All About Salve: Skin Ointments for Beach Vacations

Swimming, diving, snorkeling, and other water sports can make one feel like staying on the beach forever. Unfortunately, these fun moments can only last as long as your vacation period. The best that you can do is to make the most out of it. Beach bums who plan to maximize their time on the beach can do well with a few skin ointments that are fit for the beach.


First on the list is a sunscreen lotion or sunblock. Staying out in the sun requires extra amount of protection from the sun. A sunscreen lotion is essential in protecting the skin against the harmful rays of the sun and minimizing the risk of sunburn. Your best bet are products that offer a broad spectrum protection, a minimum of SPF 15, and water resistant. Moisturizers or hydrating lotions are also handy while you are on a beach holiday. You can apply it at night before going to bed to replenish the lost moisture from a whole day out in the sun. There are cream and water-based moisturizers to fit different skin type needs.

Skin ointments that address injuries or irritation on the skin should also be a part of your beach skin care list. There is always a risk for insect bites, skin irritation, stings, and scratches when people go out to the beach. As such, it pays to always have the first aid trio of Calamine Lotion, Antibiotic Ointment, and Insect Repellant in your beach bag. Calamine lotion helps soothe skin irritations, insect bites, and bee stings while a triple antibiotic ointment would be your best choice in treating scrapes, cuts, and burns.

Aside from these skin ointments, you can add a packet of vinegar on your list just in case one encounters a jellyfish while frolicking in the water. Vinegar is an efficient first aid treatment for jelly fish stings. Apply a “better safe than sorry” policy on your beach escapades to make the most out of your summer vacation. It’s better to have all your tubes for skin care and protection with you before flying off to that exotic beach destination.

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Protect Your Skin with Sutla Flawless Sunblock Cream SPF50

It’s summer once again. Time to wear shorts, spaghettis and backless tops. It’s also the time wherein your skin needs extra protection against the sun’s harmful rays most especially when you’re out during the day. To maintain a healthy skin despite the scorching heat, make sure you use the correct skincare products.

sutla sunblock cream SPF50

Sunblock with SPF50 like the Sutla Flawless Sunblock Cream is good for the face. Wear it every day to protect your skin even on quick outside trips. Sutla Flawless Sunblock Cream SPF50 does not only protect the skin from the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays, it also keeps the skin healthy by keeping it moist and rejuvenated all the time.

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without and with Sutla Flawless Sunblock Cream SPF30
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Unlike the previous sunblock creams I used, Sutla Flawless Sunblock Cream SPF50 is thick but not oily. I like its consistency. It evens out skintone by giving it full coverage so I also use it as make up base. It can also be mixed with liquid foundation that has no SPF to give the skin full coverage and protection while helping the makeup to stay longer. It’s a good skincare product for a reasonable price of Php250. To double the skin protection, you can apply Sutla Flawless BB Face Powder with SPF45 after the Sutla Sunblock Cream. 

Sutla Flawless products can be availed from Flawless Papaya Republic, an authorized distributor of Sutla Flawless. Other products that I like that you might want to try are the Sutla Flawless Callus Remover and Sutla Flawless Soaps with super skin whitener, Vitamins A and E.

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