My First Facial at RCC Amazing Touch

Thanks to sis Levy Martinez of Levyousa, because of her I had a free facial together with my sister. She gave me 2 vouchers last May as Mother’s day gift but it was only last month that I was able to use it. Would you believe it’s my first time? I was hesitant to get facial before because I was afraid of the “would be” side effects, but since I got 2 free vouchers for anti-aging facial treatment at RCC Amazing Touch, me and my sister used it. I was having second thoughts but when I learned that RCC Amazing Touch uses natural herbal creams, I know my skin would be safe with them.

during facial

during facial

We were the first customers that day. The esthetician asked me to lie on a bed. She analyzes my skin with a brightly lit lamp. I told her that I don’t want my skin to be pricked because I heard from my friends that it is the extraction that hurts and if done improperly, it can cause broken capillaries and discoloration. But the esthetician said that pricking is not needed because I don’t have blackheads and whiteheads that need to be extracted. She just then applied exfoliating cream and massaged my face softly in a circular motion. I felt that the massage released the tensions in my facial muscles…it was very relaxing.


After 10 minutes, she wiped of the cream with a wet sponge then applied another cream after. I knew it was a mask because it was soothing and it tightened my skin. She left the mask on my face for 20 minutes then she wiped it off again with the wet sponge.

The anti-aging facial treatment at RCC Amazing touch costs Php485 ($11.50), sponge included. But because the free vouchers cost Php450 each, me and my sister paid Php35.00 each for the sponge. I am thankful that they know the importance of sanitation and don’t reuse sponges.

My first facial wasn’t bad at all or maybe because there was no extraction. Result? Refreshed, soft, smooth skin.

after facial

after facial

The RCCs staff were accommodating though I must say I am not fully satisfied with the service. The esthetician should do extra pampering like scalp massage while waiting for the mask to set (just my two cents) for their customers to come back.

Will I get a facial again? Oh, yes. It’s only now that I realized I need it not just to maintain my smooth skin but because I deserve some pampering.

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