Knowing the Right Outfit For A Wedding Ceremony

There would come a time that you’ll start to get wedding invitations from your friends or from one of your relatives. There won’t be any problem if you’re part of the entourage because you will be following the couple’s motif but what if you’re just one of the visitors who will just witness the entire event.

For ladies, it would be inappropriate if you’re just going to wear your usual mall-strolling outfit. It is a solemn and formal event so at least wear a dress or one of your Sunday’s best. For the guys, they should avoid wearing jeans, short pants, plain shirts or rubber shoes. You should live up the wedding guest etiquette.

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Some couples are requiring their guests to wear specific outfits and you should not take it for granted. This is going to be a special day for them and it’s about time to follow instructions. Set aside your ultimate center-of-attraction plans because in the first place you ain’t the one getting married. If you really can’t help it, then better not attend the wedding and ruin their special day. They spent a lot of money for the Vera Wang wedding flowers and you will just ruin it because of simply not following easy instructions.

The real challenge comes when there isn’t any specified outfit because you will be having a hard time what to wear. It would be easier for the boys because a black tuxedo partnered with a pair of black slacks will just do. For ladies, at least know the motif and avoid wearing the same shade if you’re not part of the entourage. It’s one way of differentiating yourself. If you want to accessorize with flowers, you may check a florist’s list of flowers to have a glimpse on what’s nice and beautiful.

Another thing to avoid is to wear neon colored dresses or those that are head turners. Aside from the fact that you will be stealing the attention from the marrying couple, you would definitely look stupid. White dresses would be nice but not those white long dresses like the bride’s gown. Have some little accents floral prints or some stripes in it.

You can never go wrong with earth colors or with the pastels. If it’s going to have an evening reception you can opt for long dresses but if it’s going to be a beach wedding or with a summer concept, you may have the body-hugging and above-the-knee length dresses.