vaping is a popular method of quitting smoking because it allows you to reduce the amount of nicotine you are taking in gradually over time, while still getting it from a less harmful source. It also means that you do not have to deal with giving up the habit side of smoking straight away while you are still dealing with the nicotine addiction.

Some people reduce the nicotine in the vaping liquids down to zero but continue vaping until they feel ready to give up that social habit. It has not yet been proven whether or not vaping is completely harmless, as nobody really knows the long-term impact of it as it’s only been around for about a decade. However, it is widely agreed that it is much less harmful than smoking tobacco.

If you want to learn more about vaping see page on this website.

Other popular methods of quitting smoking include trying to give up cold turkey on willpower alone, using other forms of nicotine replacement therapies such as patches, gum, and inhalers, and also some new drugs that are being used in some areas that can help combat the cravings.

Some people have to try several different methods before they find the one that works for them. However, it is worth continuing to try until you find something that works so that you can get all of the benefits of giving up your cigarette habit.

As you can see, there are many aesthetic benefits you will get when you give up smoking, and although these are not as important as the lowered cancer risk and other health benefits, they are well worth considering when you are motivating yourself to stop smoking.

How to Stay Looking Young as You Get Older

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As you get older, there are some things which can happen that are largely out of your control, such as gray hair, hair loss, and wrinkles. However, there are many other things that you can control, and it’s these that can make the difference to how young you look and how long you live. Here are some of the top tips for staying young in both your mind and your body.


Even though you can’t decide when you go gray or when you lose your hair or your eyesight, there are things you can do which will help you to lessen these effects. For example, if you are going gray, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t dye your hair if you feel the need. Many people, both men and women, dye their hair, and it can create a more youthful look. For those people who lose their hair, especially at a young age, it can cause a number of issues with self-esteem and confidence. There are many treatments which are on the market that claim to help restore hair loss, and there are hair replacement procedures you can also use. If you start to find that your eyesight is getting worse, then you don’t have to rely on glasses. Although glasses are more fashionable than ever, many still don’t like the idea of wearing them. Instead, you could decide to wear contact lenses like this product, or you can even have laser eye surgery to correct the problem.

Positive Mental Attitude

There are typically two types of people: those who are pessimistic and think that almost everything will go wrong and put a negative slant on things, and positive people that think the opposite. For many, this way of thinking is part of their character and the way they have been raised, though you can learn to be positive if you try simple techniques. There is increasing evidence to suggest that a positive mental attitude is something that can have a profound effect on your health and how long you live. For example, one study published by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health found that of 100,000 women, optimists were 30 percent less likely to die of heart disease than pessimists. The key is to look at life as a series of opportunities instead of hurdles. It is this type of positive thinking that can help you live longer and suffer less disease.

Don’t Act Your Age

The saying ‘you are only as old as you feel’ is true in many ways. Your physical appearance can sometimes determine how old you feel on the inside, which in turn affects your body. For example, if you are over the age of fifty and decide that you are now too old to go hiking, then you will convince yourself and your body that you’re right. That, in turn, will lead to your muscles getting weaker through lack of exercise, which will make you feel older and less able to do what you want to do. Age doesn’t limit the things you can do, however! Only your body can do that, so if you are physically able to do something, you should keep doing it until you can’t any longer.

Resist Mobility Aids Until Necessary

When you get older, you might find that your fitness starts to lessen and that it takes more to attain the level of fitness you had when you were younger. For some, this leads them to reduce their exercise and perhaps even to start using mobility aids like sticks and frames. The key is to try and avoid using these aids until you have to. If you feel that you can’t keep up with your old fitness routine, try to modify it, so you are working out for shorter periods or reducing the reps if you’re lifting weights. These small changes will allow you to keep going while stopping you from injuring yourself. If you feel that you have reached the point where you need to use aids, don’t let it stop you from keeping fit. You can still do many fitness routines sitting down, or standing still, so adjust your routine accordingly.

Keep Working

There are many studies which have found a correlation between retirement and early death. One study showed that for every year someone retires early, they lose about two months of life expectancy. You might think that you are looking forward to retirement because your job is stressful and demanding. However, it is also something to look forward to and a reason to get out of bed in the mornings. These are strong positive ideas that promote a better mental attitude. Not only that, but working promotes social interaction, keeps the mind active, and also keeps you fitter. If you are sure that your current job is getting too much, then there is no reason why you can’t retire, but get a part-time job to keep you busy. Even volunteering is a great way to stay healthy and be active long into your older years.

