KD Smart Chair: Revolutionizing Personal Mobility

Being unable to move freely can keep a person from doing the simplest things or routines. Sickness or unfortunate accidents can make it hard for you or your loved ones to visit places such as the grocery, parks or traveling. Portable power wheelchairs has become a reliable companion for those who want to become a little less dependent on the people around them, but the KD Smart Chair has revolutionized personal mobility to the fullest.

KD Smart Chair

Lightweight, Compact and Convenient Mobile Power

Electric wheelchairs have become the thing for many who experience difficulty moving around. However, the newest offering from KD Healthcare Company is so much more than just your average wheelchair. We don’t own one but we’re definitely recommending the same to our differently-abled friend. I’ve seen one being packed inside the trunk of the car beside us in the mall parking lot and I was amazed to see how light and easily it can be folded and kept. So we asked the nice guy about it and he said we should look for KD Smart Chair.
folding wheel chairThis chair packs only 50 pounds yet it can carry a person weighing up to 265 pounds. Its battery can run for up to 15 miles so you can easily stroll down the park or scour the whole mall for your usual dose of window shopping. The US FDA has also cleared this equipment as a medical device so it is safe and secure.

One of the many reasons why people with mobility issues hesitate going out to explore is the limitations of using a traditional wheelchair. This unique and revolutionary piece of equipment addresses the issues by allowing users to move freely without worrying about it its size, maintenance, stability and durability. It can be folded easily and stored in your car or closet so you are given the freedom to travel and visit places without restraint.

Cost-Effective Means to Regain Mobility

The KD Smart Chair is truly a wonderful alternative to power chair and it comes with with an appealing price tag of $1,995 which is much less than it’s counterparts in the market. It is also complete with parts such as foot rest, arm rest and anti-tilt wheels plus functionality that can meet the needs of more demanding users.
KD Smart Chair
That visit to the park, supermarket or even paying your friends a visit on the other side of the country is now possible, convenient with the revolutionary smart chairs from KD Health Company.

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