Lotion and Lingerie for Me

As I age there is highly visible changes in my skin…it gets thinner and drier. It also sweats less so there is constantly flaking, the reason why I can consume 300ml. of lotion every month. Just last month, I bought and tried different types of lotion. Some are not so great and the last one was awful so I searched online and found this website EdenFantasys.com. It is an adult website but what caught my attention is the body mist lotion from their beauty and body products. Oh yes, I want to try a spray lotion this time. According to the product description it is light and fresh smelling and works wonderfully on the body. It may do wonders on my aging and flaking skin.

I love EdenFantasys. Though it is an adult website, it is not focused on sex toys alone. They have beauty and body products from lotions to fragrances and make ups. And before I forget, they also have sexy lingerie that you will fall in-love with. Don’t worry if you are like me who has extra pounds because the lingerie are available in big sizes. I think I will buy not only the mist lotion but also the lingerie. My husband would love that for sure(wink).

If you are adventurous and want changes as to how you feel and look, visit their website now. You may get a free gift (it is t-shirt this time) with any order.