Writing about a Healthy Lifestyle: 6 Sources to Take Reliable Information From

writing healthy lifestyle

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Writing about how to live a healthy lifestyle, whether it be through mindfulness, exercise, or dieting is a common essay topic in medical classes. The topic may also occasionally be an assignment in science classes. Both of these facts are true whether students are in high school or in college.

Teachers and professors alike except the best from their students. Most teachers are strictly against using Wikipedia and other similar websites to do research since the content can be edited by just about anyone. Instead, professors and teachers will want students to use reliable resources to get information from.

Below are some great reliable resources, including website, journals, and books, that students can use to get information to get healthy lifestyle information.

1. WebMD

WebMD is one of the most popular websites for health. Often when searching for anything health-related, a WebMD article is on the first page of search results. This is because WebMD seems to have an article on just about everything.

Their articles are structured in such a way that students can get loads of vital information from just one article. Their articles cover causes, symptoms, and treatments of many ailments. Students can read all of the articles on the site for free.

2. Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic is both the name of a website and physical buildings owned by the same company where patients can go for treatment. Like WebMD, the Mayo Clinic website also has a variety of health-related articles that can easily be found by searching on Google or in the website’s search bar.

The Mayo Clinic does have a few features that help to set it apart from other medical websites. One of the unique features is that students can view clinical trials done by the Mayo Clinic. From here, students can find studies based, not only at the Mayo Clinic but at other institutions as well: the National Cancer Institute and more.

3. Cleveland Clinic

Like the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic is another website that also has a physical hospital attached to it. On this website, students can search by topics based on the letter or by using the search bar at the top of each page.

One great feature that the Cleveland clinic has is a live web chat. With this service, anyone can talk to a healthcare professional about just about any topic. First, a student will need to make an appointment to schedule a time from there. From there, a real doctor can talk to students about wellness tips. This is a great reference to use if an assignment requires a primary source, like an interview.

4. Journal of Nutrition

The Journal of Nutrition (JN) is a peer-reviewed medical journal that students can access online for free. This journal is highly accredited and has been published since 1928. The journal is currently published by the American Society of Nutrition. Over 1,000 authors contribute to this journal; many of these authors work in different medical fields, so the journal coveries a variety of subjects.

Some of the most popular articles on the website (which are also included in the physical journal) include articles on diets, molecular nutrition, and even nutrition in animals. This journal is a great resource for students who are writing about dieting or nutrition and how they factor into having a healthy lifestyle.

5. Journal of Medical Internet Research

One online journal that keeps up to date with current events is the Journal of Medical Internet Research. This journal is fairly new, beginning publications about twenty years ago. Their website says they are “The leading peer-reviewed journal for digital medicine and health & healthcare in the Internet age.”

Like the Journal of Nutrition, all of the articles on the journal’s website are free for anyone to read. The list of authors and the abstract for the articles are also listed with each article. Some topics this website journal covers include how social media affects health, the effects of vaping, and more.

6. Gray’s Anatomy

Gray’s Anatomy is an anatomy textbook, not to be confused with the television drama Grey’s Anatomy, which may be entertaining, but it not a reliable sources for healthy lifestyle information. Some versions of this textbook can be found online for free, but many of those versions are extremely old. Instead, students will do well to rent a more recent edition of the book, so they are not looking up outdated information.

These books contain information on the anatomy and physiology of the body. Disease and other afflictions of the body, and suggestions of what to do about them are also included in the book. This is a great reference material for students learning about the body, whether they are in high school or college.

We hope that these resources can be useful for students. To find more medical-based journals, check out FreeMedicalJournals.com, which is exactly what it sounds like. When using medical websites to learn about healthy lifestyles, or anything else, make sure that the websites look professional. Check to see what the credentials are of the person who wrote the article. Are they a doctor or just a blogger? Books published by colleges or research institutions are always safe to use. So, give one of these resources a try the next time you need to write your paper on healthy lifestyles or anything else involving medicine, diet, or ailments.

Which Payment Solution Is Right for Your Business?

The mobile revolution has changed the face of commerce forever. Consumer habits and expectations continue to evolve rapidly with the technology. Your patrons demand convenience and speed when it comes time to pay for their goods or services. Developers continue to help businesses attract and retain customers by designing flexible app-based payment solutions like the Clover POS system. These types of innovative payment systems allow you to customize their features to fit your specific type of business.

