Hottest Swimwear Trends for 2014

If you are a stickler for fashion then you’d be happy to know that fashion runway trends are spilling over in the latest swimwear designs. Your swimsuit will definitely be nothing but plain when you have options that range from edgy and daring to dainty and frilly. Here is a quick look at some of the hottest swimwear trends for 2014.

Cut-outs. This sexy trend in the runways of spring 2013 is one of the popular options for this year’s swimwear fashion. Monokinis in different cuts and prints that flatter the body is available in both retail and designer racks. There are cut-away designs that reveal just enough skin to tease the imagination and there are also daring and edgy cuts that are sure to be head turners.

Fringe and Frills. These accents add a feminine touch in swimsuits without necessarily going for floral or dainty hues. MAIO and LSpace Swimwear have a couple of one piece and two piece suits that are able to incorporate fringes or frills with style.

fringe and frillsRaisins Beach Day Solids Bali Fringe Bandeau Bikini Top

 Overlay and Bikini Pairings. Top designers Michael Kors and Bottega Veneta went for the combination of overlays and bikini bottoms in their 2014 Resort Collection. Fitted overlays with crocheted, cropped, or textured paired with a sexy bottom make for one stylish outfit for strutting around the beach.

Overlay And Bikini Pairings by zairia-miller on Polyvore

Bold and Bright Prints. Those who want more of the trendy prints from the Spring 2013 fashion can wear them on their swimsuit this season. You can have fun in choosing a variety of suits that feature florals, geometric, tribal or ethnic, and animal prints in bright and bold patterns.

Texture. There are also designers who opted for textured pieces that make use of lace, crochet, mesh or see through materials. One can find a couple of these stylish pieces with detailed handiwork from Meriell and SABZ Swimwear.

With a lot of cool designs to choose from swimwear trends for 2014, there is no room for a drab and boring outfit in the beach. Finding a swimsuit that will make you look and feel good is just a matter of knowing your body type and swimsuit cut that best flatters your body.