Options for a Bikini Ready Body: Fitness Trends for 2014

Swimsuit designers already have their summer collections out on the racks ready for the picking. Women usually go for cuts and designs that flatter their body regardless of their size and shape. The best way to looking good on your swimsuit is to work towards a fit and healthy body. So tarry no more and look into these hot fitness trends for 2014 that can help you get a bikini ready body.

fitness trends 2014

High-Intensity Interval Training like P90X, cross fit and Insanity work outs are on top of the fitness trends for 2014. These routines usually make use of short and intense cardio exercise followed by a short but less intense set. They can last anywhere from four to thirty minutes depending on the program. It is known to be a quick and effective means of getting fit. However, experts also warn that it also poses health risks like orthopedic injuries or cardiovascular complications especially for those who are not used to these types of exercises. So if you are just starting to get your body in shape, then it is best to consult a sports doctor or at least get a Fitness Professional to supervise your workouts.

Those who are looking for a low cost yet effective routine can go for Body Weight Training. The idea is to use your own body weight in your routines instead of relying on gym equipment. Routines usually involve a variation of push-ups and pull-ups. Body Weight Training helps improve strength, build muscles, increase flexibility, boost cardiovascular health and burn fat.

Yoga is an all time favorite for fitness buffs. It makes use of relaxation techniques and different body postures to tone and strengthen muscles in different parts of the body. For some it is a form of stress relief and exercise rolled into one. From time to time there are fresh variations of yoga that comes out to challenge those who have mastered their yoga routines already. Recent additions include the SUP yoga, antigravity yoga, Indo Yoga, broga, and even karaoke yoga which is aimed at strengthening limbs and vocal chords.

Just like choosing a swimsuit, your work out routines should also fit the needs of your body. One can find options for a full body work-out and exercises that target specific muscle groups among the fitness trends for 2014. However, one must also remember that a fitness routine should be coupled with a well balanced meal and healthy lifestyle in order to be effective. Make a choice now and start working your way to a bikini worthy body.

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