4 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental & Physical Wellbeing

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Your mental and physical wellbeing are two requirements for living your best life. Both must be taken into consideration, as they work together to boost your mood and energy, and they impact the health of your immune system as well as your overall body.

There are four simple ways that you can properly take care of them at the same time, and this includes meditation, diet, exercise and getting extra help when needed. Meditation is a more holistic approach to wellbeing but is used by people all over the world in order to relax and de-stress, whereas diet and exercise synonymously work together, such that you can’t have one without the other. For more detailed information on the following four steps, continue reading.

1. Meditation

Meditation is a skill that is learned the more you practice. It is something that is there to help you live in the present moment and get rid of all the unnecessary negative thoughts and chaos that take up your brain. It is free to do given the numerous online resources and apps that teach you how to do it properly, but it helps with your mental and physical wellness, as well as spiritual.

2. Diet

Eating a balanced diet is beneficial to your overall health. You’ve been in a situation where you were late for work, and as a result ended up eating some type of fast food or junk food that was high in sugar, chemicals, and fats. The best way to avoid this is if you cook the night before and plan out your week’s meals during your free time, such as on the weekend.

What’s more, you should focus on eating foods that are notorious for making people feel good. Eat the following foods:

• Blueberries: The ultimate immune-boosting food.
• Carrots: High in carotene, and known for boosting the immune system.
• Beetroot: Full of minerals, along with anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.
• Garlic: Strengthens the heart and blood, and is known for lowering blood pressure.
• Grapefruit: Immune-boosting, anti-bacterial and wound healing properties.

3. Exercise

Working out goes hand-in-hand with a proper diet, none of which can work alone if you truly want to achieve your optimal health. This does not need to be an expensive endeavor, either, considering that you can exercise from the comforts of your living room, or simply go for a long walk or run. Of course, there are also countless organized sports that you can choose from.

4. Getting help

There are certain moments in your life where you may need professional help to properly take care of yourself to get better. For starters, you need doctors and nurses whenever something happens to your health, as they will provide you with the necessary treatment to immediately get better. Moreover, there may be certain situations in your life where you become victim to substance abuse and various other disorders. In these type of scenarios, you will likely need to spend some time at a recovery center with their outpatient program, for which you can read more info about online. All in all, it’s important for you to realize when getting help is necessary, as it will make your recovery process much easier and faster.

Looking after your health should not be treated as a difficult change, but something that will boost your quality of life. Only once you start choosing the healthy alternatives and practice being relaxed, will you realize that you should have done this from the very start.

4 Top Tips for Caring for Elderly Relatives

elderlyPhoto by truthseeker08 on Pixabay

People are living longer now than ever before, and the number of older adults in the United States is predicted to increase significantly in the next few years. This is good news in many ways, as we all hope to live a long, full life. However, old age does bring the increased risk of ill health and infirmity, and many middle-aged children find themselves looking after elderly parents to varying degrees. If your parents are getting on in years, or you have other close friends and family that could be in need of assistance, what are the best ways to help and support them as they get older?

1. Living arrangements

It’s not uncommon for older people to want to downsize, as the home they raised their family in becomes too demanding to maintain. The kind of choice they make for a new home may depend on how reliant they are on your help; for instance, if they’re fit and active, they may be happy just to move to a smaller home, but if they need more support, you might consider moving them closer to you, or even into your home. These arrangements can work very well in some circumstances, while in others they can put an intolerable strain on family relationships. It’s been recognized that enabling people to retain their independence and live in their own home for as long as possible is better for them and their families. If your parents need assistance but are able to live in their own house, it’s worth looking at home care services as the best option. It means your parents can stay at home where they feel comfortable and happy, with a carer calling in to do whatever your folks are finding difficult to manage. You can find more info online about hiring home care professionals, as well as advice on what to consider if your parents are thinking of downsizing or moving in with you.

2. Health and wellbeing

When you’re looking after older people, one of your main concerns will be how well they are physically and mentally. Old age inevitably brings its problems, and osteoarthritis, failing eyesight and hearing, and sleep problems are common in older people. If your parents are feeling the effects of any of these issues, it’s essential they get help to ease symptoms and improve their wellbeing. Sight and hearing loss can usually be remedied with glasses and hearing aids, so older people should be attending tests on a regular basis. A medical check-up is sensible every year as people age, just to monitor general health and spot any signs of illness too. If you’re worried about any aspect of your parents’ health, you should talk to them and see if they will get themselves checked over. Often older folks put their symptoms down to aging, or they don’t want to be a bother, or they may fear what the results might show. Your job is to reassure them and support them and remind them that whatever might be wrong, picking it up early gives them a far greater chance of getting effective treatment and reducing the effects of the illness.

