Achieve Fair Complexion: Top 5 Skin Lightening Products for Filipinas

One of the things that make a woman beautiful is smooth and healthy skin, but a lot of Filipina women think that having a fair complexion is an added criterion for a perfect skin. That is why skin lightening treatments and products are very popular. Proof of that are the billboards and magazine covers that promote fair skin as a sign of beauty. Here are the top 5 skin lightening  products for Filipinas that can help achieve fair complexion.

Whitening soap

Whitening soap is the first step to skin lightening. However, you might get confused with the widely available whitening soaps in the market today. Glutathione soap is the most effective and can lighten skin the fastest (based on own experience). It can be used on both face and body. Kojic soap is also effective. My personal favorite is Dream White because it has collagen and elastin that lessen the appearance of wrinkles.

Whitening lotion

Whitening lotion or cream is a must for those who use whitening soap. Some whitening soap have the tendency to dry the skin as part  of the exfoliating process. You can use any lotion or cream but whitening lotion will help to lighten the skin faster. I use Nivea Body Lotion Extra Whitening Cell Repair aqnd UV Protect SPF 15.

Facial Lightening Moisturizer

Just like the skin on your body, you need to moisturize the skin on your face. As I have mentioned, some skin lightening products induce mild skin peeling and believe me, you don’t want to walk around with flaky face. Look for facial moisturizer with vitamin B3, pro-B5 and vitamin E like Olay Natural White Day Cream. This will nourish the skin while reducing the appearance of dark spots and darkness. Must be SPF24 or higher.

Priva Intimate Wash

There are skin lightening products even on the delicate part down there and here is my new favorite. Priva is a new pH-balanced intimate wash from Unilab. The good thing about Priva is it does not only cleanses and protect against itching and bad odors. It also lightens dark skin areas because it it formulated with glutathione and natural strawberry extract. It also has RevitaCool, a cooling ingredient, that gives cool and refreshing feeling after every wash.

skin lightening products


Obviously, this is not a skin lightening product but this is a must most especially if you are using lightening products. It helps prevent redness, blotchy appearance and premature aging caused by the sun’s ultra violet (UV) radiation. I recommend Sutla Flawless Sun Block Cream. It’s SPF50 and can be used as make up base.

There are plenty of ways to have fair and fab looking skin. I suggest to read review first and do your research on the safety of the products or treatments before trying them. Read the labels and watch out for toxic chemical ingredients. Also look for products with natural plant extracts. For the the skin lightening option that best fits you, you may consult your dermatologist.

Image Credit: Marin – FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

Protect Your Skin with Sutla Flawless Sunblock Cream SPF50

It’s summer once again. Time to wear shorts, spaghettis and backless tops. It’s also the time wherein your skin needs extra protection against the sun’s harmful rays most especially when you’re out during the day. To maintain a healthy skin despite the scorching heat, make sure you use the correct skincare products.

sutla sunblock cream SPF50

Sunblock with SPF50 like the Sutla Flawless Sunblock Cream is good for the face. Wear it every day to protect your skin even on quick outside trips. Sutla Flawless Sunblock Cream SPF50 does not only protect the skin from the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays, it also keeps the skin healthy by keeping it moist and rejuvenated all the time.

sutla flawless sunblock

without and with Sutla Flawless Sunblock Cream SPF30
(no filter)

Unlike the previous sunblock creams I used, Sutla Flawless Sunblock Cream SPF50 is thick but not oily. I like its consistency. It evens out skintone by giving it full coverage so I also use it as make up base. It can also be mixed with liquid foundation that has no SPF to give the skin full coverage and protection while helping the makeup to stay longer. It’s a good skincare product for a reasonable price of Php250. To double the skin protection, you can apply Sutla Flawless BB Face Powder with SPF45 after the Sutla Sunblock Cream. 

Sutla Flawless products can be availed from Flawless Papaya Republic, an authorized distributor of Sutla Flawless. Other products that I like that you might want to try are the Sutla Flawless Callus Remover and Sutla Flawless Soaps with super skin whitener, Vitamins A and E.

Sutla Flawless products

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Goodbye Eye Bags, Hello Céleteque DermoScience Brightening Eye Tuck

I got these half moons under my eyes when I worked in a call center on a graveyard shift which turned to worse when I started blogging (and Facebook-ing). Yes, I’m one of those sleep-deprived zombies who used to be awake until the wee hours of the morning. I hate these eye bags so much because they make me look tired and old. I have tried many products and some natural remedies too such as tea bags and cucumber but nothing seems to help with my eye bags problem until I tried Céleteque DermoScience Brightening Eye Tuck plus Dark Circles Lightener.

eye tuck

When asked if I want to try Céleteque DermoScience Brightening Eye Tuck plus Dark Circles Lightener, I was skeptical. I don’t want to waste any more time just to know if a product will work or not. But then there was this voice inside me saying my eyes need it badly. Besides, I read that Céleteque DermoScience skin product line uses only derma grade ingredients so there won’t be any facial mayhem I guess.

