Tips and Tricks for Luxuriously Thick Hair

Having luxuriously beautiful thick hair is an asset that many women desire to have. But not everyone is blessed with this type of hair – some have limp, flat and lifeless hair that women struggle to put up some volume.

thick hair
Different techniques in blow drying hair can make a big
difference however thick or thin your crown is.

To achieve that sexy, bouncy and gorgeously beautiful thick hair that you see in fashion magazines, here are some easy tricks and tips to follow.

Do Highlight

Highlights on hair can give you are natural sunny look and boosts those limp strands from the inside out. Hair lightening agents work up the hair shaft up to 3x its natural volume to make it appear more lustrous and fuller.

Do Layer

Having the right hairstyle can do a lot for your crowning glory. If you have limp, lifeless straight hair, ask you stylist to give you a flattering layer that frames your face and adds volume to your hair. Naturally limp hair can get a boost when it’s shorter so ask for a style that doesn’t go beyond chin length. This way you get even more control on the height and shape of your hair.

Do Blow-Dry

Different techniques in blow drying hair can make a big difference however thick or thin your crown is. Let your hair air dry as much as possible to minimize the damage. Using heat can stress out the hair and cause breakage and thin out your hair even more. Just part your semi-damp hair on the other side of your natural part and dry it this way to lift it up at the roots.

Do Use Lightweight Hair Products

Thin and limp hair can be dragged down when you use heavy creams or gel. To lift it up and add more volume, use styling products made from natural ingredients. These products are free from harsh chemicals and mild enough to bring maximum body to your limp hair.

Do Nourish Your Body to Nourish Your Hair

Being healthy physically will reflect healthy hair as well. People with vitamin B6 and Iron deficiency tend to have dull, lifeless hair that breaks easily. By nourishing your body with healthy diet of fruits and vegetables, your hair will also grow healthier and fuller. It won’t be long until you get luxuriously gorgeous thick hair that you can style any way you want.

Image Credit:
Marin – FreedigitalPhotos.Net

Hair Rebonding

I was born with thick wavy hair. I got it from my father. They say that wavy hair is an asset because it’s beautiful, luscious and unique. Well, not my hair. It was frizzy most of the time and very hard to manage. I can’t keep it short as I will look like Albert Einstein so I always have it long but needed to be tied all the time to keep it tidy. I remember sometime in college when a classmate told me that my hair looks like a floor mop. Because it was his first time to see my hair loose, maybe he was shocked. 🙁 But because of hair rebonding this is how my hair looks now.


During hair rebonding a chemical that will make your hair straight and sleek is applied. Then it will be ironed to break the remaining curls. The process must be followed by cellophane treatment to prevent hair damage. The cellophane will condition the hair and give its luster from hair shaft to tip. It will give the hair the shiny, glassy texture. The whole process will take 5-6 hours, depends on how long, thick and curly your hair is. Your stylist will also restrict you from washing your hair or getting it wet for 3 days for the treatment to set.

It’s my second time to have my hair rebonded. The first one was sometime in June last year and I am happy with both results. Would you believe that I got the whole process, rebonding + cellophane treatment, for only Php1000 ($23)? Sometimes you don’t have to spend too much to have a silky straight hair just like those on shampoo advertisements. Just remember to give your hair extra pampering and regular treatment once it has been rebonded to prevent hair fall.