3. Loneliness

Many older folk experience a degree of loneliness, often because they find it more difficult to get out and about. They might not be able to drive anymore or find it hard to manage public transport. Friends may move away or pass on, and if your parents move, they may struggle to get to know their new neighbors. Even if your parents don’t need much practical help from you, they’ll still need emotional support and human contact, so go and visit them regularly, and take them out now and again. You need to be alert for any signs that they are feeling lonely and encourage them to find ways of meeting people and involving themselves in their community. Also, don’t assume that just because someone is old, they won’t be interested in going online. Using the internet to keep in touch by email, chat, or video link can be a real joy for many older people, so if they haven’t got the equipment, help them set it up and show them how to use it.

4. Problems with elderly people

Sometimes it can be difficult trying to look after older people, and it can take its toll on you if you’re not careful. Seniors may sometimes be either too demanding, or too independent, so in one situation, you’re stressed because you always have to do things for them, and in the other, you’re stressed because they won’t ask for help even when they really need it. It can be hard as the child to address these issues, because these are your parents after all, no matter how old they are. If you don’t try, though, the situation will only get worse, so it’s best to tackle the issues from the beginning. From their point of view, it can be humiliating and degrading to be unable to look after themselves, a feeling that is made worse by people around them talking to them like infants just because they’re getting older. You need to be sympathetic to how your parents feel, and listen to them when they talk to you, as well as being able to explain your side of the situation.

To Conclude

Having your parents and elderly family members or friends around as you grow older yourself is a gift. It’s great for your kids, and grandchildren always bring joy to their grandparents. You can learn a lot from older people, who have years of wisdom and memories to share with you, and spending time with your parents in their later years gives you an opportunity to become closer and appreciate all they have given you. If you’re worried about how you’ll manage when your parents become infirm and need help, look at all the options available and talk it over with them too, so you know what their wishes are on the subject. Most importantly, cherish these times with your folks and help make their final years as happy and healthy as possible.

7 Ways To Help You Look and Feel Your Best

look and feel your bestPhoto by Svyatoslav Romanov on Unsplash

One upside to looking and feeling your best is that you can boost your confidence level and feel happier in general. There are a few ways for how you can achieve this goal and truly love the person who’s looking back in the mirror.

It’ll take some extra effort and lifestyle changes on your part, but they’re solutions that will certainly pay off in the end. Focus on yourself more, and spend less time comparing yourself to others if you want to get to a better place. Do what makes you feel the most beautiful and stop worrying so much about what the outside world thinks of you.

1. Build Confidence

Avoid hiding in the shadows of others and start to build confidence in yourself. You can do this by regularly challenging yourself and getting comfortable making mistakes. Figure out what you’re good at and like to do so you can see for yourself all the talents you have to offer. Take care of your mind and body and you won’t have any trouble looking and feeling your best. Focus on practicing positive self-talk so you can continue to lift yourself up even when you face obstacles and aren’t able to meet your goals. Visualize how you want to be and then make changes that are going to help you transform these wishes into reality.

2. Consider what You’re Putting in Your Body

It’s a wise idea to eat healthy and stay away from consuming too much sugar and alcohol. However, it’s not only about what you eat and drink, but also what vitamins and supplements you’re using as well. Take time to do your research and find out more about which supplements are dangerous and that you should stay away from completely. Always be fully informed and educated about certain products before you trust them to do what they say they will. Look and feel your best when you’re living a healthy lifestyle and staying away from what could turn out to be self-destructive in nature.

3. Relax & have A Sense of Humor

You can look and feel your best when you’re relaxed and able to have a sense of humor when situations don’t go as planned. Getting frustrated and bent out of shape easily isn’t attractive and will only make your life more difficult in the end. Do more of what makes you feel joyful and be able to laugh at yourself to help keep your energy and positivity levels high. Get your stress levels in check and focus on what it is you do love about yourself to help keep your spirits high. Worry less about what others think of you and stay focused on what it is you appreciate about yourself and you think you bring to the table. Try to be a little more carefree, and you’ll likely see that your life unfolds nicely in a positive direction.

4. Spend Time in Nature

Look and feel your best when you spend less time online comparing and contrasting and more time in nature. Go for long walks outside and enjoy taking in the beautiful sights, pleasant smells and soothing sounds around you. You’ll not only be getting exercise and burning calories, but you’ll also be reducing your amount of stress you’re feeling and attending to your mental health. You’ll look and feel your best when you get in tune with yourself on a deeper level and make time for getting lost in deep thought. Do this often enough, and you’ll truly feel more relaxed and at peace with yourself and in your life.

