Food Is Your Friend: How to Have a Healthy Relationship With Food

food is your friend

Maintaining your relationship with food can be complicated. On the one hand, we love to treat ourselves and indulge, but on the other hand, this can make us feel bad about ourselves.

It’s all about finding the balance between eating right, enjoying being healthy and letting ourselves indulge in something naughty once in a while.

Here are a few tips on how you can have a healthy relationship with food.

Remember – YOU Are in Control

Temptation is one of the worst hurdles when it comes to nurturing your relationship with food.

If your kitchen is stocked with items that aren’t healthy or that risk derailing your sensible eating plan, the best thing to do is to get rid of them. If you give yourself access to these items, you’ll resent them being there, tempting you.

You are in control. You do the grocery shopping. You can keep sugary items out of your house so that you don’t slip up.

Explore and Experiment with Healthy Foods

Healthy does not have to be boring.

One of the most exciting things about trying out a new healthy regime is the possibilities it can bring with it.

If you’re cutting out certain foods it doesn’t mean you have to just eat plain salads. Do some research and investigate different types of food and recipes so you can experiment in the kitchen and find fun in being healthier.

There are apps and cookery books out there that offer a plethora of ideas for the eager home cook looking to have some fun in the kitchen and discover a whole new world of healthier choices.

This helps to reduce any stigma you might have with adapting to a food routine that’s better for you in the long run.

Don’t go Down the Rabbit Hole

It’s way too easy to become an emotional eater.

If you’re feeling down or stressed, for example, binging on comfort food can be a go-to reaction. Ditching the diet and seeking solace in sweet treats to lift your mood is often a problem many people face.

While it’s okay to indulge in a cheat day every now and then, it can become routine. A day off can turn into a whole week or even a month off. This is emotional eating at its worst.

You’ll find yourself feeling better initially but then you’ll be down a rabbit hole of indulgence which will, ultimately, make you feel worse as time goes on.

Look into going on a stop emotional eating course if it’s a real issue. If things aren’t that bad yet, self-discipline is all you need.

Set a cheat day of the week where you’re allowed to indulge, but stick to it. This means you won’t resent the ‘bad’ foods you let yourself eat now and again, meaning you have a better relationship with it in the long run.

More Tips on Having a Healthier Relationship with Food

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