Set Positive Goals

Setting goals is an important part of a successful and fulfilling life. Those that have learned to set goals early in life have had more success than those that haven’t. It is this attitude that can also help you to live longer and stay younger because you are always looking forward to the next big thing. It also helps you to push your limits and explore new opportunities that others without this attitude miss. The best idea is to think of something that you think is a big and bold goal and set the wheels in motion to achieve it. What that goal is, depends on your own imagination and your determination to achieve it.

The overwhelming evidence from many studies is that your mental attitude to aging and the way you look is one of the most important factors to living a long and youthful life. Any way that you can promote that attitude in yourself is a positive step forward.

Can the Keto Diet Help You Lose Weight – All You Need to Know About Keto

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Are you currently trying to drop a few pounds? Maybe it’s more than just a few; maybe you are aiming for significant weight loss. By maintaining a healthy body weight you will be reducing your odds of developing all kinds of serious health issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, breathing issues, and gallstones just to name a few. Of course, knowing that it’s ideal to be at a healthy body weight and actually reaching that number are two totally different things.

According to statistics, a whopping 45 million Americans go on a diet each and every year in hopes of losing weight and hitting their target. Of course, January is often the most popular time for starting the diet, which can be blamed on all the holiday treats and sweets. But just because 45 million try to diet each year, it doesn’t mean they are successful.

Maybe you’ve tried dieting in the past and had results, only to have the weight come right back on, or maybe you didn’t get results at all. It’s easy to pass of dieting as useless after an experience like that. This is where the latest trend in dieting may have grabbed your attention.

There is a popular new diet plan as of late: yes, it is the Keto Diet. The keto diet is, in fact, a lifestyle choice. If you’ve been curious about what the keto diet is, what you can eat when on it, and what kind of results you can expect, then you’re going to want to read on and check out this guide on Keto. You’ll find everything you need and want to know about the diet.

What is the Keto Diet?

It seems as though every couple of years there is some new “miracle diet” that comes along. The plan proves to offer the results that no other diet has been able to provide you with, it won’t leave you hungry, and you’ll feel great about yourself during the process. These are pretty big promises and at the end of the day, most of the fad diets just aren’t able to follow through. But can that be said about the keto diet?

First, it’s important to take a closer look at what the keto diet is. The keto diet, short for the ketogenic diet, is all about reducing the amount of carbs you eat and then increasing the amount of fat, thereby forcing your body to use fat for energy instead.

It takes about two to seven days for a person on the keto diet to hit a ketosis state. This is the official point at which your body no longer has enough carbs stored up to use for energy, so it begins to use fat instead. As well, your body will begin to make ketones to make up for the missing carbs. So obviously, the idea behind it as a weight loss diet is that you will be using fat for energy, thereby burning it faster and more efficiently, and you won’t be storing carbs.

What makes the keto diet so interesting though is that wasn’t originally intended as a weight loss method. The keto diet was originally meant to help those with a seizure disorder. Ketones are believed to help reduce seizures, so by forcing your body to make them, the idea is that you can help to limit your seizures. As these people were using the diet, some noticed they lost weight, which sparked interest among health professionals.

What You Can and Can’t Eat on the Keto Diet?

For many people, the word “diet” is a bad word. It is one that they don’t want to hear let alone think about. Dieting always has a negative connotation as people automatically assume they will be cutting everything “yummy” out of their diet and they will probably be walking around hungry the majority of the time. While there are certainly diets out there that do follow this rule, the keto diet doesn’t have to be one of them. In fact, many find the keto diet to be quite satisfying in terms of the foods they can eat.

To put it in simple terms, you will want to focus on low-carb foods. These include such things as vegetables, eggs, fish, seafood, and meat. As well, you can have olive oil and butter.

As for what to avoid, the foods that have a high amount of starch and sugar are a big no-no. These include things like candies, baked desserts, rice, pasta, potatoes, soda, bread, beer, juice, and fruit.

Now there are also a few foods that fit in that “within moderation” category. What this means is that you can have them as long as you don’t go overboard. These foods are berries and nuts.

The whole focus is on protein and fat in the food choices you make. So, you can still feel very satisfied and also extremely full while on the keto diet.

Some people also find that specially formulated supplements can help with the keto diet. Take a look at the products available through which features various drink mixes that contain key ingredients in the keto diet. These can help boost your results and are extremely convenient from a consumption standpoint.

How Much Weight Will You Lose?

The next question people typically have is how much weight they can expect to lose on the keto diet. Just like with any diet plan, the results will differ depending on the person and how closely they follow the plan. People report losing anywhere from a few pounds per month to much more substantial amounts like 20-40lbs. Again, it’s very subjective and depends on the person.

