Dinner Attire: Transitioning from Day to Night

Going out for dinner is considered as a special event or occasion and many women find themselves in a dilemma over what to wear for dinner. The decision would come by easy if you know you’re going to a fancy restaurant or to the International House of Pancakes afterwards where you don’t really need to wear a gown for your early morning omelette. Nor will you need some dress jewelry for a seafood fest dinner. For most dinner dates, you only need to spruce up a tad and transition from your day or work wear for a relaxed and charming night out.

dinner attire
Change your daytime studs and choose something that
swings, sparkle and move as you turn your head.

Cozy up with accessories to spice up your dinner attire. There are three simple ways to do this – change your shoes, handbag and earrings. From your work wear, you can add a bit of height or simply change out of something that’s you can wear for a game of volleyball. Swap your big office bag to something smaller like a purse or a fancy handbag. For your earrings, change your daytime studs and choose something that swings, sparkle and move as you turn your head. This will also have some heads turning as you walk into the restaurant.

Add a jacket to sizzle up your dinner attire up a notch. With a cropped jacket, you will instantly look more chic, stylish and put together. Of course, throwing on a windbreaker or a hoddie doesn’t work this way. You may be wearing a simple plain shirt underneath, but with a trendy blazer over it, you can look very chic, urban and fashionable. Other than a jacket, you can also go for a pea coat, a nice denim jacket or a military styled jacket.

To complete your dinner attire, touch up your makeup with slightly darker shades of lipstick and eye shadow. You may also play it up with some shine and sheen by dusting on some bronzer and gold eye shadow and a little lip gloss over your lip color. Playing up your work wear and your daytime look by adding little details such as a nice jacket and some accessories can instantly make you look dinner-worthy!

Image Credit:
Stuart Miles – FreeDigitalPhotos.Net