Learning How to Live with your New Braces

Adjusting to your new braces will take some time as not only do they require a lot of care, but they affect what you can eat and they can also be uncomfortable. Learning how to take care of your braces is the first challenge to master, along with discovering how to manage the discomfort, knowing which foods to avoid and realising how to feel confident while wearing your braces. Focusing on the end result can help you to get through the process but let’s take a look at what else can be done to make it easier to get used to life with your new braces.


Taking Care of Braces

It is important to ensure that your braces are not broken or damaged throughout your course of treatment as this can prolong the process. Brushing and flossing regularly is vital as your mouth needs to be healthy to receive orthodontic treatment. Professional teeth cleaning by a dentist is a useful way to ensure your mouth is properly cleaned and if you suffer from gum disease, you may also want to make an appointment with a periodontist.

Managing the Discomfort

Your mouth will need some time to adjust to having a foreign object in it and general soreness is common for the first couple of weeks. Teeth are often tender, lips can get sore and cheeks can feel irritated but they will all toughen up to the braces after a while and in the meantime, you can rinse your mouth with warm salt water to ease the soreness. If you want to find out more about managing the pain caused by wearing braces or you want to do some research on getting dental implants, you can look online by using a search term such as dental implants in Sussex or whichever area you are based in. You can also make an appointment with your orthodontist or dentist to get more advice about anything related to your dental care.

Eating with Braces

There are some foods that should be avoided to make it easier to get used to wearing braces.

Here is a list of what to avoid:

• Hard food such as apples, carrots or corn on the cob
• Popcorn as the small kernels can get caught up in the wire
• Sticky food like caramel or chewing gum
• Tough meat such as ribs or steak

There is no need to worry about altering your diet dramatically and don’t panic that you won’t be able to eat anything anymore as there are plenty of tasty foods that are perfect for new brace wearers to eat. Anything soft or liquidised is ideal such as sandwiches, soups, smoothies, seafood, mashed potato, boiled vegetables, ice cream, jelly and minced meat. It is a good idea to brush your teeth around three-five times per day or at the very least after you eat. This will not only help to reduce the embarrassing problem of getting food stuck in your braces but it will also stop a build-up of food from forming between your teeth and the metal.

Stop Worrying About Your Appearance

Lastly, many people won’t even notice you are wearing braces and the more you try to hide them, the more noticeable they become. You can begin by smiling with your mouth closed if you feel overly self-conscious and if you are that concerned, you can wear clear brackets.

In the long run, if you follow the instructions from your orthodontist, you will be able to enjoy straight, healthy and clean teeth, and a beautiful smile will be waiting for you at the end of the treatment.

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