Common Equipment Seen in Most Day Spa Facilities

If you visit the spa often, you might be familiar with the different furnishings and equipment found there. To give you an even better idea about how these items work though, we’ll go over some of the most common fixtures found at beauty salons and day spas around the globe. In this way, you’ll know precisely how each helps you to remain youthful and fresh while allowing staff to do their jobs in an efficient manner.

Hair Styling Stations

hair styling

This is the combined setup of a number of pieces of furniture which make it easier for the client to have their hair done:

• Salon chair
• Mirror
• Shelving
• Trolley

Basically, everything should be in place so that you’re comfortable when sitting there and getting your hair done. All hairdressing supplies, brushes, scissors, curlers, etc. should be in easy reach for the staff so they can do their job without having to walk back and forth too often.

The next time you’re out getting your hair styled in your local day spa or beauty salon, have a closer look to see how these types of stations are set up.

Massage Tables

You might also be in the habit of getting a massage every month or so. The next time you’re being pampered, take a look at the specs of the massage table that they use when relaxing your muscles. You’ll probably notice the following features:

• Adjustable back rest
• Detachable face cradle
• Arm extenders
• Height adjustments
• Removable face portal

Each table will likely come with a significantly high weight limit so it doesn’t buckle under the weight of the heavier customers. This means your chosen day spa will be able to provide a vigorous massage to basically anyone regardless of their body specs. Being flexible is a good business model for any beauty salon.

Pedicure Chairs

Your day spa should also come with a comfortable pedicure chair which you will sit in when getting your nails done. This equipment boasts a number of features that differ from standard seating, including:

• Expandable footrests
• Extendable headrests
• Reinforced structure
• Adjustable heights

These chairs should also be comfortable enough so you can sit down for an hour or so while your nails are filed and painted.

The pedicurist should also have their own little stool on which they can sit while doing your nails. This essential piece of salon equipment will generally have a small, cushioned shelf attached which holds the client’s foot while the beautician gets to work.

Manicure Tables

In the same vein as the pedicure chair, your day spa should have a manicure table which your beautician uses to treat and paint the nails on your hands as well. These will come with the following specs:

• Drawer space for varnish, polish, cleaners, etc.
• A table top height comfortable for clients and staff
• Attached lamps that provide adequate lighting

Your day spa may even have foldable manicure tables if they don’t have room for a more permanent fixture. If this is the case, they can pack this piece of equipment away and free up some space after a client has had their manicure done.

Shampoo Units

shampoo units

Lastly, your day spa is also likely to have some sort of shampoo unit where staff can wash your hair without getting wet themselves. Choosing the very best shampoo unit involves finding one which makes it comfortable for the customer while facilitating the task for the hair washer as well.

Not only will the unit have to comfortably accommodate a range of body shapes but it should also fit into the available salon space with room to spare. The design should optimise work flow too, ensuring the client can get their hair washed without much difficulty. Lastly, durable material is essential to ensure the unit lasts for a long time.

As you can see, these salon supplies are vital for a number of reasons. They offer flexibility to the staff so they can help you look amazing without much fuss or hassle. They also keep everything in an ordered manner so all tools and products are within easy reach at all times. This is why it’s rare to visit a day spa and find them without these essential pieces of equipment.

Image Credits:
Marin – FreeDigitalPhotos.Net