Universal Features

Payment solutions used in any type of business should offer the customer and business owner specific attributes:

1. Payment Acceptance – all major credit cards (including EVM chip cards), Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay
2. Fast and Easy for Customers – network and interface provide speed and convenience
3. Safe Transactions – highest possible level of data security
4. Responsive Tech Support – 24-hour, 7-days-a-week support
5. Transparent Fee Structure – all charges apparent and spelled out in the contract.
6. Simple Interface – easy to quickly learn and efficiently operate

Industry-Specific Features

Your system provider can help you customize many payment systems to meet your individual business needs:

1. Food & Beverage – mobile devices for inputting orders and payment at the table
2. Retail – inventory tracking to help you spot sales trends
3. Travel & Lodging – ability to pay from anywhere to help differentiate your brand
4. Personal Service – tablet and phone payment devices for mobile and in-home service businesses
5. Transportation – flexible and reliable payment systems for moving goods and people
6. Fuel and Convenience – tighter security levels for high transaction volume

Expert Guidance

Getting the right payment solution for your business requires forward-thinking advice from an industry leader. Merchant Account Solutions is experienced in working with all types of companies and offers a wide range of payment systems to meet your needs. Visit the company’s contact page today and find out how it can help you attract more customers and better serve your existing ones.

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Facts About The Electric Cigarette

If you’re looking for a way to stop smoking, then consider electronic cigarettes. You can get the cigarettes at most tobacco stores and retail stores that sell tobacco products. There are various flavors of liquids that you can get to put in the cigarette so that you aren’t getting a simple vapor when smoking. You cans also add nicotine to the cigarette so that you are still getting the substance without all of the harmful chemicals. There are a few facts about e cigarettes that you might not know about.


When you have an electronic cigarette, there is nothing that you have to burn. You don’t have to worry about keeping up with a lighter or finding a match because you you won’t light the electronic cigarette as there isn’t any tobacco. The cigarette operates off of a battery. Some of them have a tip that looks like a cigarette that is lit. You can use the cigarette with or without nicotine. You can also decrease the amount of nicotine that is in the cigarette. This can help you stop relying on nicotine all together.

While there are minor chemicals in the nicotine, you will also find that the liquid can damage the skin by causing a rash, or it can be harmful if it’s ingested in a manner other than smoking. There haven’t been any real studies as to whether the cigarettes are actually safe or not. Most people feel that they are safe, which they are compared to traditional cigarettes, but there are some aspects to the cigarettes that are still questionable. As with anything that has to do with nicotine, you need to monitor the amount that you inhale as anything can become addictive and create health problems. There are some who want the FDA to regulate the cigarettes since they can contain nicotine. If this would take place, then it could increase the price of the cigarettes. You don’t have to worry about getting a new cigarette as you use the same materials whenever you smoke. There is a little bit of maintenance that you have to do in order to keep the cigarette operational.

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Fashionable Homes for the Top Fashionable People

Inside the Homes of Top Designers

Talk about fashionable real estate. Famous fashion designers don’t just excel in the clothing department. Their interior design skills are just as haute couture as they are!

Leading property portal Lamudi released an article that gives us a special pass on these stylish and enviable homes:


Versace Mansion© dailymail.co.uk

Located in Miami, Florida, the late Gianni Versace’s mansion was sold at an auction last year for $41.5 million USD. I wonder how many Idol Shoulder Bags (worth $2.550USD each) can be bought with that… Versace bought Casa Casuarina in 1992 and spent millions on renovations. Tragically, he was shot dead on the mansion’s front steps in 1997.

The property is now set to attract plenty of highflyers through its doors, with the mansion recently reopening as a luxury hotel. Guests can stay in the master designer’s former bedroom, and swim in his 24-carat gold swimming pool.

Versace Mansion2© dailymail.co.uk


Valentino Chateau© vanityfair.com

Located just half an hour away from Paris, France, the Château de Wideville was built by Louis XIII’s finance minister, Claude de Bullion. It was home to one of Louis XIV’s mistresses, Madame Louise de la Vallire, and was purchased by Valentino Garavani in 1998. The 120-acre property boasts of eight bedrooms, and was restored by the famed Henri Samuel, master of French interior design.  This is exactly the kind of glamour you would expect from the 82-year old fashion icon.

