Secret Spots for Hidden Germs at the Office

The floors are mopped down, the bathroom is dealt with, the cubicles are shiny and everything’s clean in the office. Or is it? There are plenty of strange and unexpected places germs could be hiding. You had no way to know, things like this aren’t exactly expected. Here are some places germs are brewing right under your eyes.

hidden germs
There are plenty of strange and unexpected
places germs could be hiding.

Air Conditioners

Take every germ on every breath of every employee, where did you think they went? They go into a musty, moist, cold series of pipes that run all throughout the building but rarely if ever lead outside. These areas rarely get cleaned, primarily because of the difficulty of cleaning them at all. Every sick persons breath is somewhere in those pipes. Its why when one person gets sick in an office everyone else does too.


Various employees sitting at desks and typing at their computers, after touching hundreds of things between hand washings. The germs of everything you’ve touched are on your keyboard, not to mention anything you’ve eaten at your desk falling between the keyboard cracks, which probably rotted at some point. Once again these are things that are quite difficult to clean. The best advice can give you about a keyboard is to spray it down with antibacterial spray, it should at least help a bit.


This is one that everyone knows but still seems to count as a hiding place because it never gets dealt with. Everyone seems to think it’s someone else’s responsibility to clean the fridge and eventually mouldy food, spills, cans and bottles that you left behind all build up. It can get foul and you begin to wonder why on earth you would put food in it. Yet, you do, time and time again, and all of those germs move from meal to meal.


This is worse even than keyboards, since keyboards get only one set of fingers touching it. Office phones are often used by three or four people a day. Less of a problem in the mobile age but still, with people’s hands ears and spit all over them, phones quickly become filthy. Wipe down the phones regularly and disinfect them. Otherwise you might just end up with an infection in the ear.

Under Desks and Chairs

They never get cleaned, really this is as simple as that. People bother with the floors and even the other things on this list get touched occasionally but things grow under your desks and chairs that you have no idea of and they are incubators for every opportunistic growth and germ that ever hid from the sun.

Sometimes you just can’t do much other than go looking for the germs, if it makes you feel any better they probably won’t affect you in any way but making you a little sicker now and again. Just remember, disinfect everything, make sure cleaners a thorough, and maybe consider getting a cleaning company in from time to time.

Image Credit:
Pakorn – FreeDigitalPhotos.Net