Tips on How to Deal with Unexpected Hair Loss

Hair loss is not something anyone wants to think about but, unfortunately, it is a common problem for both men and women. Illness, genetics, and age can all play a role in hair loss, and they are all things that are completely out of your control. It is a huge physical and emotional change for the body to go through, and it can affect different people in different ways. Below are some great tips on how you can deal with unexpected hair loss.

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In with the New

In this day and age, hair loss doesn’t have to control your life and it isn’t completely irreversible. There are a variety of companies around now, like Transitions Hair, that offer a number of solutions for hair loss such as hair replacement. Replacement therapies around today include hair thickening products, laser therapy, transplants, and crown extensions, just to name a few.

Talk it Out

An important point to remember when dealing with unexpected hair loss is that you don’t have to go through it alone. For some people, it won’t bother them at all, but it can be quite a daunting process for others, particularly if it’s happening due to an illness. Talk to someone about it. Go through what you’re feeling with someone you trust so you don’t have to cope with this burden on your own.

Create a New Style

Hairstyles can have an enormous effect on how apparent your hair loss is. If you’ve had the same hairstyle for years, now could be the time to change for a much needed confidence boost. Try a longer style that can be curled for added volume or, if hair loss makes it too difficult to maintain the length, chop it off into a pixie cut that you can style with gel. And if you’re feeling brave, go for the buzz-cut.

Wig It

Wigs are no longer just synthetic playthings for parties and dress-ups; they are now a full-blown industry offering the next best thing to your own hair. Real human hair wigs come in just about any length and colour you like or can be custom-made if you can’t find exactly what you’re after. The bonus with having them made from real hair is that they look and feel like your own. They can also be more easily styled, giving you back your confidence.


Head scarves can be elegant, hipster, casual or smart, and they come in a range of colours, patterns and styles. They don’t have to cover all you hair either, but can be strategically placed to cover the bits you want to hide and highlight the rest. Hats are also very on-trend for men and women, from the fedora and the cap to the floppy and the beanie.

Change is difficult to deal with no matter what it is, but there are always ways to work through it. Hair loss is no different, and the above tips can help you get started when moving through this particular unexpected stage in your life.

Have you experienced unexpected hair loss? What were some of your best coping mechanisms? Write any advice you can give in the comments below.

Novuhair: The Answer to My Hair Loss

Based on research, although hair loss seem to be a prominent problem to men, forty percent (40%) of people who suffer from hair loss are women. It mostly happens after giving birth and menopausal, but it can happen at any age for different reasons. Most common causes of hair loss are stress, illness, medications, chemicals and things that interfere with the cycle…puberty, pregnancy and menopausal.

My hair loss is due to chemical applied when I had my hair rebond. I was born with wavy hair and curly bangs (yes curly bangs!) Can you imagine that?! And just like other women, I am dreaming to have bouncy, long, shiny, luxurious hair that can catch everyone’s attention just like those in shampoo advertisements. So whenever I see my bangs curl again, I had my hair rebonded and that was for 3 consecutive years. And now I have a receding hairline due to hair fall. My forehead becomes wider and I can see more of my forehead when I pull my hair back. It scares me that if I don’t treat it now, I would have a 6-inch wide forehead after three more years. So it’s good to know that there’s a way to fix this excessive hair loss…NOVUHAIR 3-in-1, nature’s answer to hair loss.

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I was afraid to use NOVUHAIR at first because it might trigger my asthma just like other products that I have tried. But when I learned that NOVUHAIR is made of ingredients that are mostly found in our kitchen, I realized that it’s safe to use.

novuhair 3in1
NOVUHAIR was discovered, tried and tested by beauty icon and hair care expert Fanny Serrano himself. Unlike other shampoo or medications that are used to treat hair loss and baldness, NOVUHAIR contains herbal components, as pure as only nature could provide, which are widely known to benefit hair and scalp such as ginger, malunggay (Moringa oleifera), ginseng, Gofu Kola, Indian gooseberry, aloe vera, virgin coconut oil, peppermint oil, lemongrass oil, rosemary oil, sweet almond oil, safflower, biotin and vitamin B5. These ingredients are known (one way or another) to strengthen and reactivate hair follicles, reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

spray and flip cap
NOVUHAIR 3-in-1 contains a bottle of 200ml each Herbal Shampoo, Herbal Conditioner and Topical Scalp Lotion. Though the bottles have screw caps, the package comes with a sprayer for the topical scalp lotion and two flip top caps for the shampoo and conditioner for easier application.