How Will You Feel on the Keto Diet?

As for how you will feel on the keto diet, most will attest to the first week or two being the worst. The period of two to seven days where you are waiting to enter the ketosis state can be extremely hard to go through. Some common symptoms during that period include tiredness, a feeling of being unwell almost like the flu, headaches, nausea, cramps, light-headedness, and feeling like your mind is in a fog. This is all due to the lack of glucose in your body. In most cases, these symptoms clear up after about a week.

Is It Safe?

Of course, no-one wants to jump on a diet if it’s not safe, which is why it’s wise to be sure it’s the right option for you. Naturally, speaking to your doctor before starting keto is always a good idea. They will know your medical history, any health issues you may have, and can offer personalized advice. Most doctors are in agreement that it should only be used in the short-term, not as a long-term solution. So with that in mind, it can be relatively safe and easy to give it a try.

How to Increase Your Odds of Weight Loss

Whether you plan to give the keto diet a try or not, there are some other things you can be doing at the same time that will help increase the odds of weight loss. Each of these tips is safe to use in the long-term and almost everyone can benefit from them.

Sleep is something that people often overlook when it comes to weight loss. If you aren’t getting enough sleep or enough good quality sleep, then you may be hindering your weight loss goals.

Another tip is to start including regular physical activity into your lifestyle. This doesn’t mean you have to join a gym and start lifting weights, it just means you need to get moving. Aim for 30-40 minutes of activity three to four times a week at a minimum. Anything that gets your heart rate up will count as activity. This can include such things as hiking, swimming, dancing, biking, chores, etc.

Stress can also throw your weight loss goals off, which means you want to get a better hold on it. This means dealing with things in your life that are causing worry, stress, and anxious feelings. A great way to combat stress is through exercise, so that goes back to the previous point.

The final tip is to start substituting water anytime you want a drink. Rather than coffee, energy drinks, soda, juice, and beer, water will give you the boost of hydration you need and it doesn’t contain any calories. In terms of weight loss, alcohol can be your biggest enemy as it is often high in calories and sugar. It can also mess with your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

A Lifestyle Change that May Work for You

At the end of the day, deciding to make the switch to a keto diet is really dependent on your personal health, your weight loss goals, and how committed you are to altering your diet and lifestyle.

The Effects Of Substance Abuse On Children And Families

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The damage radius of addiction far exceeds what we might expect it to. The ones that are addicted can have people that they are responsible for.

They have people who they love and love them.

Addiction affects everyone around you, and most of all your children.

There is a special type of hell that kids and families go through where addiction has taken hold.

Here is the shocking reality of what substance abuse does to your children:

Effects of Substance Abuse during Pregnancy

The first of a series of serious implications any type of substance abuse can have on your children is the horrific side effects that they suffer due to their mother abusing drugs or alcohol while pregnant.

These side effects, if they survive the pregnancy at all can be permanent, life-altering and grueling.


If you’re thinking that occasional substance abuse/use or certain types of substances aren’t that bad, think again.

Even a single glass of wine can affect an unborn baby.

In fact, alcohol can affect a baby from the point where the egg has just been fertilized. If a man drinks heavily or regularly his sperm can carry the effects of alcohol to the newly fertilized egg, which is the very last thing you want.

No amount of alcohol is safe during pregnancy and after the 12th week, alcohol use can severely affect the child’s brain causing cognitive and behavioral difficulties, mental illness and other gnarly health conditions.

illegalPhoto from

Illegal Drugs

The most common risks of illegal drugs such as Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, PCP, LSD, and Methamphetamine are nothing short of horrifying; oxygen deprivation, low birth weight, brain damage, intracranial bleeding, cardiac issues, premature birth, the risk of miscarriage and stillbirth and(unfortunately) much more.

That does not include the risk to the mother (and consequently the baby)

There’s no shortage of negative side effects of illegal drugs, we’ll discuss those later on, but the chance of overdose is a very real and serious risk to both mother and child.

Post Birth Effects

Babies born to addicts that actually receive proper health care, as in they are born in a hospital or under medical supervision, are, believe it or not, the luckier ones.

Many babies in this situation cannot actually survive the stress of birth and being born.

But a baby that has survived the toxicity of a pregnancy of an addict, and the trauma of birth are born addicted themselves.

Soon after the baby is born they will experience tremors, muscle tightening (like angst), excessive crying, vomiting and/or diarrhea, these are all signs of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome – essentially withdrawal.

