Safe and Healthy Weight Loss Diet

Vanity and health issues are two of the common reasons why people go on a weight loss diet. Some would simply like to look good in a tight fitting or revealing outfit while others may be battling with obesity, diabetes, or other medical conditions. Weight loss issues are usually addressed through strict diet plans and fitness routines. People who are struggling to lose weight simply have to surf the web and they can already find a wide array of plans, routines, and supplements to help them. With food being the usual culprit in weight gain, finding a good weight loss diet becomes a priority.

weight loss diet

One weight loss diet that continues to be popular over the past few years is the South Beach Diet. This diet involves the restriction of carbohydrates during the first two weeks then gradually return carbohydrates with low Glycemic Index (GI) into the diet. The first phase lasts for 14 days and food options for this period include fish, chicken, lean meat, nuts, eggs, low-fat cheese, eggs, olive oil, broccoli, and cabbage. Phase 2 accommodates wholegrain bread, fruits, cereals, pasta, low-fat milk, and low GI carbs. The second phase of the diet program does not impose a time limit. Individuals who follow the program stick to the diet plan until their ideal weight is attained. It is only then that they can proceed to Phase 3. There are no more food restrictions in this stage, except of course those that contain saturated fats, but eating in moderation is stressed in the weight maintenance stage.

Another popular diet is the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension or DASH. This plan has been hailed as one of the best diets for 2014. DASH promotes the use of a balanced diet to reduce risks for high blood pressure. The diet prescribed is one that is heavy on fruits and vegetables and light on sugar, saturated fat, and sodium or salt. It was initially intended to address dietary concerns of people with hypertension but it also proved to be an effective weight loss tool.

There are other weight loss diet options available out there. The 3 Week Diet, Jillian Michaels Diet, Atkins, Alkaline, and Dukan are some popular diets that do not make use of supplements to lose weight. One must always choose the safe and healthy option over the quick and easy ones. The best choice can only be determined by consulting your physician or nutritionist.

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