My First Jelly Footwear from Grendha Shoes

I finally received my prize from Grendha Shoes a few days ago. Yey! To be honest, it is my very first pair of jelly footwear. Though jelly shoes come out in pretty cute designs, I don’t own a pair. When buying shoes, I am always after the comfort, the style is just second thing to consider, and because jelly footwears are made of plastic/rubber, I thought they would hurt my feet and make them sweaty. But I was wrong.


Grendha Shoes

My new Grendha Avela Ad

I tried my new Grendha flats when I went out. I was wearing them for almost 4 hours but didn’t hurt my feet a bit. They look good on my little feet (I was forced to have my nails done before wearing them though). They are sooo cute and I love them. Now I think a pair is not enough. You know how I love shoes most especially the stylish flats.

Grendha Avela Ad

My new Grendha Avela Ad

Upper is necklace shape, bringing back the success of Grendha Ambar. Delicate and romantic upper, emphasizing the flower with textile texture and metallic shine. It comes in 5 colors, black, brown, lavender, gold and red. It is available in Bambu and leading department stores and boutiques nationwide.

I just visited Grendha Philippines on Facebook to look for other styles. I love how Grendha innovates the style and design of their shoes to further the idea of modern footwear. Their styles are perfect for women like me who adores flats and peep-toes. So if you will see me in Bambu one of these days, you already know what I am looking for.

For more information on Grendha, check or visit Grendha Philippines on Facebook.