Vital Questions to ask before getting Cosmetic Surgery

Are you thinking about having a little bit of work done? From liposuction to breast implants, there’s a range of procedures to choose from. Yet it’s important to go into any level of procedure armed with as much knowledge as possible. Here are a few questions to ask yourself and your surgeon before you take the plunge, to be sure that this is right for you.

getting cosmetic surgery

Questions to ask yourself:

To get started, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions.

1. Why am I thinking about surgery now?

Is this something you’ve been thinking about for a long time? Is it spurred by a desire to do better at work or hold on to a failing relationship? Perhaps a family member made a cutting remark about your ears and you suddenly feel the need to change them. Explore whether this is a spur-of-the-moment decision or something you’ve put more thought into.

2. What do I expect this surgery to do for me?

Surgery’s not a magic bullet that will solve all of your problems. It can certainly have a positive impact on your physical appearance and self-esteem, but ask yourself what your ultimate goal is and if surgery is realistically a way to achieve it. If you’re anxious about a particular issue, surgery probably won’t be the best solution.

3. How is my current health?

Are you in otherwise good shape? It’s important to remember that surgery is a serious procedure, which is best carried out on healthy individuals. If you chain smoke and are seriously overweight, it may be too risky.

4. Can I afford the cost?

Don’t just look at the initial quote that you’re given – you should also look at the expense of taking time off of work for recovery, the cost of follow-up care, and any additional fees such as medication.

Questions to ask your surgeon:

Once you’ve weighed all of these major questions and are certain that surgery is something that you want to go through with, the next step is to interview a surgeon. Respected cosmetic clinics like the one run by Dr Jeremy Hunt will be happy to sit down for a consultation, so don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you like!

1. What are your qualifications?

You’ll first want to make sure that your surgeon of choice is board-certified in whichever country you’re having the work done in. They should not only be generally certified, but have experience in the particular procedure you’re requesting.

2. Can you explain the risks and complications?

A good surgeon will be happy to outline these for you – if the doctor says that any procedure is completely risk-free, you should probably look elsewhere.

3. Where will this procedure take place?

Find out if it will take place in their clinic, and what facilities the clinic has on hand. Ask for a tour of the recovery and operating areas if it will make you feel better.

4. Can I see before and after photos?

A surgeon will be proud to show you photos of their other work. This allows you to see for yourself what kind of work they do, and whether it falls in line with your aesthetic.

Taking the time to ask these key questions first can ensure that you stand a far better chance of not only finding the right surgeon, but being sure that you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Autumn Lip Look and Care

During the fall your whole face is constantly exposed to the wind and cold weather which will inevitably lead to some problems. The lips are one of the parts which suffer the most from those bad conditions and like the skin on your face and body, they also need to be provided with special protection. The truth is that the lips need most cares because they are constantly exposed not just to the weather conditions but also to different irritating factors like food, drinks and others. During the fall perhaps you should be concerned mostly about the risk of dryness but with our tips you will be able to avoid this and many other problems.
lip look and care

The fall inevitably requires the changing of some details in your skin care routine. The lower temperatures and stronger cold wind can seriously damage the good condition of your face skin, and along with that also your lips. When you clean your face during this season, don’t forget to think about the area around your lips. Most people usually focus on the cleaning and moisturising of the skin itself and rely on a simple lip balm for the protection of their lips. That, unfortunately, is not always effective and in many cases the negative effect, like chapping for instance, is inevitable. The same way you clean and maintain the skin on your face, you can take care of the healthy look of your lips.

With a little efforts you can have a beautiful and well-protected lips which won’t be affected by the cold weather. It is enough simply to follow the tips which Tenancy Cleaning Putney will give you and you won’t have to worry about this important part of your face at all.

Avoid licking your lips when you are outside – There is one very bad habit which could lead to immediate drying of your lips and that’s the licking. When the temperatures are low outside it is better to apply a thick layer of lip balm as a protection which will also stop you from licking your lips and destroying their good looks.

Choose the products with the right ingredients – There are all kinds of products which have been specially created for lip care. However, not all of them could give you the effect that you want. We suggest that you focus only on those which contain natural ingredients like shea butter, beeswax, jojoba and others. They will keep your lips and the area around them always hydrated.

Take care of the humidity at home – If you don’t have a humidifier at home, we advice you to purchase one as soon as you can. We often think about the good condition of our lips when we have to go outside but forget that this area needs special attention when we are at home too. The dry air in the premises will inevitably make you lick your lips more often during the day and night, but with a humidifier you won’t have this problem.

Make special masks with honey – The healing power of the honey is very popular. When your lips are chapped or when you simply want to supply them with more vitamins, you can apply a little honey on them and leave it on for one whole night. In the morning you will have perfect lips and all traces of chapping will be gone.

Drink a lot of water during the fall as well – Drinking water is essential not only for your hair, nails, skin and lips but also for your good health. During the fall and the winter it is normal to notice that you don’t feel the need to drink as much water as before. That, however, is a normal reaction of your body to the lower temperatures. You can still carry a bottle of mineral water with you every time you go outside.

Back to School With Pure ‘N Fresh

June has always been an extra special month for my daughter because it is the start of a new school year. She loves school and she gets excited by just thinking of being with her friends again and meeting new classmates. I can feel her excitement. It’s the same feeling I had when I was her age. But now, as a Mom, I feel quite invigorated by the thought of a new school year. I need to get used to a new routine of school hours. I also need to plan ahead and buy everything that will be needed before June because I hate last-minute shopping. It stresses me.

