Scarf – A Fashionable Piece

I used to own and use scarf when I was in high school…you know the fanciful teen fashion. Oh, I miss those days! When I entered college, I preferred to be simple, besides too much accessorizing is not allowed in our school. Now I realized that I need to buy myself again a pair of elegant scarf. It may not be expensive but good enough to match most of my clothes. I may not be too old for that, am I? 🙂

Scarf nowadays is not just used for religious reasons or to keep you warm. It is now a fashionable piece. It can be used as cover for big breasts or define the shape of your breast without showing the cleavage on your plunging neckline. I don’t need scarf for this purpose though as I don’t have boobies to hide or define, lol! It can also be used as headband, a perfect hair accessory most especially on summer. It can used as neck accessory as well for that effortless fashionable look.

Model: Jhanna Bonana