Using Feng Shui to Set Up Your Bedroom

Feng Shui is all about creating a harmonious balance of the soft, slow, passive yin energies with the energetic and more aggressive yang energies in your space. Many Feng Shui specialists believe that poor Feng Shui in the bedroom could lead to poor rest, suffering financial and emotional losses, and even cause health problems.

Feng Shui in the bedroom

All negatives aside, designing your room within the principles of Feng Shui can help keep a positive flow of energy and an ideal feeling in your rest space. Here are a few top hints for create a Feng Shui-friendly bedroom.

Bed Position

Try not to place your bed directly under a beam, as this is believed to push energy downward and disrupt sleep. The bed should have a solid wall behind the headboard, and you should be able to see the door from where you sleep but the bed should not be directly in front of the door.

For the best flow of energy, your bed should have three sides which aren’t pushed up against a wall.


You want to avoid having a mirror facing your bed as you sleep. This includes mirrored doors, so if your room has these built in, you can drape them with fabric.

A mirror should not directly face the door or a bedroom window, as it is believed that the mirror will bounce back any incoming energies with greater intensity, which could disrupt sleep.


For some parts of the household and outdoors, water features and fountains are considered very good for the flow of energy and to bring wealth, however in the bedroom water should be avoided. Even hanging pictures of water is thought to open yourself to financial loss of even invite robbery.


Again, in most parts of the house plants and flowers are considered to bring a lively flow of energy and positivity, but should be avoided in the bedroom. Plants and flowers hold too much yang energy for a restful space and may disrupt sleep and relaxation.

Avoid Clutter

Clutter around your bed will interrupt the energy flow in your room, so make sure you keep your room tidy, well organised and free of clutter and obstacles. A restricted flow of energy around your bed could cause disturbances to intimate relationships.


Use earthy, neutral colours when designing a palette for your bedroom. Calm colours are best for rest and promote the flow of soft yin energy. Avoid too much aggression in your colour palette; a lot of bright, vibrant, hot colour will invite too much yang energy and may disrupt rest. Avoid red and black, as these are thought to cause relationship trouble when placed in the bedroom.

Restricted Space

If you’re working with a very small space like an inner city apartment, a well designed loft bed can be ideal for making the most of your bedroom space and ensuring a continued energy flow, just make sure your layout still conforms to these rules. There are some really well designed loft beds Melbourne has on offer that optimise space and allow for positive energy balance.

With these basic rules you’ll have done yourself and your room a big favour. You’ll notice your nights are calmer and your energy levels during the day should increase. Once you’ve mastered the basics there’s plenty more to learn about Feng Shui, but the most important thing to remember is that it’s all about balance.

– Written by Katie Jones

Image Credit:
Mr. Lightman – FreeDigitalPhotos.Net