So what’s in my daughter’s back-to-school list aside from school supplies, books and uniform? A personal hygiene kit. My daughter is now in puberty stage. Puberty stage causes all kinds of changes including the undesirable ones so a hygiene kit is a must to keep my daughter clean in school. Here are what inside my daughter’s hygiene kit…toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, hand sanitizer and/or alcohol, sanitary napkins (it’s better to be ready than to be sorry), cologne and feminine wash.

hygiene kit

Before my daughter had her monthly period, I’ve already discussed with her the changes in puberty stage and the importance of proper hygiene. Now, that she is experiencing this stage, she already knows how to take care of herself. She realized that feminine hygiene isn’t yucky after all.

To keep her fresh and confident even if she’s away from home, she uses Pure ‘N Fresh, a product of Unilab. For feminine wash, she uses Pure ‘N Fresh Fabulously Fruity. It is pH balanced so the natural pH of the external genitalia is maintained. It also has milk proteins and Chamomile extract that helps nourish the skin. Most importantly, it is hypoallergenic and gentle for everyday use.

Pure 'N Fresh

My daughter also loves the Pure ‘n Fresh Blush Berry cologne. It’s enticing scent is a blend of strawberry, pear and apple blossom. The scent is mild and sweet which is perfect for a teenager.

A little preparation before the big day can go a long way in prepping my daughter. In just a few days, she’ll be back to school. She’s excited, she’s ready and she’s confident.

For more tips to stay fresh,  watch the video below and visit Pure ‘N Fresh on Facebook.

Options for a Bikini Ready Body: Fitness Trends for 2014

Swimsuit designers already have their summer collections out on the racks ready for the picking. Women usually go for cuts and designs that flatter their body regardless of their size and shape. The best way to looking good on your swimsuit is to work towards a fit and healthy body. So tarry no more and look into these hot fitness trends for 2014 that can help you get a bikini ready body.

fitness trends 2014

High-Intensity Interval Training like P90X, cross fit and Insanity work outs are on top of the fitness trends for 2014. These routines usually make use of short and intense cardio exercise followed by a short but less intense set. They can last anywhere from four to thirty minutes depending on the program. It is known to be a quick and effective means of getting fit. However, experts also warn that it also poses health risks like orthopedic injuries or cardiovascular complications especially for those who are not used to these types of exercises. So if you are just starting to get your body in shape, then it is best to consult a sports doctor or at least get a Fitness Professional to supervise your workouts.

Those who are looking for a low cost yet effective routine can go for Body Weight Training. The idea is to use your own body weight in your routines instead of relying on gym equipment. Routines usually involve a variation of push-ups and pull-ups. Body Weight Training helps improve strength, build muscles, increase flexibility, boost cardiovascular health and burn fat.

Yoga is an all time favorite for fitness buffs. It makes use of relaxation techniques and different body postures to tone and strengthen muscles in different parts of the body. For some it is a form of stress relief and exercise rolled into one. From time to time there are fresh variations of yoga that comes out to challenge those who have mastered their yoga routines already. Recent additions include the SUP yoga, antigravity yoga, Indo Yoga, broga, and even karaoke yoga which is aimed at strengthening limbs and vocal chords.

Just like choosing a swimsuit, your work out routines should also fit the needs of your body. One can find options for a full body work-out and exercises that target specific muscle groups among the fitness trends for 2014. However, one must also remember that a fitness routine should be coupled with a well balanced meal and healthy lifestyle in order to be effective. Make a choice now and start working your way to a bikini worthy body.

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Prep Your Skin for Skin Baring Summer Outfits

Shorts, tank tops and swimsuits are popular clothing during the summer season. As such a lot of women exert time and effort in toning their bodies to fit their hot outfits for the summer. But aside from a fit and sexy body, great looking skin is also a coveted asset during the summer season. Having a smooth, flawless, and glowing skin can boost a person’s confidence to wear skin baring summer outfits. Here are some skin care routines that can help to prep your skin to be at its best this summer.


1. Cleanse and Exfoliate. One of the basic ways to protect your skin against blemishes is to keep it clean and healthy. There are facial cleansers available for any type of skin as well as bar soaps, shower gels and cream for the body. However, cleansing is not enough if you want a gorgeously glowing skin. Dead skin cells that causes dullness can accumulate in the face and body even with regular cleansing. Exfoliate at least once a week to keep the skin looking good throughout the year.

2. Hydrate. Dry skin is a common problem during the cold months but this doesn’t mean that you won’t be dealing with the same problem for the summer season. The hot and humid weather can likewise zap the moisture out of your skin leaving it dry. Look for moisturizing products that are light or water-based for a non-greasy or sticky feel. Fruity scented lotions made from organic ingredients are popular picks for the season.

3. Protect. A good sun block is a necessity for those who want to maintain young looking skin and protect their skin from sun damage. Aside from causing fine lines and wrinkles, sun exposure can also lead to skin discoloration or sunburn. Apply sun block to your face and body before leaving the house to make sure that your skin is amply protected all the time.

A good skin care routine should also be matched with products that are best suited for your skin. You may consult a dermatologist or and aesthetician in choosing your skin care products. Using the right match of products and routine can boost your confidence in wearing skin baring outfits for the summer.

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