The Top 10 Tips for Dressing for Success

dressing upWhen you are out in the professional world, it is wise to dress the part. What are the tips you can follow to make sure you are always dressed for success?

Clothes that Fit

If you select clothes that do not fit, you could look too frumpy or you might look inappropriate for the work setting. Go to the store and try your clothes on as opposed to purchasing them online.

Know The Style

You absolutely want to have an idea of what the appropriate style is in the workplace. For example, if everyone wears business-formal attire and you arrive in casual clothes, it’s going to be a problem.

Dress Up for the Interview

When you are going on an interview, even if it is in a creative field, it is better to dress up. A full business suit for both men and women is generally expected.

Don’t Forget Those Stockings

If you are a woman who is wearing a skirt or a dress to an interview or professional job, you absolutely should be wearing stockings. Bare legs are generally not considered professional.

Cover Up

It’s very important to make sure that undergarments are not showing through or peeking out of your clothing. Even if you have a t-shirt on under a white button-down, no one else should be able to see the design on the t-shirt; it is just not professional.

Appropriate Shoes

Some people will wear a full business suit, but they will just throw on a pair of flip flops or something of that nature. Your shoes need to meet the formality of the establishment too, so you need to select shoes that fit in with that style.

Comfortable Shoes

On top of selecting appropriate shoes, they also need to be comfortable. If you walk into the interview and you are toppling over in your high heels, then it is not going to make a good impression on the people who are interviewing you.

Hair and Makeup

You should not look like you are going to a club when you go to work or on an interview. However, hair and makeup should be neat. You should not be showing up with your hair all in a wet mess or with mascara dripping down your face.

Tuck Your Shirt In

If and when you are hired, you might notice that no one really keeps their shirt tucked in at work. Maybe you can make the switch then; however, for now, go for the more formal style.


It is fine to wear a nice pair of stud earrings and a bracelet to the interview, but do not overdo it. Let your accessories act as accents to your outfit as opposed to taking over.

Dressing appropriately is an important part of being successful – follow these tips and you’ll fit in at any office in Brisbane, New York, London or Hong Kong.

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