Ways to Assist Someone to Go Through His Mental Health Problem

At some points in human’s life, things get a little too hard to cope with or to tolerate and we just cannot figure out exactly how to solve certain issues. This therefore leads to an abnormal behavioral changes and when immediate care is not administered, such a person could be heading to a more serious situation. Many reasons contribute to these situations, including abrupt events such as losing a loved one, important job and such related issues. A crisis is such a situation, which is an emergency threatening one’s well being and general physical, mental and emotional health. Mental crisis is a condition that emanates from abrupt trauma, or stressing moments in one’s life characterized as mentioned above by various factors.


An example of mental crisis is when a person immediately withdraws from friends and immediately changes their moods and attitudes. This should immediately tell you that something is seriously wrong and that help of whatever sort is needed in order to save the life of such a person and others. Someone could be talking about death and feels happy about it in a way that suggests that something is not normal. It could be a bad feeling or a suicidal thought and you can’t tell about that. In such a situation, the people surrounding such an individual are the only ones who could turn them away from those thoughts and probably save their lives. A friend starts drinking excessively than usual and talks in language no one understands what exactly they are saying. This could be a sign that these people are in a crisis and therefore something must be done to break the connection between them and the crisis or the situation.

So what then do one do? This probably is the question that each one of us would ask. Love concurs all, and when love no longer makes sense, or when love causes too much harm than heal, someone is in the verge of breaking and doing all manner of things. The first thing that anyone should therefore do is snapping such people back through love. Talk to such a person; remind them that they are important and that the reason why they were born is because they had to survive regardless of the situation. Secondly, distract them by taking their mind from the thoughts.

Everything starts from the mind, both good and the bad, and distracting the process of conception of ideas in the mind means changing the course of thinking. Another thing is to make the victims believe that you understand them, and this incorporates actions and no mere words. All these should be done while seeking for a better solution. Words have power to kill and to heal, use wise words to solve situations while incorporating them with sincere emotions and actions. Taking the matter in question in your hands is one way of helping people in mental crisis. For instance, a mother could be holding a dying child in her arms, unsure of what to do. Helping the child would definitely bring the mother back.

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