Style and Cleanliness for a Welcoming Home

Houses aren’t just simple box-type spaces that a person can utilize for shelter. It is place that is expected to give the person that certain comfort that they need after the tiring day activities. Comfort can only be attained if the house becomes a welcoming home.

The size of the house is one of the things to be considered. It should be proportion with the number of people living in it. Too crowded houses can never be welcoming nor too if it’s too big for few people. ‘Well-arranged things’ is also one of the factors to make it a welcoming home . It doesn’t need to expensive as long as it serves its purpose. A little bit of style or a touch of art can also add the welcoming feel. Women in the household should be taking care of it. Instead of having bare sofa, covers can be added that matches the curtains. Instead of having squared bed sheets, dust ruffles can be added at the edges to add some style.

The most important factor of all is the maintenance of cleanliness. Time to time dusting and scheduled general cleaning should be done. It will not only add the welcoming ambiance but would also protect the household from possible diseases.

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2 thoughts on “Style and Cleanliness for a Welcoming Home

  1. I do agree. The simple, the better, the quicker you clean. Also, I am slowly getting rid of some things that we don’t necessarily need so less is more to me a lot of times. Definitely feels better though when house is organized and free from chaos, but with two active kids well, it gets pretty messy easily. But still, there is no place like home. 🙂

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