Experts Raise Eyebrows on Juice Cleanses and Fasting Diets

Every woman, and man, wants to be healthy and beautiful. Sometimes, they are even willing to go to such lengths to achieve their body image goals. Much weight (pardon the pun) is put on how the person looks. The measure of health and beauty, unfortunately, is often based on the physical. This is the reason why trends in beauty, health, and fitness solutions like juice cleanses and fasting diets are always on the spotlight. These solutions are all designed to result in weight loss and detoxification. Experts, however, have raised concerns about how healthy these solutions really are. Dropping several dress sizes down into a svelte figure might not result in a healthier body. On the contrary, a person in these regimens might be exposing themselves to health hazards.

juice cleanses and fasting diets
Juice cleanses and fasting diets are
considered to be healthy because
they involve only natural ingredients.

According to experts, these juice cleanses and fasting diets could eventually develop into eating disorders. People who experience weight loss benefits because of these regimens are easily tempted to stick to the recommended juice intake when they see positive results. Even those who have formulated cleanse juices admit that these are not meant to be adopted as a permanent diet. In fact, they have specific dietary guidelines that should be followed by anyone drinking their products or following their diet plans.

Juice cleanses and fasting diets are considered to be healthy because they involve only natural ingredients. The most popular cleanse solutions make use of a combination of cayenne pepper, lemon juice, maple syrup and water. Other common detox and juicing ingredients include spinach, kale, and other leafy greens. These ingredients are proven to have natural cleansing properties that are effective yet safe and free of side effects. The adverse reactions are actually a result of improper use. Pre-existing eating disorders or the predisposition to these conditions result in what has been labelled as a binge-and-purge behavior.

People thinking about juicing as a way to lose weight and flush the toxins from their bodies should do so with the full understanding of how it should be done. It is important to remember that the body needs a balance of nutrients to function properly. While juicing is healthy, dieters have to revert to a regular balanced diet after completing the cleanse period. Consulting with a dietitian or a nutritionist is recommended for guidance about the safe duration and frequency of juicing and fasting diets.

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