Incorporating Supplements Can Aid With Better Sleep, Less Stress, and Overall Good Health

Utilizing Supplements Helps With Sleep, Stress, and Anxiety

better sleepPhoto by Madi Doell on Unsplash

Achieving good health requires a number of things. While eating right and being physically active are focused on the most, it is also very important that you get enough quality rest. Lack of sleep and overt stress can have detrimental health effects. Memory loss, high blood pressure, the risk of diabetes, and weight gain are just a few of the possible results of not dealing with stress or getting enough sleep. Luckily there are a number of supplements that help with these issues and a number of places, such as Accutrition, where all of your vitamin and supplement needs can be filled. Let’s take a closer look at what supplements help with sleep, anxiety, and stress.

Supplements for Good Sleep

Good sleep is a foundational building block to healthy living and there are a number of supplements that address this. At the top of the list is melatonin which is a hormone that occurs nationally in the body and plays a role with sleep. Levels of this hormone rise in the evenings and fall at night. Valarian is another supplement good for sleep. It has been around since the 16th century and today scientist believes that it has a calming effect that leads to better sleep. Lastly, research has shown that the chamomile has a sedative effect on the brain. This makes a hot cup of chamomile tea before bed beneficial to the sleep process.

Supplements for Stress Reduction

Stress brings with it a number of health issues that rank it among the contributing factor in a number of the leading causes of death. For this reason, you’d be better off being proactive when addressing stress. Implementing a supplement regime that helps to reduce stress is a great way to achieve this. Like supplements for better sleep, there are a number of options to consider that aid with stress reduction. Among these are ashwagandha, valerian root, and Rhodiola. These supplements have been put through studies and have shown to reduce stress and nervousness while increasing alertness.

Supplements to Address Anxiety

Anxiety is another issue that can be helped by implementing supplements into your dietary regime. A number of supplements that aid with anxiety overlaps in helping with sleep and stress. These include Ashwagandha, chamomile, and Rhodiola. Some additional supplements that you may want to consider for anxiety include kava kava, lavender, and passionflower.

There are a vast array of supplements that you can use to aid in getting better sleep, reduced stress and a reduction in anxiety. Another option is to utilize an all in one option like Kavinance that tackles them all. Kavinace is not sold on Amazon, but you can buy at Accutrition.