The History of the Lab Coat

Imagine you are going to have surgery and you are waiting for the surgeon to come to the operation theatre. Meanwhile, a person enters the room wearing a black coat; what will be the first thought pop up in your mind by looking at him? You must think that maybe he is a lawyer and he mistakenly gets in here. Sounds funny! Well, Jokes apart! It would leave a weird impression by seeing a doctor in the black coat.

Have you ever think why doctors and physicians, lab assistants and the whole medical staff wear a white coat? Why did they not adopt more functional color? Like green, yellow, black, etc. why only “WHITE”? There might be some reason or the history behind the color. To know this, let’s dig into the history.

lab coat

The meaning behind the color WHITE

The color white was chosen with good reasons because it represents purity which indicates the physician’s commitment not to harm and will be responsible for their profession. White depicts goodness, Jesus, Moses, and the Saints. It represents serenity. White also conveys cleanliness. In addition to that white coat symbolizes the significance of purpose. It communicates the physician’s medical determination. White serves as a symbolic barrier to maintain the professional distance between patient and physician. Perhaps, most importantly, the white coat is a garment of compassion.

The historical backdrop of the white lab coat

Want to know the history behind this white colored lab coat? Let’s get back in the 19th century. In older days, the physicians did not have that honor and recognition they have today. There were inadequate standards of valuable practice, and a medical degree could be obtained in a year. Laboratory Scientists at that time were highly respected. They used to wear a beige (pale pinkish -yellow) colored lab coats. The scientists had damaged the dignity of physicians by claiming that the cures by medicine (physicians) were worthless. Scientists got more recognition of people and rulers at that time than physicians. Thus physicians decided to become scientists and adopted the scientific lab coat as their standard of dress. And the physicians began to wear the most recognizable symbol of the scientist, the laboratory coat in the year 1889 AD. They decided the color of their coat to be white.

The modern white coat was introduced to medicine by Dr. George Armstrong (1855–1933) in Canada, President of the Canadian Medical Association and a surgeon at the Montreal General Hospital. Physicians began to wear beige lab coats that were typically worn by scientists in laboratories. This gave physicians a more technical image that differentiated them from homeopaths and other people.

Since then, white became standard color for lab coats. Surgeons were the first to wear white lab coats, hospital doctors follow the trend, and then in-office general practitioners adopted white lab coat as their professional apparel.

Bottom line

Today we see medical students, lab assistants, nurses, doctors, every single person related to medicine wear a white lab coat. This white colored apparel adds more charm to their personalities. If you are a medical student and looking for a lab coat, then get the one for you. There are many lab coats for sale available in the online stores or shops. You can get the one for you today and walk confidently wearing this beautiful clothing.

Keep inspiring!

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6 Clothing Items Every Woman Needs

Every woman deserves to look irresistible on a regular basis, and a carefully-chosen wardrobe can help any woman accomplish this goal. Regardless of your height, shape, or weight, the right outfit can make you look and feel attractive, confident, and unforgettable. Here are 6 clothing items that every woman needs to have in her wardrobe. If you don’t currently have all of them, then it is time to go shopping!


1. Flattering Jeans

Jeans can be painfully expensive, especially the quality kind that slim down your thighs and make your butt look incredible. While you may not be able to afford an entire closet full of expensive, flattering jeans, you deserve to have at least one pair that makes you look and feel amazing. To make your favorite pair of jeans last as long as possible, try not to wash them too frequently, and be sure you hang them up to dry instead of throwing them in the dryer with your other clothes.

2. Flirty Undergarments

 Even if you are the only one who sees your bra and panties on a regular basis, that doesn’t give you an excuse to wear mismatched or boring intimates. You might be surprised at how much more attractive and flirtatious you feel when you are wearing a cute bra with matching panties. Even a lacey undergarment that provides extra support like a shapewear slip, padded boyshorts, or corset can feel feminine and flirty.

3. A Little Black Dress

Have you been feeling a little bit less than desirable lately? Then it is time to go out and purchase a little black dress that will bring your sassy side out in a big way. Whether it is cute and frilly or tight and form-fitting, every woman needs to have a little black dress in her closet for those days when she wants to feel more attractive and flirtatious.

4. A Pair of Stilettos

No matter how clumsy or how tall you are, you need to have at least one pair of sexy stilettos in your closet. Whether you are dressing up for a fancy reception or you are getting ready to go out on a hot date, a pair of stilettos can complete your outfit and help you make a bold fashion statement.

5. A Business Suit

Even if you prefer to walk around in jeans and a t-shirt all day, you should make sure you have at least one classy business suit hanging up in your closet. A business suit can not only make you look confident and powerful, but it can also make an unforgettable impression on a potential employer during a job interview.

6. A Pair of Comfy Sweats

To some men, nothing is sexier than a woman who is confident enough to curl up on the couch in a pair of comfy sweats and a baggy t-shirt. Every woman should have at least one pair of sweats that she can wear when she wants to lounge around the house and forget about all of her daytime worries.

If your closet is currently lacking any or all of these clothing necessities, it is time to schedule a shopping date and restock your closet with clothing that makes you feel good about yourself.

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Autumn Overcoats

As autumn sets in, the colder weather calls for us to pull out our winter coats to keep us toasty. To help you choose your winter coat that’s on trend this season, we thought we’d highlight a few of the key looks and trends seen on the catwalk.

Military Coats

Again, we can see that this is a popular trend for autumn/winter 2012-13. Double breasted long coats feature heavily in navy, military green and black. The buttons are a key feature too – being large and metallic in colour (gold or silver). Popular fabrics for these coats are in cashmere and moleskin – these are great for overcoats and will keep you particularly warm during the colder months.

Military Coats
Military Coat


A great feature offered at A Suit That Fits for overcoats are the detachable quilted linings – that look and feel very luxurious. This is a great feature, as you can add an extra layer to keep you warm during the colder spells. They also look very stylish and come in variety of bright colours to cheer you up on a cold February day.

Detachable Quilted Lining

Contrasting Collars

Another trend that is set to continue this season, is contrasting collars on overcoats. This featured several times on many designers’ catwalks – here at A Suit That Fits we offer a number of collar options, a particular favourite of the designers this season is velvet. A velvet collar gives the coat a very luxurious look and breaks up the main fabric to give it a stand out appeal.

Contrasting Collars
Contrasting Collar on Overcoat