Make Your Stockings Last Longer

Stockings are one of those things that are not  meant to last. Either elastic fiber will gradually break down with wear, or worse, it will rip or run easily. However, you can prolong its life a few more days for a few more wears. I used stockings for years so below are proven tips to make your stockings last a little longer.

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  • Wet your new stockings. Place it inside a zip lock or a freezer bag then freeze it. Freezing strenghtens the fibers. But of course you need to thaw it naturally before using it.
  •  Do not bleach your stockings as it might be damaged by the bleach’s chemicals. Wash it by hand gently with warm water and soap. Lay it flat on a towel or hang it and let it air dry.
  •  Store your stockings away from buttons, hooks and wires. These may rip your stockings.
  •  If you have long fingernails, be extra careful when wearing your stockings.
  • Keep your toe nails short.
  •  Pat a colorless nail polish on an existing run then let it dry to keep the run from getting worse.

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