On the first week of use, there was a very slight (almost unnoticeable change) but after almost 4 weeks of day and night use, I am very much satisfied with the results. The skin under my eyes tightened, eye bags are gone plus the crow’s feet and fine lines diminished. It is because of the Eyeseryl Tetrapeptide Complex which improves skin elasticity and effectively fights water accumulation.

eye bag and fine linesbefore using Céleteque DermoScience Brightening
Eye Tuck plus Dark Circles Lightener

goodbye eyebagsafter almost 1 month…goodbye eye bags!
no more fine lines.

Céleteque DermoScience Brightening Eye Tuck plus Dark Circles Lightener comes in a small tube of 15ml. It costs only Php 299. Why continue getting pissed by your extremely frustrating eye bags if you can get rid of them at a very affordable price?

eye tuck plus dark circles lightener

1. Very handy. Can fit in the purse and even in the pocket.
2. Unscented
3. Very light and absorbs almost immediately.
4. Affordable yet very affective.

1. Sightly mentholated, causes my eyes to water a little.

The lesson I learned is, we all have different skin types and to figure out what is best for you, you have to try different products (unless you have allergies) and see how they work. I’m glad that I did. Goodbye eye bags!

I am in no way related to Céleteque. I received this product for evaluation purposes and was given enough time to use it and give my honest opinion. Remember that what works for me may not work for you. However, I only recommend products or services I have used or tried  personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Céleteque Dermoscience Sun Care Soothing Lip Balm Review

It seem like this part of the world is not spared from the Arctic air. Though it’s not freezing cold here, we can feel the chilly breeze that makes my daughter’s delicate skin excessively dry. Her lips are also dry and chapped which tempt her to lick her lips without knowing that constantly moistening her lips just makes them drier and split. A good way to break her lip-licking habit is to keep a lip balm handy. But because of her sensitive skin, she was prohibited to use cheap, flavoured, smelly lip balms by her dermatologist. And so I am grateful that Céleteque DermoScience Sun Care Soothing Lip Balm just came on time when my daughter needed it the most. All three of us (me, daughter and husband) are using it for 5 days now and we love it!

dry and chapped lips dry and chapped lips (before using Céleteque
DermoScience Sun Care Soothing Lip Balm)

soft lips with lip balmsoft lips after 5 days (with Céleteque DermoScience
Sun Care Soothing Lip Balm)

Céleteque Dermoscience Sun Care Soothing Lip Balm with SPF15 is just one of Céleteque DermoScience skin product lines that combine the efficacy of derma-grade ingredients and the expertise of dermatologists into cosmetic skin care products.  It is proven safe because of its top quality ingredients. It has moisturizing oils that will keep the lips soft and smooth and Mulberry extract that helps lighten discoloured skin so I recommend it to those with stained lips due to smoking. Most importantly, it has SPF15 that will protect the lips twice as much against UVA/UVB rays.

Celeteque soothing lip balm
soothing lip balm with SPF15

Here are more reasons why we love Céleteque DermoScience Sun Care Soothing Lip Balm with SPF15

1. It is a little mentholated thus there’s a slight cooling sensation which we find really soothing.
2. Light. No icky feel because it is not too oily.
3. The smell is mild. No fruity smell that will tempt my daughter to lick her lips often.
4. My husband is not ashamed to have it because it’s in a tiny pot instead of the lipstick type.
5. It is hypoallergenic.  It didn’t give allergic reactions to my daughter’s sensitive skin.

I highly recommend Céleteque DermoScience Sun Care Soothing Lip Balm to protect the lips at all times, be it winter, windy or summer. Using it will ensure that your chapped lips will be healed faster by keeping it well moisturized.

I am in no way related to Céleteque. I received this product for evaluation purposes and was given enough time to use it and give my honest opinion.

The Wonders of Cosmetics

You can still be beautiful without makeup on but by adding color to your face, you can enhance that natural beauty of yours. Thanks to the Egyptians who discovered the wonders of cosmetics in 10,000 BC.

Over the years, the purpose of makeup hasn’t really changed. It can take years off your appearance or can make you look matured…depends on how you’ll apply them.

Meet my cousin Jhanna…a sweet young lady. She’s pretty, is she not?

But with the right makeup on, she looks more beautiful.

When applying makeup, remember that you are enhancing your beauty and not covering up your face so don’t apply too much foundation and concealers. It is also best to use foundation that is exactly your skin tone. Draw away attention to negatives such as long neck, big ears, etc. by accentuating your beautiful assets.

If you want to see more of Jhanna’s photos, you can check her album HERE.