Look Your Best This Summer

Below are summer-must-haves that will help you to look your best.

You don’t want to get burn so bad, do you? Use SPF55 sunscreen which also has the capability to hydrate your skin.

You need to protect not just your skin but also your eyes when going out in the sun.

Lip Balm/Lip Gloss
Dry chappy lips look awful. Lip care with rich formulation of Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E gives protection to your most vulnerable skin – your lips!

Natural Face
This summer all you need to apply to your face are lip gloss and pressed powder of at least SPF15. The more natural you look, the more “summery” you are.

Hair Protectant(for colored hair)
Colored hair can turn brassy with sun exposure. Use shampoo and conditioner or protective gels that are specially formulated for colored hair to prevent hair from becoming dry and brittle.

Flip Flops
They look great, extremely comfortable and last looong! Perfect summer foot wear.

Tank Top
You can wear it as your swim suit or fit it with your shorts, mini skirt or jeans. In short, you can live in tank tops all summer!

Colorful Wrap or Sarong
This is a piece of cloth that can be styled and worn into 10 different ways or more.

Now, pack your bags and head to the beach…flaunt, enjoy and revitalize!

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8 thoughts on “Look Your Best This Summer

  1. To prevent dehydration, always drink water as much as you’re comfortable with and stay away from carbonated drinks and alcohol during these hot days spent in the sun!

    1. It’s hard to stay away from carbonated drinks but i’m trying my best though. Thanks for the additional tips.:)

  2. good thing i have almost all the above except for a sarong and tank top. laki kase ng arms ko so i dare not expose my huge arms to the world…;)

  3. the art of wearing sunglasses is something i discovered late in my mid-20’s, it probably explains the premature growth of crow’s feet on my eyes..had i know, i would’ve asked my parents to get me sunglasses when i was 12! πŸ™‚

    another way to protect us from the heat is to keep an umbrella handy in your bag whenever you go, sometimes the sun beams can really get too ruthless!

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