Dressing Up Tips for Various Types of Body Figures

Dressing up every day comes with a lot of effort especially when you’re dealing with your body figure. You need to look fabulous all the time and should know how to mix and match so that everything that needs to be hidden would be covered up and those that can be flaunted would show off properly.

Knowing your figure is of great advantage and could somehow help you out in putting up an outfit that you would look best. It isn’t true that one body figure is much better than the other because each has their own advantages and unique feature.

Model: Jhanna Bonana

Those having the hour glass figure have perfectly curved waist while the pear shaped ones have the right curves on right places. Rectangle shaped figures can keep up with the latest trends while those having the apple and inverted triangle have fabulous legs. Each figure is nice in their own way.

Hour Glass – among the body figures, it the most envied one. It is also known to be the perfect body figure with the famous vital statistics of 36/24/36. Body hugging outfits will fit them well. However, they should too much raffles and layered outfits because it could cover up their curves. You may utilize some of your net voucher codes for some nice outfits online.

Pear Shaped – these people have emphasized hips and they need to elongate their figure so that they look less bottom-heavy. Make sure that your bottom outfit has darker shade compared to your top. Put more colors on your top because it your way of diverting their attention.

Rectangle Shaped – these people are the easiest to dress among the other body figures. However most of them are flat-chested that’s why they need divert everything by flaunting the sexy arms, back or perhaps show off some skin from your flat belly. These can cover up the lack of cleavage.

Inverted Triangle Shaped – they relatively have broad shoulders and they need to soften it up by a perfectly tailored button down shirt with waist definition. Divert everything to the waist. Avoid tight armholes and puffy sleeves because it would make the shoulders broader and heavier.

These are just simply dressing up tips and you should know your body shape by now to dress appropriately. However, no matter what body figure you have, you should never forget the importance of health and for that, you can use those bodycare & fitness voucher codes and avail discounts for a healthier and sexy body figure.