NOVUHAIR herbal shampoo
NOVUHAIR Herbal Shampoo is thick and brown in color. I used it just like the ordinary shampoo. It can be used twice a day for optimal results.

NOVUHAIR herbal conditioner
NOVUHAIR Herbal conditioner is thick and somewhat like beige in color. It complements the NOVUHAIR Herbal Shampoo very well.

NOVUHAIR topical scalp lotion

NOVUHAIR Topical Scalp Lotion is liquid (quite sticky on hand) that is color brown. I use it after the shampoo and conditioner. I don’t spray it on my scalp directly. Instead, I spray it on my hand then massage it on the scalp for 5-10 minutes then rinse my hair again.

All three, shampoo, conditioner and scalp lotion, have the same smell. The smell is somewhat like that of chamomile. They are made from herbs so don’t expect them to be as fragrant as the shampoo and conditioners that you usually use.

After more than a week of use, I noticed lesser hair fall. Well it’s normal to lose strands of hair everyday but I am no longer losing more hair than I should. My hair is not thicker yet (what would I expect in just a week of use?) but I am hoping that it will after few months of using NOVUHAIR 3-in-1. It adds volume to my hair though. I am glad that I was given the chance to try this product.

I am in no way related to NoVUHAIR. I received this product for evaluation purposes and was given enough time to use it and give my honest opinion. Remember that what works for me may not work for you. However, I only recommend products or services I have used or tried personally and believe will be good for my readers. Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and/or different information than that shown on this blog. For additional information about this product, please contact the manufacturer.

5 Things You Can Do To Prevent Hair Loss

hair loss
If you have dandruff or other scalp disorders you hair will not be as healthy as it could be.

Losing your hair can be devastating to some people, and may contribute to a loss of self- confidence, and affect every aspect of life. Thankfully there are ways and means of preventing hair loss, and things that you can do to ensure that you have your hair for as long as you can. Here are 5 things you can do right now to prevent hair loss in the future.

Find Stress Relief Techniques That Work For You

For a lot of people, stress can be one of the main causes of hair loss. Your hair directly reflects the health of the rest of you, so if you are under a lot of stress, often your hair could be showing signs of damage, and may fall out completely, such as in the case of Alopecia. In this fast paced, technological world, more and more so, people are looking for ways to reduce the stress in their lives, and there are many ways of doing this. You don’t need to fully change your whole life, but sometimes just adjusting things, or taking 20 minutes a day to sit quietly and breathe can really make a difference to stress levels. Talking to someone about issues is another great way of finding some peace when situations in life are getting you down.

Change Your Diet

They say ‘you are what you eat’, and this includes your hair, as it is a part of your body. If you are not getting enough nutrients in your diet, or there are things that you are having too much of, then this can really affect the health of your scalp and hair. Taking the time to ensure that you are getting all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs will help you to have beautiful hair longer. Visiting a nutritionist can help with this area, or ensuring that you are getting enough fruits and vegetables is a good place to start.

Keep Your Scalp Healthy

Your scalp is where your hair grows from, so you need to make sure that it is healthy to ensure that your hair gets the best start in life. If you have dandruff or other scalp disorders you hair will not be as healthy as it could be, so get onto your scalp care.

See a Hair Specialist

If there is a history of baldness in your family then you might want to consult a hair specialist and get some expert advice about what you can do to prevent hair loss. Hair specialists make it their business to know hair, and they could shed some light on the situation to prevent you from shedding your hair. Check out hair specialists such as

Look After Your Hair

If you are constantly dying, heating, straightening and perming your hair, or using heaps of chemicals on it, then it is not going to take it very long for it to start losing its health. Its really important to give it some time every now and then to come back to its normal state, otherwise you could start losing your hair unnecessarily.

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How To Handle Hair Loss Emotionally

hair loss
Hair loss is not life threatening. It’s simply something you have to deal with in whatever way you can.

Hair loss doesn’t just affect our natural instinctual vanity, it also changes the way we view ourselves as a person. Alopecia (hair loss) creates a sense of loss, and also attracts the social stigmata of baldness. A lot of people have certain preconceived perceptions about hair loss, and instantly attribute it towards some type of disease.

