Here Are The Best Dentists in Europe Based on Reviews 2018

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Many people are considering dental tourism in Europe but don’t know where to start when looking for dentists in Spain, Hungary or Turkey. All certainly have their plus points, but where you decide to go depends, to a large extent, on what kind of dental care you require, and also what kind of dental tourist you are. Are you going specifically for dental care? Do you want a holiday? How about a midweek or weekend break? Do you want sunshine and a beach, or are you a city slicker? Here are our top picks for the best dentists in Europe for 2018, based on patient reviews. Now all you have to do is work out what kind of location suits you.


Spain has long been a favourite of the British and Irish and is, by far, the most visited country for Brits going abroad—especially the Mediterranean Region. The Spanish Costas, particularly the Costa del Sol and the Costa Brava where Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Marbella and Benidorm can be found are huge draws, as are the Canary and Balearic Islands. If sun and sand are what you want from a dental tourism trip, then this is the place for you.

However, there is more to Spain than this stretch of coast. Although Barcelona is further up the coast, it is one of Spain’s most visited cities, but Madrid, Seville, Cadiz and Santiago de Compostelo are other gorgeous cities that steal your heart and offer a taste of the grandeur of Old Spain.

The country offers endless opportunities for dental tourism, and whether you want fillings or dental implants in Spain, you’ll be surprised by both the quality and the prices. If you’re looking for reliable dentists in Spain then you can’t go far wrong with these clinics:

  • Crooke & Laguna, Malaga
  • Nart Dental Clinic, Barcelona


Turkey is another location that offers the best of all worlds—fantastic beach resorts, an incredible culture and in Istanbul, the most unique city in the world. There is no other city that straddles the two continents of Asia and Europe, and it makes for a fascinating fusion of cultures, architecture and cuisine.

Dental tourism in Turkey has only recently begun to take off, but it is becoming increasingly popular. The most obvious place for dental clinics in Turkey is Istanbul, although it does have its fair share of high-quality clinics at popular holiday resorts, including Antalya and Marmaris.

The dental clinics in Turkey offering dental tourism services are typically modern, contemporary facilities, staffed with skilled dentists and equipped with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, including 3D/CT scanning, panoramic x-rays and CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacture). Patients can expect high-quality care, but at prices that are significantly less expensive than at home—at least 50%.

Top clinics include:

  • Istanbul Dental Clinic, Istanbul
  • Dent Group International, Istanbul


Hungary has been a name in dental tourism for decades, if not longer. The country is famed for its therapeutic thermal spas and visitors have been coming to take the waters from ancient times. It is probably one of the world’s first medical tourism destinations.

Hungary is a landlocked country in the centre of Europe and the citizens of neighbouring countries have crossed its borders for healthcare services that have been unavailable in their own. There are some popular dental tourism centres around the country, including the picturesque town, Mosonmagyaróvár, near the Austrian and Slovakian borders that has over 350 dentists.

Budapest, the capital city, has been referred to as the Paris of the East, but fortunately its prices are considerably lower. A beautiful looking city located on a curve in the River Danube, there is a 19th century chain bridge connecting Buda, on one side of the river, with Pest on the other, and overlooking it all is the stunning Buda Castle. Together with the cobbled, winding narrow streets and tree-lined squares of Castle Hill, the open-air thermal spas and the funky, ruin bars make this a magical city to spend time in.

Dental tourism here is also well-established with top-quality clinics offering services at prices that are well below those in the UK. For example, dental implants in Hungary cost less than a third of the price than the UK with dental clinics such as MDental Hungary and Evergreen Dental offering implants at around £800, compared to £3,000 in the UK.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking for dentists in Spain, Turkey or Hungary, these top clinics have been chosen by former patients based on their reviews. So, you really can’t go too far wrong.

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