The Surprising Cause of Headaches and Migraines

Chronic headaches can be extremely debilitating and affect your ability to function normally. If you find yourself suffering from frequent or bad headaches, there may be a bigger issue going on with your body to blame.

If you’re just trying to push through relying on over the counter pain medication, you may be treating the symptom and not the cause of your distress. Read on to find out some of the lesser known headache causes.

Neck Problems

Whiplash and other trauma like a fall or sporting accident can all cause long term damage to your nerves, muscles, ligaments and even vertebrae. This is why it is essential that you seek medical attention after any kind of incident. Even if you feel fine afterwards, you may have done some long term damage and need years of allied healthcare services like physiotherapy or chiropractic care. You may be able to claim compensation to cover things like lost wages and the cost of ongoing treatments by contacting a personal injury law firm like Sinnamon Lawyers .

Bad Posture

Poor posture can have a long term detrimental effect on your musculoskeletal system and could actually be the root cause of your headaches and migraines. Posture doesn’t just include making sure you don’t slouch – things like the way you sleep, how you sit at a desk and clenching the jaw all come under this category and might be causing you some pain. Sometimes things you would never suspect like a heavy oversized handbag or the wrong pillow on your bed can cause just as much damage as something like non ergonomic office furniture.

Poor Eating Routines

Most people know that a bad lifestyle that includes not getting enough sleep may be causing headaches, but did you know that your food could also be to blame. Skipping meals, too much (or too little) caffeine, and not enough water can all trigger bad headaches so you need to make sure you’re looking after yourself. If you regularly skip breakfast or lunch, or the only water you drink each day is in your morning coffee, you may find that a few tweaks to your nutrition intake will reduce the amount of headaches you’re experiencing.

Stress and Rage

Is something making you angry? It might also be making you sick. When you’re under stress, your muscles tend to tense which will often lead to a tension headache. If you are going through a stressful time, even if you can’t fix the stress causer immediately you need to find a way to get some relief – maybe through breathing exercises and meditation, or going for a head clearing walk.

Headaches may seem like a relatively minor ailment but they can have a big impact on your ability to live your life. Don’t just accept them as a part of life. Take a paracetamol, seek medical attention and see if you can work out why you’re getting them. After all, prevention is better than a cure.

What’s your go to headache cure?

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