The Case for CBD Cream and The Uses for It

medical CBDPhoto by Yash Lucid on Pexels

Cannabidiol aka CBD is being increasingly used by people who wish to deal with a number of symptoms in a non-traditional way rather than seek a proper medical diagnosis or other treatment options. The use of CBD is growing, but it’s still somewhat unclear how exactly it treats the human body and what it can be effectively used for.

In this article, we will cover a little bit about CDB cream and what it’s being regularly used for as a form of health treatment by individuals performing self-care.

What are CBD Products?

CBD is just one of numerous compounds that is part of a cannabis plant. Because of this, it remains controversial.

There is Epidiolex, which is a commercially available treatment that was approved by the FDA in June 2018. It’s a type of CBD cream that has undergone a purification method and is now prescribed by doctors for treating patients who are suffering from epilepsy (two forms of epilepsy fall under this treatment plan).

The CBD cream is just lotion that has a significant amount of CBD contained therein. Having it in cream form makes it easier for application and general use than if it were in pill form.

Marijuana vs CBD Cream – What’s the Confusion?

Cannabis itself contains delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, which is otherwise known as THC. This is a compound that has an effect on the mind providing out-of-body experiences. This applies if someone bakes it into a cake or smokes it. THC changes when heat is applied, and it gets into the bloodstream when smoked.

While CBD is one of the many compounds in cannabis, it’s not psychoactive. In other words, there’s no “high” associated with it. A person using it is as clearheaded as they were before they took CBD. However, CBD does appear to deliver fundamental, short-term alterations to the human body in a useful way that provide health benefits.
We’ll now cover the health benefits that some people are finding when using CBD cream.

Skin Care Products to Resolve Basic Skins Problems

There are many CBD cream uses that are worthwhile for people wanting to give it a try. One is with skin care products. Skin care is obviously a huge market, but it’s also a major part of the use of CBD outside of CBD oil treatments.

Pain relief is the most potent benefit for people who are happy to apply the CBD cream topically on the affected area of the skin’s surface. Generally, using the cream on the skin is fine, but it should not be used on overly sensitive parts of the body like the private parts. The skin area must not have a laceration or cut either.

Most people who use the cream for skin care are treating painful areas. It could be a skin irritation caused by many factors including exercise, a heat rash or another reason. With a minor skin problem that just needs a cream to resolve it, the pain relief is palpable for the people who are willing to give CBD a try.

Joint Problems

When a person has painful joints, it interferes with their daily life. They’re no longer able to take a stroll down to the market without feeling discomfort or pain. In this situation, a CBD treatment using a suitable cream often provides some relief from the symptoms while not addressing the root cause of the problem itself.

With joint issues, rubbing the cream onto the skin nearest or over the joint often is enough to give the joint some encouragement. Trying for several days might be necessary to experience any relief from the joint pain.

Exercise Pain with Muscular Discomfort

Exercising too much or if you haven’t exercised in a while is likely to cause muscular pain in the body. This is because when pushing the muscles more than they’ve been used recently, the muscle fibers will break down and then later start to repair. This process is also what happens to bodybuilders at an extreme level when lifting heavy weights.

For regular exercisers, working out too much too soon usually causes muscle pain the next day or the day after that. The muscles just aren’t prepared for that sort of punishment when pushed beyond their current limits. Using CDB in cream form is useful to help relieve some of the pain that originates from this kind of situation. It can be an effective pain management protocol for people who find that paracetamol or aspirin aren’t doing anything to help with muscle discomfort.

General Pain Relief

While creams containing CBD are often used topically on the skin, it’s useful to note that other products exist in different forms that are used in alternative ways. One instance of this is general pain relief which people confirm sometimes come from taking CBD oil capsules to act as a pain reliever when other pill forms weren’t helping them.

Other Treatment Uses

For someone who suffers from anxiety that holds back what they can do in life or depression which often completely stops them in their tracks, then CBD has been effective at times to lift the mood and relieve undue stress. It is seen as a natural way to deal with these issues instead of taking serious medication. There has been a study into this. When used on a small group, researchers found that CBD treated insomnia, depression, and PTSD quite
effectively vs other treatment protocols.

The growing use of CBD is encouraging for people who find it more affordable than regular medicine or who prefer alternative methods than what big pharma offers. There’s a growing interest in CBD as a way to handle pain management and elevate the mood. It certainly seems to have a positive effect on many people who use it in cream form or as an oil. While cannabis is addictive and affects the mind badly with repeated use, CBD is specific about which compound is included and so avoids the deleterious effects that some observers get concerned about.