Dressing and Looking Appropriately According To Age

looking appropriatelyBeautifying oneself is not an easy task as it requires a lot of effort and perseverance. The whole package of being one isn’t just about looking good but feeling good and acting good as well. Sometimes real beauty is being quantified on how a person handles beauty etiquette.

Beauty etiquette is the process of knowing how look appropriately in various occasions. A beautiful face can be an advantage but if it is going to be partnered with inappropriate outfit plus an inappropriate makeup, then it would be useless.

Age is one of the determinants on how to look appropriately and it would include the choices of clothes, the shade of your makeup as well as the tint of your lip color.

20’s – this is the time of your life wherein you’re about to enter adulthood yet you’re still keeping the teenage aura. Get rid of too colorful accessories and avoid keeping up with the trend as it doesn’t suit everyone else. Start wearing your makeup in bold colors and try to experiment with silhouettes and hemlines

30’s – at this age you need to display a little bit of your authoritative side and keep your haircut in light layers. Bangs can also be used to hide your first line of wrinkles. Your makeup should be kept fresh by having rosy cheeks and some lip gloss.

40’s – this is the right time to add color to your hair as the gray ones are starting to appear. Thinning of lashes is very common so thickening your mascara can be of great help.

50’s and above – at this point, you can’t hide some of those fine lines but it doesn’t mean that you can no longer look fresh. You should avoid using too much foundation and keep your lip color on the lighter side. Dark colored lips can only emphasize the fine lines around the mouth. At this age, your hair needs conditioning more often to avoid split ends and brittleness.

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15 thoughts on “Dressing and Looking Appropriately According To Age

  1. Even if they say that true beauty is the one that’s inside, people should also learn how to beautify their outside appearances. It’s really different when you have proper maintenance and healthy regimens applied on the skin, hair, etc. as compared to when you just put them naturally as they are.

  2. I certainly agree, it is really important to dress according to your age to avoid the glare. But there are just people who looks too young or too old for their age, I think you will really need (sometimes) someone to tell you if what your wearing is appropriate.

  3. I guess this is true, we should dress appropriately according to our age. It is very awkward sometimes to see an old person wearing dress or outfit for teenager.

  4. i have a friend who would remind me of this, dressing appropriately according to age. which proves true if you want to be respected as well. 🙂 not that dressing too young for your age is a license for other people to disrespect you but how you dress up and your choice of make up reflect your maturity and command respect. 🙂

  5. Not too sound demanding (but you did advise that women of my age should be authoritative) but do you think you can also show a photo that will best represent each women by their age? TIA

  6. Agreed with your points up above. Dressing up according to age is necessary. Especially if you are working as a public figure or such :).

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