Other probable health issues could be cardiac problems, underdeveloped brain, and lungs.

Often medical intervention is necessary to help babies to survive withdrawal and to help counteract the damage of the pregnancy, although sadly, that isn’t always possible.

drunk fatherPhoto from

Childhood & Family Life

If left untreated, addiction can and will destroy your family.

If only the physical risk to children and mother were the only problem.

Here are some more ways addiction can affect your kids and family:

Toxic Home Life

The homes of addicts don’t always look like some natural disaster swept through there, it can, but that’s not always the case.

It can be a regular home, in a normal neighborhood but that doesn’t make the effects of addiction any less devastating.

Abuse and neglect are a reality for many families that have been taken over by addiction.

Apart from the trauma and horror such circumstances bring there are lasting mental effects like depression, anxiety, PTSD, and a series of mental and emotional issues that will forever shape your child’s being.

This could become a generational curse, and who knows where that will end.

childPhoto from

Developmental gaps and Learning difficulties

Let’s for just a second, set aside the fact that drug use can literally shrink your child’s brain in the womb, think about this – for the first 6 years your child’s mind is like a sponge, that means everything that is going on around him will be imprinted in their psyche, for the rest of his/ her life.

That means that every single emotion he/she experiences due to your actions will become a part of who he is.

The next serious issue with a child’s development is with them not receiving the proper care, attention, and stimulation to actually facilitate that development.

Furthermore, the emotional and mental stress that addiction brings into little ones lives also play a massive role in how your child responds to learning later in life.


The vicious cycle

The mental, emotional and physical trauma that a life of addiction imprints on a child makes them so much more susceptible to drug and alcohol use and abuse as a coping mechanism.

The children of addicts, who do not receive treatment and therapy, will likely be unable to cope with the demands of a normal life.

When the children of addicts become addicts, we enter a cycle that is as catastrophic as an EP5 tornado, it wipes out everything it comes in contact with.

freedom and hopePhoto from

Is There Hope?

Yes. There is hope.

If you are willing to make the most difficult change in your life for your kids and the people you love, there is definitely hope.

No matter how bleak your situation may seem, the time to start towards a positive change is now. Right now.

There are dedicated centers that specialize in helping people overcome addiction and staying clean for life.

Recovery Centers of America, for example, have 24-hour support and they are just a phone call away.

Ideas For Dealing With And Managing Anxiety

managing anxietyPhoto by Bruno van der Kraan on Unsplash

Too much anxiety can be debilitating and will soon cause your overall health to suffer. It’s important to deal with and manage your anxiety right from the start, so it doesn’t spiral out of control. There’s nothing to feel ashamed about, and you should know there are numerous amounts of people going through the same struggle as you.

The upside to having this condition is that it’s treatable and there are ways to reduce your angst and help you improve your life situation. What you don’t want to do is give up hope because there is help out there if you’re willing to accept it and change the way you’re currently living.

Pinpoint the Root Issues

It’s important to try to identify what it is that’s causing you to feel anxious and out of sorts. For example, it could be that your job is overwhelming or that you dislike your physical appearance such as having a large nose. Once you pinpoint the root cause, you can then come up with a list of solutions to help you overcome your worries such as visiting The Rhinoplasty Center and fixing what bothers you the most about your appearance.

Talk through Your Problems

Another approach is to talk through your problems with a trusted friend, family member or professional therapist. It’ll be easier to deal with and manage your anxiety when you’re willing to open up and share what you’re going through with others. They’ll likely have helpful advice to offer you, and you’ll feel less alone and more connected when you’re open and honest about your continuous battle with this particular condition.

Watch what you Eat

Believe it or not, there are many foods that can both help your anxiety or make you feel worse. Do your homework and consume what the experts recommend you should eat based on your situation. Stay away from the items that will only heighten your current state and trigger racing thoughts or nervousness. What will help you accomplish this goal is if you get better about cooking for yourself at home and are taking control over what you do and don’t let enter your body.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is not only critical because it helps you function to the best of your ability, but it also allows you to deal with and manage your anxiety. Staying up late and spending all night on your electronic devices is only going to heighten your anxiety levels and make it difficult for you to get through each day. You’ll be able to think more clearly, and you’ll have more natural energy when you’re good about getting enough sleep on a regular basis.


Unfortunately, anxiety is a tricky matter to deal with because you can’t see it, but you can certainly feel it when it strikes. These are a few practical suggestions for how you can start to improve your overall health and keep it at bay. It’s wise to accept that the decision to change your ways and get help is ultimately in your hands.