Five Tips to Keep You Active at Home

Someone who wants to stay active doesn’t have to go out to join an expensive workout centre. There are a few simple ways that a person can stay active at home or in his or her own neighbourhood, often with minimal visits to Mick Simmons Sport . Here are five activities to try.

stay active
Walking in the neibourhood is an ideal way
to enjoy the fresh air while being active.


Walking is one of the easiest and most effective ways to stay fit. Furthermore, there are plenty of places to walk in and around a home or flat. For instance, a person can walk up and down stairs. Walking a staircase approximately ten or twelve times a day can help to keep someone active. Of course, a person doesn’t have to start walking the stairs six or seven times. An individual can begin by walking the stairs two or three times and work up from there. Other great places to get in some walking time are in the basement of the home or in the garage. Of course, if a person can walk in his or her neighbourhood that’s an ideal way to enjoy the fresh air while being active.


Dancing can be done practically anywhere in a home and it’s a simple way for a person to get his or her arms and legs moving. A person may turn on the radio in the kitchen while making lunch and try a few dance steps there. Or, a large sitting area is the perfect place to turn on a favourite CD and dance around for ten or fifteen minutes. Not only does dancing keep a person active, it helps to relieve stress as well.

Exercise While Completing Routine, Daily Tasks

This is a way to sneak activity in while performing those necessary daily tasks. For instance, a person may do some deep knee bends while loading the clothing dryer with wet clothes. Every time the person takes a few garments out of the washer, he or she can do two or three deep knee bends or squats, then put the wet clothes into the dryer. These quick exercises can be done while cooking a meal, taking out the rubbish or ironing clothes. It’s amazing how many deep knee bends, squats or stretches a person can do at various times throughout the day at home.

Try an Exercise DVD at Home

Most public libraries have a collection of exercise DVDs that a person can check out and use at home. The good thing about this is that people can try all sorts of exercises to find one that they enjoy the most. Some suggestions for exercise DVDs include yoga, aerobics, Pilates, simple stretching and dance exercises. Individuals can learn these exercises for free in the privacy of their own homes.

A Stationary Bike

Finally, someone who likes to ride a bicycle, but doesn’t want to ride around the neighbourhood may want to get a secondhand stationary bicycle. These can be found at thrift shops and stores that sell used exercise equipment. If someone loves to watch the tele, he or she can peddle away on the stationary bike while taking in a favourite program. This is an ideal way to get thirty or forty minutes of exercise in while focusing on something else. Plus, a stationary bike can be ridden regardless of the weather forecast!

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11 thoughts on “Five Tips to Keep You Active at Home

  1. thanks for the tips! these are really helpful for someone like me who is sitting 8 hours a day because of office work! I’m actually planning to buy an exercising equipment that is just small such as the stationary bike. Hope I get one soon!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful tips of yours. Me and my daughter love to dance which is also one of our favorite activity.

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