Go Piloxing for a Fun and Energetic Fitness Routine

Getting a fit and well toned body requires a lot of sweat and discipline but it doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. Nowadays, one can hardly say that working out is a monotonous activity with the wide variety of routines and fresh fads that come out every so often. Zumba, Spinning, and Cross-fit are some of the trendy routines that enjoyed quite a following in the recent years. One can have several routines to keep fit but choosing them would of course depend on one’s fitness goals. Celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Alexis Bledel, Heather Morris, and Kirsten Dunst opted to go Piloxing for a fit and fab bod.

Piloxing routine incorporates pilates
and boxing movements to burn calories
and tone the body.

This workout routine incorporates pilates and boxing movements to burn calories and tone the body. It also has some added dance moves to make it more fun and exhilarating. It was founded by Swedish dancer and Celebrity trainer Viveca Jensen. Piloxing can be considered as a 3-in-1 workout that makes a woman feel both powerful and sexy while toning her body. The boxing moves and weighted gloves used in toning the arms makes way for power punches without risking a black eye or broken nose. Incorporating Pilates movements in the routine help sculpt and tone muscles while focusing on the core. Dance moves that vary from salsa, hip hop, ballet, or playful and sexy steps are accompanied by dance or club music for a more energized workout. This invigorating exercise routine helps the body improve cardiovascular fitness, shed fats or burn maximum calories, and tone the muscles without the bulk.

Women who already have tried and tested routines can also explore new ways to keep fit or burn extra fats especially during holiday seasons when numerous social gatherings are sure to have an effect on their diet. Joining a Piloxing class with a buddy can be a fun and refreshing way to maintain your weight this season. There are instructional videos and level-one classes for those who want to give it a try while those who are interested in becoming instructors can enroll in training workshops to get certified.

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