Hair loss is caused by a variety of things, such as genetics, an under active thyroid, and types of medications, cancer, and other health conditions. Alopecia can result in low self-esteem, stress, and even depression. If you look online, companies like have created a list of the many ways to help bring back your positive self-esteem and confidence.

Remind yourself that hair loss is not life threatening

Hair loss isn’t pleasant. Itcan often be uncomfortable, however thinning hair or bald spots are completely normal, and don’t have to be as challenging as you think it will be. Remind yourself that hair loss is not life threatening, and that it’s simply something you have to deal with in whatever way you can.

Remember that your bald spot is only one part of your physical appearance

Sure, nobody wants hair loss, let alone a bald spot. However it is important to remember that your bald spot is only one part of your physical appearance, and you have many other attributes to make up for it.

Work with professionals

Beauty professionals are experts at covering up and/or complimenting an unwanted physical feature of your body, and are only too happy to work with you at finding a look that makes you feel good about yourself. Try not to hide bald spots with obvious comb overs, but get your hair cut short in a way that compliments your face, and takes the attraction off your hair loss.

Think about talk therapy

Sometimes the emotional impact of hair loss can interfere with your life. In these cases, it is important to consider talking to someone, such as a mental health professional, to look into coping techniques. Antidepressants can be helpful, but should only be used in moderation as a treatment method, and especially as a last resort.

Handle your diet and start exercising

One of the more common reasons why people with hair loss problems lose the amount of hair that they do is because they don’t maintain a proper ratio of diet and exercise. Before wasting hundreds of dollars on treatments that don’t always work, or going to outpatient clinics, you should consider making changes to your diet and exercise regime.

Hair loss is a serious problem, and affects many people physically as well as emotionally. Both men and women suffer from hair loss around the world every single year, and dealing with the problem is not always easy, as people have an attachment to their hair. It is important to deal with it in a way that benefits your self-esteem and reinforces the positive images surrounding hair loss.

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A Curious Thought: What’s Inside a Bad Boy’s Pair of Pants?

My hubby and I really like reading humorous yet full of good sense books. In fact we own few copies all from local authors.When I received an email about a book launch, the book title caught my attention…sounds funny but I am sure it is one of those books we love.

Wondering what does action star Robin Padilla, former president Joseph Estrada, and cosmetic surgeon-turned-celebrity Hayden Kho have in common with Hollywood stars James Dean, Collin Farrel, and Robert Downey, Jr.?

Unless you’re a brooding man who can make women want to drop everything and land in your brawny arms every time something unfriendly comes their way, most men have all went through devastating heartaches at some point in their lives. We’ve seen it a thousand times-nice guys getting dumped and friend-zoned over stoic, devastatingly gorgeous, distressed men reminiscent of Damon Salvatore and Edward Cullen, who can make even blood sucking look sexy. What is it about bad boys that put sparkle in women’s eyes, glow in their cheeks, and blood rushing into their veins and other lovely parts?

No, this is not another story about vampires who sparkle in the midday sun while wearing outrageously pale faces and pouted lips. This is the truth that young boys long to discover, grown ups laugh about, and our grandpas love to revisit. This is the story of every Adam that will never be written in the history of mankind.

Three-time best-selling author and 30th National Book Awards finalist RJ Ledesma unravels how this and other crazy, perplexing phenomena are taking place, as he launches his fourth book “It Only Hurts When I Pee, RJ Ledesma’s Guide on Bodily Gases, Hair Loss and Pink Parts.” The book, distributed by Anvil Publishing, is a compilation of the ridiculously truthful, self-aware and highly comical chronicles of the less hygienic male species based on curious epic research, thorough investigation and, ahem, first-hand experience.

From the freshly squeezed brain juices of RJ Ledesma, the book and all its 167 pages tackles amusing topics and antics, including classic and epic details in the Pinoy dating and mating scenes, and male entertainment created simply by grimy fingers and a lack of good taste.

Wonder why bad guys often become the object of romance by women who, in RJ’s own word, desire “to increase the country’s current voting population”? Let the entrepreneur, multimedia practitioner, yogi and author of Lies My Yaya Should Have Told Me (2008), I Do or I Die (2009), and Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Me? (2010) tickle your funny bone and usher you into testosterone land with his newest masterpiece guaranteed to make you pee to your heart’s content.