The Big Booty Craze Explained

One of the biggest desirable ass-sets these days is having a big booty. Flick through any tabloid magazine and you’ll see Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and other starlets flaunting their incredibly round, toned and large booty’s through small bikini’s and on-stage costumes.

big booty

So what exactly is the big booty craze, why has it captivated women worldwide and most importantly – how can you get one?!

It’s the perfect shape

The big booty or ‘Brazilian butt’ is something that has really taken the world by storm, and for good reason! Instead of working hard to get rid of the excess baggage, women are working hard to tone and lift it, so it accentuates a small waist, and looks amazing in tight jeans. It’s become such a popular look that cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Joseph Ajaka have developed procedures specifically around getting the perfect big booty – you can find out more about it here. The desired results are a lifted, perky, round and tight butt. Who wouldn’t want that?

It gives you the ultimate hourglass figure

The sexy, voluptuous hourglass figure really is a timeless look. Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Catherine Zeta Jones, they’ve all favoured the curvaceous over the stick-thin. One of the reasons why women are so keen on the big booty is because it’s an essential part of making the hourglass the right size – with a slim waste and shapely hips! It really is one of the most enviable figures women desire, and rightly so.

Alright, you’re sold – how do you get the perfect big booty?

There are a number of different ways women around the world are achieving the big booty of their dreams – it all depends on your lifestyle.

Having a butt augmentation/lift procedure is becoming increasingly popular, as it gives you the perfect butt instantly. It involves taking fat from one part of the body, and inserting it into your booty to give it some added roundness. Because the fat they use is your own, there’s less of a risk of infection or complications.

Another option is good old fashioned exercise –movements like squats and lunges help lift and tone your butt. If you really want it, persistence is key…the perfect booty won’t happen overnight, but it will happen if you exercise and eat well!

You can also buy jeans and pants that have a bit of extra padding or contouring material included in their make-up, which will give the illusion of the butt of your dreams. Unfortunately, it won’t give you a real Brazilian booty, but can be a great way to keep you motivated if you’re working towards getting one – a constant reminder of how good it will look can’t be a bad thing!

The big booty craze is sweeping the cosmetic world right now, and for good reason. It makes your outfits stunning, your figure a knockout and gives you that perfect hourglass that women have favoured for generations.

What do you think are the best benefits of having a big booty? What would be your first move if you want to work towards one?

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