5 Tips For Anti-Ageing

Whether you are in your teens, late twenties or heading into retirement, now is the right time to prevent your skin from ageing. The earlier you start, the more gracefully your skin will age, so incorporate these anti-ageing tips into your beauty routine now and reap the benefits for years to come.

Wear sunscreen

wear sunscreen
No matter the season, if you are out and about in the sunshine, then you need to wear sunscreen. A lot of foundations and moisterisers now have an element of sun protection in them which is great for everyday use; however, if you are out on the water or spending the day outdoors, you definitely need to apply and reapply sunscreen to stop the sun from damaging you skin.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking has many adverse consequences for your body and health, so it’s no wonder it ages your skin prematurely too. Smoking ages your skin at a much faster rate than non-smokers, so much so that if you have been smoking for a couple of years, your skin will appear up to ten years older than your actual age. Not only does smoking age your skin, but it also gives it a yellow tinge, leaves bags under your eyes, makes you more susceptible to psoriasis, colours your teeth and makes your hair thinner.

Consider Medical Assistance

If you have noticed that your skin is ageing faster than you would like it to, perhaps you should consider medical assistance or cosmetic surgery to treat anti-ageing. Specialists such as cosmetic surgery for women have a number of procedures that may be suitable, including injectables, facial rejuvenation lasers, brow lifts and Ultra Violent Light treatments to combat hyperpigmentation.

Keep Hydrated

It’s as simple as it sounds – drink lots of water and stay hydrated for simple anti-ageing. When you treat your insides well, your skin reflects it, so don’t forget to drink water and eat foods that are rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Keeping your body and skin hydrated acts as a natural moisturiser, which helps to keep your skin from drying out and becoming prone to wrinkles.

Use Organic Products

Where possible, opt for cosmetic products and supplements that are organic, eco-friendly, and free from toxic chemicals. You want the ingredients list to be as natural and wholesome as possible, so next time you are buying new makeup, skincare products, and supplements, switch to something more suitable to help your skin prevent premature ageing. You may browse thorne.com for these products. A good way to put this into practice is to see whether you can actually read and understand the list of ingredients!

Ageing skin is one thing that you try to treat without changing your routine too much. If you protect your skin from the sun, don’t smoke, and use natural cosmetic products where possible, you’ll prolong the ageing process and see your skin retain its youthful appearance. Do you have any tips to add to this list? What do you think is the most effective anti-ageing solution? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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