5. Pamper Yourself

Don’t be afraid to spend time pampering yourself every once in a while. This can include heading to the spa or sleeping in on the weekends. Other ideas may be meditating, practicing yoga or reading a book and resting. You can look and feel your best when you put self-care and your needs at the top of your to-do list. Avoid feeling guilty for taking time for you and instead simply allow yourself to enjoy what you’re doing at the time.

6. Revamp Your Closet

Your clothes and style say a lot about you and ultimately represent who you are as a person. What you wear will make you feel more or less confident overall and impact your self-esteem, so it’s in your best interest to make choices that allow you to feel comfortable. It’s time to go through your closet and get rid of or donate what you don’t wear or is no longer fashionable. Revamp your closet and replace old and outdated apparel with more chic and trendy options that will make you look and feel your best. This is a fun project you can do over the course of a weekend, which will deliver the beauty results you’ve been looking for.

7. Smile More

Putting a smile on your face goes a long way in regards to improving your mental health and making you come across as more beautiful to others. You can look and feel your best each day by simply making it a point to smile more and not be so grumpy. Your attitude will naturally turn around for the better and others will notice that you seem more approachable. Practice doing so in the mirror and see how your face lights up and you automatically feel happier on the inside. Also, the act of smiling will make you more attractive without you having to spend any money improving your looks.

Looking and feeling your best is essentially a choice, and it’s up to you to make it happen. Use these tips to get you started on the right track so you can transform yourself for the better. Notice how doing so not only enhances your outlook about yourself, but that others begin to notice your improvements as well. Remember that your life and how you react to certain situations is in your hands, so take ownership and accountability for how you want to see your future days play out.

The Case for CBD Cream and The Uses for It

medical CBDPhoto by Yash Lucid on Pexels

Cannabidiol aka CBD is being increasingly used by people who wish to deal with a number of symptoms in a non-traditional way rather than seek a proper medical diagnosis or other treatment options. The use of CBD is growing, but it’s still somewhat unclear how exactly it treats the human body and what it can be effectively used for.

In this article, we will cover a little bit about CDB cream and what it’s being regularly used for as a form of health treatment by individuals performing self-care.

What are CBD Products?

CBD is just one of numerous compounds that is part of a cannabis plant. Because of this, it remains controversial.

There is Epidiolex, which is a commercially available treatment that was approved by the FDA in June 2018. It’s a type of CBD cream that has undergone a purification method and is now prescribed by doctors for treating patients who are suffering from epilepsy (two forms of epilepsy fall under this treatment plan).

The CBD cream is just lotion that has a significant amount of CBD contained therein. Having it in cream form makes it easier for application and general use than if it were in pill form.

Marijuana vs CBD Cream – What’s the Confusion?

Cannabis itself contains delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, which is otherwise known as THC. This is a compound that has an effect on the mind providing out-of-body experiences. This applies if someone bakes it into a cake or smokes it. THC changes when heat is applied, and it gets into the bloodstream when smoked.

While CBD is one of the many compounds in cannabis, it’s not psychoactive. In other words, there’s no “high” associated with it. A person using it is as clearheaded as they were before they took CBD. However, CBD does appear to deliver fundamental, short-term alterations to the human body in a useful way that provide health benefits.
We’ll now cover the health benefits that some people are finding when using CBD cream.

Skin Care Products to Resolve Basic Skins Problems

There are many CBD cream uses that are worthwhile for people wanting to give it a try. One is with skin care products. Skin care is obviously a huge market, but it’s also a major part of the use of CBD outside of CBD oil treatments.

Pain relief is the most potent benefit for people who are happy to apply the CBD cream topically on the affected area of the skin’s surface. Generally, using the cream on the skin is fine, but it should not be used on overly sensitive parts of the body like the private parts. The skin area must not have a laceration or cut either.

Most people who use the cream for skin care are treating painful areas. It could be a skin irritation caused by many factors including exercise, a heat rash or another reason. With a minor skin problem that just needs a cream to resolve it, the pain relief is palpable for the people who are willing to give CBD a try.

Joint Problems

When a person has painful joints, it interferes with their daily life. They’re no longer able to take a stroll down to the market without feeling discomfort or pain. In this situation, a CBD treatment using a suitable cream often provides some relief from the symptoms while not addressing the root cause of the problem itself.

With joint issues, rubbing the cream onto the skin nearest or over the joint often is enough to give the joint some encouragement. Trying for several days might be necessary to experience any relief from the joint pain.

Exercise Pain with Muscular Discomfort

Exercising too much or if you haven’t exercised in a while is likely to cause muscular pain in the body. This is because when pushing the muscles more than they’ve been used recently, the muscle fibers will break down and then later start to repair. This process is also what happens to bodybuilders at an extreme level when lifting heavy weights.