Valentino Chateau2© joellemagazine.com


Karl Lagerfeld Apartment© elitechoice.org

Born in Hamburg, Germany, Chanel’s head designer and creative director now calls “la ville des lumières” home. Don’t expect anything extravagant from his minimalist apartment, located on the Quai Voltaire. According to Lagerfeld, “There is no color here, because I am constantly surrounded by color. I prefer to live in a neutral environment.“ No word yet on how Choupette, Lagerfeld’s beloved cat, feels about the minimalist approach with no interesting furniture to climb on.

Karl Lagerfeld Apartment2© karl.com


Diane Von Furstenburg Penthouse© selectism.com

You have top designers living in Paris; you have top designers living in iconic Manhattan. The famous Belgian born designer happens to be one of them. Located at the very center of the Meatpacking District (No, she doesn’t live on the Upper East Side, Gossip Girl style) Diane Von Furstenberg‘s Penthouse features glass walls and quirky furniture. If in the fashion industry, she is known for the wraparound dress, then in interior design circles, her not-so-humble abode is famed for the 3,000 Swarovski crystal staircase. For convenience’s sake, the Diane Von Furstenberg flagship store is located just at the bottom of her uniquely decorated Penthouse, so if you happen to pass by, don’t forget to look up!

Diane Von Furstenburg Penthouse2© buro247.hr


Common Equipment Seen in Most Day Spa Facilities

If you visit the spa often, you might be familiar with the different furnishings and equipment found there. To give you an even better idea about how these items work though, we’ll go over some of the most common fixtures found at beauty salons and day spas around the globe. In this way, you’ll know precisely how each helps you to remain youthful and fresh while allowing staff to do their jobs in an efficient manner.

Hair Styling Stations

hair styling

This is the combined setup of a number of pieces of furniture which make it easier for the client to have their hair done:

• Salon chair
• Mirror
• Shelving
• Trolley

Basically, everything should be in place so that you’re comfortable when sitting there and getting your hair done. All hairdressing supplies, brushes, scissors, curlers, etc. should be in easy reach for the staff so they can do their job without having to walk back and forth too often.

The next time you’re out getting your hair styled in your local day spa or beauty salon, have a closer look to see how these types of stations are set up.

Massage Tables

You might also be in the habit of getting a massage every month or so. The next time you’re being pampered, take a look at the specs of the massage table that they use when relaxing your muscles. You’ll probably notice the following features:

• Adjustable back rest
• Detachable face cradle
• Arm extenders
• Height adjustments
• Removable face portal

Each table will likely come with a significantly high weight limit so it doesn’t buckle under the weight of the heavier customers. This means your chosen day spa will be able to provide a vigorous massage to basically anyone regardless of their body specs. Being flexible is a good business model for any beauty salon.

Pedicure Chairs

Your day spa should also come with a comfortable pedicure chair which you will sit in when getting your nails done. This equipment boasts a number of features that differ from standard seating, including:

• Expandable footrests
• Extendable headrests
• Reinforced structure
• Adjustable heights

These chairs should also be comfortable enough so you can sit down for an hour or so while your nails are filed and painted.

The pedicurist should also have their own little stool on which they can sit while doing your nails. This essential piece of salon equipment will generally have a small, cushioned shelf attached which holds the client’s foot while the beautician gets to work.

Manicure Tables

In the same vein as the pedicure chair, your day spa should have a manicure table which your beautician uses to treat and paint the nails on your hands as well. These will come with the following specs:

• Drawer space for varnish, polish, cleaners, etc.
• A table top height comfortable for clients and staff
• Attached lamps that provide adequate lighting

Your day spa may even have foldable manicure tables if they don’t have room for a more permanent fixture. If this is the case, they can pack this piece of equipment away and free up some space after a client has had their manicure done.

Shampoo Units

shampoo units

Lastly, your day spa is also likely to have some sort of shampoo unit where staff can wash your hair without getting wet themselves. Choosing the very best shampoo unit involves finding one which makes it comfortable for the customer while facilitating the task for the hair washer as well.

Not only will the unit have to comfortably accommodate a range of body shapes but it should also fit into the available salon space with room to spare. The design should optimise work flow too, ensuring the client can get their hair washed without much difficulty. Lastly, durable material is essential to ensure the unit lasts for a long time.

As you can see, these salon supplies are vital for a number of reasons. They offer flexibility to the staff so they can help you look amazing without much fuss or hassle. They also keep everything in an ordered manner so all tools and products are within easy reach at all times. This is why it’s rare to visit a day spa and find them without these essential pieces of equipment.

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Marin – FreeDigitalPhotos.Net