Simple Tricks to Prevent Back Pain and Injury at Work

At the end of the workday most people come home to find that they have an insanely sore back, and have no idea why. This is because most people are doing things throughout the day that eventually take a toll on the muscles in their back, and they don’t even realise!

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However, you’ll be pleased to know that there are definitely things you can do to avoid the strain on your back – you’ll stop injuring yourself at work in no time.

Stay fit!

Maintaining a healthy weight and BMI can help to minimize the stress on your back. When your body is in the overweight category, your back has to work twice as hard – this leads to back pain, muscle strain and serious injury. Most health professionals recommend about 10 – 20 minutes a day of exercise – this can be anything: running, walking, yoga, swimming, riding a bike – whatever you please!

Watch your posture

Stop slouching at your desk and you’ll immediately notice a difference in how sore your back is after a day’s long hard work. The best way to monitor and rectify how you’re sitting is by getting a chair that has room to allow both your feet to comfortably touch the floor, and keep your knees in line with your hips. The curve of your back also is important so if you sit at a straight-backed chair, place a small pillow or even a rolled up towel there, it does the trick!

Lift things properly

When you’re in a rush, you tend to lift heavy objects quickly, which usually is the wrong way, proving detrimental to the safety of your back. Lifting heavy items should always be done by bending at the knees, tightening your core muscles, holding the object as close as possible/practical to your body and ensuring you maintain the natural curve of your spine. You should always go with your instincts too, if your body is telling you that the object is too heavy for you to lift, don’t lift it! If you’ve seriously injured yourself while at work doing a task like this, you may be eligible for workers compensation; you can head to to find out.

Trust your instincts

On a daily basis our bodies give us messages that we should always listen to – ignoring your stomach saying it’s full and eating the last slice of cake is okay, but ignoring when it tells you to slow down is not. Your body may be trying to tell you that it is tired and needs a break – if you ignore this you need to be prepared for serious injury to occur. If you sit down at your job all day, ensure you listen when your body tells you a certain limb is sore, get up and move it! If your butt gets tired and sore from sitting down, get up and make a coffee. Listen when your body tells you it needs a break.

Hopefully by using these simple tricks you’ll start to notice a decrease in the back pain you feel after work. The most important thing to remember is to listen to your instincts, sometimes pushing past the pain isn’t the best thing to do!

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Effective Ways To Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy

The joy of being pregnant can sometimes be overshadowed by some of the physical ailments that may accompany the condition. Having back pain can cause a lot of misery to the pregnant woman, and cause her to not enjoy this special time, but thankfully there are ways to relieve back pain during pregnancy. Here are 5 ways to support your back during pregnancy.

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Maternity Support Belt

As the baby grows, the centre of gravity changes and this could mean that you are overcompensating by leaning backward, or perhaps the weight of the baby is pulling your spinal cord out of alignment. A maternity support belt can help to support the weight of the baby and help to keep the back aligned. Check out for information about maternity support belts and other ways you can support your body as it changes.

Regular Exercise

Regular light exercise is a great way to keep your muscles supple while your body changes with the pregnancy. There are specific yoga classes that are focused towards supporting the body during the pregnancy changes, and will help to keep your back feeling as good as it can. A light walk every day is also a good way of keeping yourself fit during pregnancy.

Sleep on Your Side

During pregnancy it is advised not to sleep on your back. Initially this is so that the weight is not pushing your spinal cord out of alignment, but as your belly grows you will find that it is too uncomfortable to sleep on your back. At this time you will need to sleep on your side, with a pillow under your stomach to support it.

Wear Flat Shoes

Wearing sturdy, flat shoes will help a lot with keeping your back in good order as your body grows and changes. If you are used to wearing high heels before pregnancy then this could take some getting used to, but will be well worth the change. The weight of a growing pregnancy body will mean that your feet will spread out to lend support, and often women do go up a shoe size while they are pregnant. Also try to make sure that the flat shoes are ones that have good arch support, as you will need as much help as you can get during this time.

Get Some Help

Pregnancy is a time in life where you need support, so don’t be afraid to ask for what your body needs. Often in life we have so many things to do that we may forget to listen to our body and hear what it really needs. A weekly or monthly massage could do a lot to relieve the stress on the back, and will ensure that you are able to weather the nine months of pregnancy without becoming a total wreck. A regular appointment with a good chiropractor during pregnancy will also help to keep the body in shape as it grows and the pregnancy belly develops, and will be worth the money that you invest in looking after yourself.

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