For regular exercisers, working out too much too soon usually causes muscle pain the next day or the day after that. The muscles just aren’t prepared for that sort of punishment when pushed beyond their current limits. Using CDB in cream form is useful to help relieve some of the pain that originates from this kind of situation. It can be an effective pain management protocol for people who find that paracetamol or aspirin aren’t doing anything to help with muscle discomfort.

General Pain Relief

While creams containing CBD are often used topically on the skin, it’s useful to note that other products exist in different forms that are used in alternative ways. One instance of this is general pain relief which people confirm sometimes come from taking CBD oil capsules to act as a pain reliever when other pill forms weren’t helping them.

Other Treatment Uses

For someone who suffers from anxiety that holds back what they can do in life or depression which often completely stops them in their tracks, then CBD has been effective at times to lift the mood and relieve undue stress. It is seen as a natural way to deal with these issues instead of taking serious medication. There has been a study into this. When used on a small group, researchers found that CBD treated insomnia, depression, and PTSD quite
effectively vs other treatment protocols.

The growing use of CBD is encouraging for people who find it more affordable than regular medicine or who prefer alternative methods than what big pharma offers. There’s a growing interest in CBD as a way to handle pain management and elevate the mood. It certainly seems to have a positive effect on many people who use it in cream form or as an oil. While cannabis is addictive and affects the mind badly with repeated use, CBD is specific about which compound is included and so avoids the deleterious effects that some observers get concerned about.

Opioid Abuse in the United States

opioid abuse
Photo by Pixabay

Opioid addiction is becoming a major crisis in the United States. The public needs to educate themselves about the dangers of these drugs. It is estimated that 116 people die every day from a lethal overdose in the U.S. Here is a little information you should know about opioid abuse.

What is an opioid?

This class of drugs comes from the opium poppy plant. Doctors prescribe them for pain management. Opioids have chemicals that can dull the pain receptors in the brain. Prescription drugs are used to treat moderate to severe pain. Many people who take these drugs will feel a sense of well-being. This is known as the drug high and the cause many issues. When the high stops, some users will take another dose to feel that same sensation again. This can lead to addiction and overdose deaths.

The dangers of opioid addiction have been seen throughout the country. While they can help with pain management, they should not be used as a long-term solution. Some studies have shown that prolonged use can even make pain symptoms worse for patients. The neurotransmitters in the brain respond to the drug and lead to a tolerance of opioids. Once that happens, the user will need a bigger dose to feel the effects of the drug. This circle of abuse leads to many drug overdoses. Healthcare industry officials and doctors have started to limit the number of opioid prescriptions. Pain management is treated with alternative methods that do not include any opioids.

What are the side effects of opioids?

Withdrawal symptoms can be severe with opioid abuse. It can be an emotional and physical challenge for anyone to break the cycle of abuse. Physical signs can include nausea, flush skin, and labored breathing. The user’s behavior will change as well. Some people who struggle with opioid addiction will isolate themselves from others. They may also lack interest in activities that they once enjoyed. Anxiety and poor judgment are other psychological signs of opioid drug abuse. Prolonged use can put a strain on the user’s body. Heart attacks and kidney failure can be attributed to opioid use. Those who use these drugs increase their chances of an overdose with long-term use.

What is the cycle of opioid abuse?

The reward center of the brain is affected by opioid use. The drug can give users a happy or pleasurable feeling. The brain sees this as a reward and starts to crave more of those feelings. Opioids cause the brain to increase production of dopamine. There are many factors whether a person will become addicted to opioids. Most people who are prescribed the drugs will not become addicted. Those who are addicted usually use them to self-medicate or take higher does than they were prescribed.

When someone is addicted and stops their opioid use, they will experience the signs of withdrawal. This stage of the treatment process can include intense physical pain and a craving for the drugs. This is a dangerous time for an addict. They may be tempted to take a higher dose of the drug to calm down the craving. The opioids can overstimulate the brain and increase the need for more pleasurable feelings. This process creates a cycle of drug abuse that relies on withdrawal and reward. With prolonged use, the cravings get stronger and start to increase the drug abuse. Users will use a higher dose that pushes them to the point of a fatal overdose. Some people even seek out more potent drugs like fentanyl. There are many reasons why people abuse drugs. Some users have untreated mental and physical illnesses that cause them to abuse the drugs.

How did opioids become a problem?

Opioid drugs have been over-prescribed in the United States since the 1990s. OxyContin was once seen as a miracle drug that could relieve chronic pain. It was able to deliver pain relief for over 12 hours. The drug also had a dark side. OxyContin pills could be crushed and snorted like heroin. It was seen as a cleaner alternative to injecting a street drug. The drug’s manufacturer had to redesign the pill in 2010 to make it harder to crush.

If you know anyone struggling with opioid abuse, there are opioid addiction rehab centers that can help you. Opioid addiction is a problem that we all must fight together.