Five Useful Accessories For Your Bike

As the riding enthusiast will know – whether your daily commute relies on your wheels, or your free time is devoted to the next downhill trail – it’s not always what bike you’re on, but how you use it. It’s not enough to put your two wheels to pavement or dirt; getting the most out of your ride often relies on the accessories your bike has. Fear not, we – alongside the guys at 99 Bikes – have narrowed it down to the tip five accessories that are most useful for your next ride.

Getting the most out of your ride often relies
on the accessories your bike has.


This is a given for most, yet should not be overlooked as one of the most vital pieces of biking equipment you’ll own. Not just any lock will do for your pride and joy; will you be using the Titan, the Spartacus or the Goliath to secure your wheels?

Passenger seat

So when we said “pride and joy” we meant second to your own child who loves to come riding with you on the weekends. For those without children, feel free to skip on to further reading. For those who this applies to, it really does apply to you, so pay attention. You can acquire the front carrier to give your bundle a front house view, a post seat to not break your focus, or a trailer so they can snooze as you cruise.


Once you’ve got your gear secured, you need to know where you’re going. Garmin have a range of premium satellite navigation systems for bikes on the harshest of terrains, as well as a series of fixtures to attach it to the most convenient place on your bike. You can charge it on the go, give it a raincoat or even wear it as a watch. Technology, hey.


Remember, even the most fitted-out of double-wheelers cannot withstand the humble insult of a flat. 99 Bikes has a signature mini pump small enough to carry around in your pocket or mount di-rectly to the frame, which is ideal for road-dwelling cyclers. There are various pumps available throughout the store to match your bike’s needs.

Wheels for your wheels

Once the riding is done, you need a way to get bike home, or to your next adventure before the riding even begins. There is a car rack for every make and model of bike and car; you can affix yours and a friend’s to the roof or back of your car with ease and security, while showing off your beauty of a bicycle to passers by.

Don’t forget, once you’ve got the basics of accessories nailed, you can move on to greater technologies, prettier bags and nerdier helmets and lycra to keep you motivated while on the ride.

Image Credit:
Wandee007 – FreeDigitalPhotos.Net